Baby car seat pads also called straps shoulder pads, aids smaller sized babies to fill their car seat correctly. Their petite body leaves so much room in their car seats resulting in involuntary movements. Additionally, baby car seat pads can be used to avoid skin burns and marks from the car seat straps. 

The most substantial motive behind using car seat pads is to keep your baby comfortable while in a car seat. A car seat pad secures your infant’s body snugly, preventing him/ her from sliding off or from the car seat. Your baby car seat pads typically give extra support to the baby. 

As overly valuable car seat pads are to your babies, you don’t need to break the bank for it. Do you know you can also improvise and make padding using a DIY method? Learn how and other immense benefits the padded car seat has to offer.

Why Use Baby Car Seat Pads

The primary purpose of baby car seat pads is to improve an infant’s over-all convenience and safety. It is especially valid for newborns or smaller-sized babies. Below are detailed reasons to use baby car seat pads.


In situations where your baby may be too small to fit their seats, so are subjected to involuntary movements. They cannot fully control their body movements, so they move when the car moves and jerks.

The pads provide support and ensure they fit appropriately into their seats. They diminish the spontaneous movements.


If the child’s head lies towards the chest, it is a potential choking hazard. The pad cushions the baby head, so it rests effortlessly.

The head hugger supports the baby’s head so he/she can maintain their natural posture and breathe easily. The pads help babies that cannot move unaided nor have difficulty in supporting their body weight.


The padding guarantees that you strap in the harness properly to ensure the child is secure. The pads alleviate the child, so the harness security is to a reasonable degree. Note that the security harness is to remain at or slightly below the baby’s shoulder level. 

Good Posture

The manufacturers design the padding to mimic the default posture, encouraging him/her to lie in their natural position. The innovative design also curbs scrunched postures.


You may be wondering what if the child grows older and can now fit the seat. The pads are mostly detachable, and you can remove them to offer more room for growth. You are advised not take out the paddings too soon because it can affect the security straps fit. 

Head Support 

Have you ever observed that when babies sleep in their bassinets, they often will have their heads veered to the side? The head positioned to the side is a relatively natural posture for them to breathe easily.

Subsequent time you carry your baby, heed to how the baby’s head typically turns to one side. As the car seat pads mimic an infant’s default posture, it gives room and head support. The head hugger padding supports your baby’s head.

Design Material 

Car seat padding is made majorly from polyurethane foam. The design material gives it other additional benefits like;

  1. Lightweight- the pads are made from lightweight products. Bulky materials cause the seats to be unnecessarily heavy. The lighter, the better.
  2. Sound absorber- Babies sleep off quickly, especially when they are comfortable. The padding absorbs sounds and vibrations, keeping your infant asleep for a longer duration. 
  3. Durability – Polyurethane is not liable to deteriorate quickly, even under extreme conditions.
  4. Recyclable- they can be recycled and reused to formulate other things.

Do I Have To Use The Car Sear Pad For My Toddler?

Yes, you have to use a car seat pad If your toddler seems smaller than the car seat. If you don’t utilize the padding, it can result in your baby too deep in the car seat. the security straps won’t be fixed correctly in.

The insert keeps your toddler stable in the incident of an emergency. It also guarantees your baby’s head is in a position, which deters him/her from declining forward and blocking their airways. The cushion underneath your baby renders it broadly manageable for you to secure the harness correctly.

Are you wondering how you can tell when it’s finally time to remove the insert pads? You will notice that your baby’s body covers more of the seat. They may seem a bit squished by the car seat pads, and it’s a struggle to seat them or lift them. 

The padding aims to provide comfort, and at the point, it stops doing that, it is probably the right time.

Can Car Seat Pads Help During A Car Crash?

Yes, it can, but this depends solely on if the car seat has a built-in head constraint. It can be argued by many that seat pads alone can support a baby in a car accident, just like seat belt guards help adults. Manufacturers design some car seats to limit the baby’s head motion.

This design is popular among car seats with no-rethread security straps. Restricting the head and neck’s motion can only be performed by a built-in part of the car seat. The padded inserts are mostly a detachable accessory.

Surprisingly, a DIY car seat pad made from a blanket will provide adequate support in case of a crash. The blankets should be folded and wrapped firmly around the baby so that they would remain stable.

It’s crucial to point out here that rear-facing is the safest way to place your baby’s car seat. It reasonably nestles and favors the infant’s head and neck in case of a crash. Forward-facing babies are hurled forward in front impact while forced to rest backward in cases of a rear-facing car seat. 

In the case of a side collision crash, the rear-facing position is also more shielding. 

How Do I Make DIY Car Seat Pads? 

We have discussed how beneficial the car seat padding is. We will now give you tips on how to make a DIY car seat pad. In case you might be wondering what if my baby’s car seat isn’t padded, what can I do?  You can improvise using baby blankets.

Yes, a baby blanket can give support. You may notice that your newborn requires some additional help around the head to keep it from tilting.

Roll two blankets along the baby’s entire body, making sure to fold them twice over at the head region. The essence of wrapping their head with the blankets is to ensure the wrap stays in place. 

As earlier mentioned, you want your baby to rest his/her and not lurching towards their chest. 

If the blanket shifts from the head region, it may fall behind the baby. This incident is a choking hazard. Be sure that you firmly wrapped the blankets so when the baby moves his/her head; they can rest back.

What Are The Best Car Seat Pads?

After thorough research on car seat pads, we can decide on two children car seat pads. Our recommendation is primarily influenced by how comfy and durable they are.

They readily available for doorstep deliveries via shopping websites like Amazon and ebay. Fascinating right?

Both products prevent your baby’s shoulder and neck from being chafed by the safety belt’s straps. So if you are bothered about a long trip with your active baby, these are perfect for them.

Kids Car Seat Belt
Product Description
Cost- $4.54
Size dimension- 280mm by80mm
Material- It’s is made from suede fabrics and has PP filings
Colour- It comes in different colors like, blue, pink, grey, beige and red

COOLBEBE Car Seat Strap
Size dimension: 4.92″by 2.56″
Material: Upper-soft velvet-touch fabric with soft foam fillings
Colour: Black, blue and pink.

Features Of The Car Seat Pads

The products stay in place and give beneficial protection while your child wears a safety harness.

They prevent chafing and irritation on your child’s neck and shoulders. The suede and velvet material guarantees your little one can sleep or sit in comfort.

Size: the products are one size fits all and can be used in car seats, strollers, and infant carriers.

Easy To Clean 
The fabrics are easy to clean. They should not be dry cleaned, or steam washed. They can both be machine or hand washed. Do not use fabric softener. Its Velcro fastening makes it easy to be removed for washing and fix as required. Cold washes are recommended.

Washing Directions
Do not dry clean or steam-wash these products.
You can use cold or warm water, hand or machine wash. Do not use fabric softener.


Car seat pads are inserts that give additional support to a baby while using a car seat. They can be store-bought or constructed using a DIY method. The DIY approach involves firmly wrapping a blanket around the baby’s body and head. The car seat pads have a cushioning-effect during a crash. 


Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren