Calling all globetrotters! The Pico travel car seat by WAYB is about to make your lives easier.  WAYB (it rhymes with baby!) is a new name in car seats. The company’s first offering, the Pico, was released in 2019. It immediately caused a splash, with the media soon heralding it as a “game-changer.”

It can be hard to be an up-and-coming name in an established industry like baby gear. It can feel like everything has already been done. WAYB appears to be up to the challenge though. Their car seat fits the needs of a particular niche of customers. They don’t have to wow every customer, just the right ones.

What kind of family is best suited for a car seat like the Pico?

  • The family of frequent flyers
  • The urbanites who rely on taxis and Ubers
  • The household that needs a portable spare car seat

Why You’ll Want It

Hold on to your hats, parents. The Pico weighs only eight pounds. It’s one of the lightest car seats on the marketIf the weight didn’t draw you in, maybe you’ll like that this car seat literally folds in half for easy portability. It can fit in the overhead bin of an airplane. It can fit in a backpack.

  • Only eight pounds
  • Compact fold
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum frame

The Good and the Bad

WAYB knows the demographic for the Pico. The brand’s website declares “we’re here to champion family travel, and make it easier.”

What’s the verdict? Guilty. The Pico car seat does make for easier travel. The minimalist design saves on bulk. It’s aluminum frame folds in half for easy transport and storage. 

You may be circling the globe with three kids in tow. Firstly, kudos to you. Secondly, the Pico car seat is compact enough to fit three-across in most cars. The cons of the Pico car seat can be considered deal breakers for some.

In particular, this is not a car seat for newborns. It is forward-facing only and intended for older children.  The manufacturer’s requirement is actually for 2-year-olds and up.  It’s for children 22-50 pounds and 30-45 inches tall.

The Pico falls on the higher end of the price spectrum of car seats. It’s an expensive purchase. For the families who don’t travel frequently, a WAYB car seat can be cost-prohibitive. 


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WAYB prefers to use the phrase “Useful Life” to expiration. Per the seat’s manual, the Pico outlives its usefulness six years from the date of manufacture. The following comes straight from the Pico instruction manual: “WAYB will monitor how Pico’s materials perform over the years. Be sure to register your Pico to be notified if WAYB determines that Pico’s useful life is beyond six years.”


The WAYB Pico car seat was only released onto the market in 2019. Despite this, the seat has already been subject to a recall. In September 2019, all Pico car seats manufactured from February 1 to August 23 were recalled.

It was found that the product’s headrest support tubes could break. This could lead to the headrest detaching. The recall was voluntary. No injuries were reported. WAYB replaced the faulty headrests, free of charge. 

Keeping It Covered

WAYB offers a “Breathe Easy Guarantee.” Simply put, this is a three-year limited warranty. It covers any defects in materials or workmanship found in the first three years. Normal wear-and-tear is not covered. 


The Pico car seat comes in four different colors.

  • Jet – black fabric and black frame
  • Ocean – Gray fabric and light blue frame
  • Turquoise – Black fabric and turquoise frame
  • Earth – Black fabric and gold frame

The Extras

WAYB offers limited accessories. The company is choosing to perfect their main product offering. As the company adds product lines, we can probably expect even more accessories. 

As of now, there is a travel bag and replacement parts available for sale. The travel bag is a great accessory to have. It can be carried three ways: as a backpack, attached to a rolling suitcase, or carried by its handle.

Inside, you’ll find a mesh pocket, just the right size for stashing a diaper or a smartphone. Externally, the fabric is certified recycled polyester. Earth-friendly? Love it. Also, the material is easy to wipe clean. Love it even more. Almost everything on the car seat can be replaced if needed. For Pico car seat replacement parts, click here

What Other Parents Think

When new Pico owners went to install their new purchase, loud sighs of relief were heard around the world. Yes, this is a car seat that can be installed in minutes. Don’t believe it? Check out the easy-to-follow videos.

The video of a full install, recorded in real-time, clocks in at only 1 minute and 52 seconds. 

Some parents do wish there was a better way to carry the seat itself. While the travel bag is highly recommended, it isn’t required. The Pico is easy to carry by itself. Still, parents wish it had some form of a handle, as it can be awkward to hold. 

What They Like

  • Easy to install
  • FAA-approved
  • Ideal for taxi use

What They Don’t Like

  • Could use a handle to make carrying easier
  • Needs a locking clip for use in other countries

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the WAYB Pico approved for air travel?

That’s a big yes! Not every car seat on the market meets standards set by the FAA. Luckily, the WAYB Pico does. It is an FAA-approved car seat.

When does the Pico car seat expire?

The Pico car seat expires six years from the date of manufacture. Be sure to confirm the date of manufacture stamped on the car seat itself. 

What does the Pico car seat weigh? 

This subject has been covered but we think it bears repeating. The WAYB Pico car seat weighs only 8 pounds, making it one of the lightest on the market.

What are the dimensions of the Pico?

Storage Position: 11.6” L x 14.5” W x 18.9” H

Lowest Use Position: 15.2” L x 14.5” W x 22.8” H

Highest Use Position: 15.2” L x 14.5” W x 27.8” H

Is It Right for You?

Have you reached the end of this article with the Pico already in your shopping cart? Your family has a calendar full of future airplane trips. Decision made! On the other hand, maybe you aren’t convinced.

There are so many car seats on the market. There’s a perfect one for each family. If the WAYB Pico isn’t your perfect-fitting glass slipper, why not check our travel car seats recommendations?


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