Every Mom knows it is very annoying to have your baby get soaked when the rain catches you out and about. In this post we reviewed the best waterproof car seat covers.

Car seat covers in general help to protect your little one from the elements, but they can also provide warmth, act as a germ barrier, and prevent exposure to insects.

Why Use Waterproof Car Seat Covers ?

Car seats and strollers are necessary for transporting your baby. However, sometimes, their canopies do not offer enough protection from the weather. The sun’s UV rays, rain, wind, and insects all can affect your little one when you are on the go. But don’t let your child venture out unprotected, we have made it easy for you by compiling a list of the top six waterproof baby car seat covers! 

All of the car seat covers on this list do not interfere with the harness or car seat back in any manner, and therefore do not impair their car seats safety.    

Best Waterproof Baby Car Seat Covers

Car Seat Covers
Best Feature
Britax B-Covered All-Weather Infant Car Seat Cover with UP 50+
UP 50+ UV Ray Protection
Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover
Dual zippered front panel for easy access
JJ Cole Car Seat Cover in Tri-Stitch
Completely removable blanket style front flap
Evenflo Infant Car Seat Weather Shield and Rain Cover
Shrink resistant and wipe-clean fabrics
UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat Rain Shield
Phthalate-free PVC is safe for baby

1.Britax B-Covered All-Weather Infant Car Seat Cover with UP 50+

This certainly is the ultimate waterproof car seat cover. It protects from precipitation, insects, and the sun. Thanks to its UP 50+ rating, it blocks out 98% of harmful UV rays.

This car seat cover is a shower-cap style, meaning it has an elastic circumference that fits all Britax carriers and most other standard infant carriers.

It also features a front mesh window for ventilation, complete with a retractable clear plastic cover to prevent rain and wind exposure. The fabric paneling surrounding the mesh protects from sunlight and is waterproof. This cover truly does it all and is sure to keep your precious little one safe and comfortable.   

What We Like 

  • Waterproof, windproof, and blocks 98% of UV rays
  • Retractable plastic panel to cover mesh window
  • Can be used in conjunction with car seat canopy

What We Didn’t Like

  • Pricey
  • Primarily manufactured for Britax carriers but should fit most other standard carriers

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Durability:5/5
  • Pricing:2/5

2.Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover.

This car seat cover is ideal for those who experience cooler seasons. It has a water-resistant quilted outside and a plush fleece interior to keep your baby warm.

The elasticized perimeter snugly grips the car seat, while the breathable pull-down flap protects your child’s face. The protection is comprehensive, but the dual-zippered front allows for easy in and out.

The Cozy Cover will protect your child from snow, ice, rain, and wind, from birth through twelve months. It is machine washable, so it can be used season after season as the perfect protective and snugly accessory. 

What We Like 

  • A warm interior and protective exterior
  • Available in five different colors
  • The dual-zippered front provides easy access

What We Don’t Like 

  • Not ideal for summer use or use in warmer climates
  • No mesh ventilation or clear panels so when face flap is closed you cannot see your baby

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Durability:4/5 
  • Pricing:3/5

3.JJ Cole Car Seat Cover in Tri-Stitch.

This car seat cover is best suited to cold temperatures as it has a plush inside and a waterproof nylon outer shell. Your little one will be toasty inside their carrier and safe from rain, ice, wind, and snow as a result of the waterproof outside.  

The elasticized edge means that this cover fits most standard infant carriers and even strollers.

JJ Cole covers also feature a zippered blanket style retractable top that you can fold up during inclement weather and fold down when safely out of the rain. If desired, the blanket top can be completely removed. The tri-stitch pattern is a stylish addition to your car seat.  


  • Insulating inside and waterproof outside
  • Available in seven colors


  • Best suited to colder temperatures
  • Fold-up blanket style may accidentally fold back down when you don’t want it to

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use: 3/5
  • Durability:4/5 
  • Pricing: 3/5

4.Evenflo Infant Car Seat Weather Shield and Rain Cover in Grey Melange.

This cover is sure to become your go-to accessory during any rainy weather. The attractive grey panels are composed of durable materials that are waterproof and can also be wiped clean in the case of a spill. Another plus is that high-quality fabric is resistant to shrinking.  

The cover also features clear panes on the front and sides complete with mesh ventilation portals. The front window contains a zipper for easy access to your child.

You will be able to see your little one easily, and they will be able to view the world around them. There is velcro handle access at the top of the cover, and the bottom has elastic to hug the seat firmly. This car seat cover fits all Evenflo models but will fit most standard infant carriers as well. 


  • Wipe clean and shrink resistant fabrics
  • Front zippered clear windowpane
  • Velcro handle access


  • Mesh portals are a little small, and the interior may become humid
  • No sun protection on sides or front due to clear windows

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use: 5/5
  • Durability:5/5 
  • Pricing: 4/5

5.UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat Rain Shield.

A gloomy weather staple, this car seat cover offers complete protection from the wind and any precipitation. Composed almost entirely of phthalate-free PVC, this waterproof and washable cover doesn’t impair the baby’s view. The side vents of mesh allow for airflow. 

On the bottom, the elastic perimeter won’t slip off of your carrier while the top opening allows you to grab the handle easily. This cover fits most models of infant carriers and is an excellent wind, rain, and bug barrier.  

What We Like 

  • Top opening for handle access
  • Made with phthalate-free PVC

What We Don’t Like 

  • Can get wrinkly
  • No sun protection
  • No easy access to baby

Overall Rating

  • Ease of Use: 3/5 
  • Durability:4/5 
  • Pricing:5/5


Car seat covers are great at protecting your little one while they are in their infant carrier. However, very few of them can provide the same protection when your child is in a stroller. Thankfully, we have found a few excellent stroller weather shields that are perfect for the active family. 

1. The Hrzeem Stroller Rain Cover Universal + Mosquito Net (2-Piece Set).

It fits most standard strollers. It will cover your little one from head to toe. The clear front panels allow them to see what is going on while the mesh panel provides ventilation without letting pests in.

Velcro straps make installation effortless and still give you access to the handlebar. When it is time to take your child out the front portion unzips for a hassle-free transition. 

2. Next is a Universal Waterproof Weather & Insect Shield Baby Stroller Cover.

 This cover will cover the entirety of your stroller, the front, back, and sides. Open at the bottom, it still allows for airflow, but its single solid unit construction blocks all wind, rain, and insects.

It easily slips on over your stroller with a cutout for the handlebar. This weather shield even comes with a storage bag for when it is not being used. 

3. Finally is the Aligle Weather Shield Double Cover

This rain guard is for front/back double strollers. It installs in only seconds by slipping it over the top of your twin stroller. The enclosed plastic panels deflect rain, wind, snow, and pests. The perforated ventilation holes ensure that there is optimal airflow and that your little ones won’t overheat. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is the best baby car seat cover?

The best baby car seat cover for you largely depends on the climate you live in and your needs. Those who experience cooler seasons may want a fleece-lined cover instead of a predominantly mesh or clear paned cover. Additionally, some parents prefer fully enclosed covers, while others like the retractable panel options. 

Do car seat covers protect from germs?

Car seat covers can’t keep your little one completely safe from viruses and illnesses, but they can help to cut down on the transfer of germs. They limit your child’s contact with the outside world and moderate airflow; therefore they may reduce the likelihood of someone or something passing a sickness on to your baby.  

Are infant car seat covers safe?

Car seat covers are generally safe as long as they do not impair the features of your car seat or come into close contact with your little one’s face.  Furthermore, nothing should come between your child’s back and their car seat or their chest and the car seat harness. It is for this reason that elastic shower cap style car seat covers are recommended. 

Buyers Guide 

Ease of Use

As mentioned, your car seat cover should never impair the safety of your infant carrier. Nor should it impair your ability to easily access your little one. Many car seat covers feature elasticized edges for easy installation and removal. Also, many of them come with Velcro or zipper panels so that you can effortlessly obtain access to your little one.  


Just as your car seat will experience a great deal of use, it is likely that your cover will too. Your car seat cover is responsible for keeping your baby protected in inclement weather; therefore, you want it to stand the test of time and the elements. 

Additionally, as the cover will be taking the brunt of the exposure, regular cleaning is a must. You want to choose a cover made with durable materials that can handle frequent cleanings. 


The cost is the final consideration. Like car seats, covers are available in a wide range of prices. However, the higher the price doesn’t always mean, the better the product. You should choose a cover that offers all of the features you are looking for but also suits your budget.

In Conclusion

A car seat cover is an excellent stylish addition to your infant carrier. They can help to keep your little one dry, warm, and even reduce germs. This list contains covers that suit all types of car seats, climates, and budgets so you can select the perfect protection for your child! 


Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren