4 Best Safety First Car Seats [Safe Durable & Nontoxic]

Like most parents, car seat safety ranks high on your list of priorities. However, the dizzying array of travel systems on the market can confuse even the savviest shopper. Comparing car seat features seems to require both an engineering degree and infinite patience. Plus, you need to verify that the product is made from durable and non-toxic materials. 

Keep in mind that there’s a reason for all of those innovative safety features. According to the CDC, riding in a car is one of the most dangerous activities you can do with your children.

Unfortunately, seat belts do not provide enough protection for smaller passengers. Without a well-designed car seat, even a simple fender-bender can seriously injure an infant. Innovative safety features are usually costly, but it’s possible to find more affordable options.

Based on our research, the best convertible travel system is the Safety 1st Grow and Go-Best 3-in-1 Seat. Initially, you can use it for babies between 5 and 40 pounds. It then converts to a forward-facing position for children weighing 22 to 65 pounds. Eventually, it transforms into a booster seat that supports 40 to 100 pounds. This car seat consistently gets near-perfect safety ratings and positive reviews on car seat sites. 

Your child is kept safe from side impacts and rollovers, thanks to the patented QuickFit Harness. To ensure comfort, this car seat has an adjustable harness, modifiable headrest, and a 3-position recline. Special pillows in the rear-facing position also keep your infant nice and cozy. Not only that, but its compact design makes it ideal for smaller vehicles.  

After testing several products, we’ve found that the most durable is the Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat. It’s suitable for children between 5 and 80 pounds. Like the Grow and Go-Best, it can transform from an infant seat to a booster for older kids. The Continuum 3-in-1 is made with high-quality and long-lasting materials so you don’t have to shell out money every few years on a new car seat. 

If you want to check out other car seats, we reviewed several from this top brand.

Best Safety 1st Car Seats 

NameWeight LimitHeight LimitMode
Safety First Grow and Go 3-In-1 Seat5-100 lbs.49"Both Rear-Facing/Forward-Facing
Safety First Continuum Convertible Seat5-80 lbs.45"Both Rear-Facing/Forward-Facing
Safety First Alpha Omega Elite Convertible Seat5-100 lbs.49"Both Rear-Facing/Forward-Facing
Safety First Complete Air 65 Convertible Seat5-65 lbs.49"Both Rear-Facing/Forward-Facing
Safety First Guide 65 Convertible Seat5-65 lbs.49"Both Rear-Facing/Forward-Facing
Safety First OnBoard 35 Air 360 Car Seat4-35 lbs.32"Rear-Facing
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1.Safety First Grow and Go – Best 3-in-1 Seat

The Safety First Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is a car seat designed to protect children in three different stages. First, it can be used for infants between 5 lbs and 40 lbs.

Once your infant gets older, it can be used for older children as a forward-facing seat, for kids between 22lbs and 65lbs. Lastly, it provides protection as a booster seat for children between 40lbs and 100lbs.

The QuickFit Harness

The Grow and Go 3-in-1 boasts features such as side impact protection and an easily adjustable harness and headrest called the QuickFit Harness. In the rear-facing position, it offers special pillows to keep infants comfortable. The seat is designed to take up less room, which makes it ideal for smaller vehicles.

Furthermore, the seat pad is machine washable and dryer-safe, making it easy to keep it clean and fresh. The NHTSA gave the Grow and Go 3-in-1 average ease of use rating of three stars, citing some issues in setting up the harness properly.

Meanwhile, many car seat websites gave the seat a safety rating of 9.1 out of 10. On the manufacturer’s website, the seat received a 3.9 out of 5 stars. The Grow and Go 3-in-1 is also rated 4.4 stars on Amazon.


  • Ideal for Parents as One-Time Investment
  • Simple and Easy Installation
  • Easy Maintenance and Cleaning Process


  • Difficult and Time-Consuming Installation Process
  • Need Two People to Install
  • The Seat is Too Heavy
  • Not Easy to Move the Seat from One Car to Another
Safety 1st Grow and Go All-in-One Car Seat, Blue Coral
  • Built to grow with your child, this safety 1st car seat supports infants from 5 pounds to toddlers...
  • An adjustable 3 position recline makes it easy to get a good fit for the seat in your car, assembled...
  • Harness holders keep the harness open, making it easier to get into and out of the seat; Front seat...

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2.Safety First Continuum 3-in-1 Convertible – Long Lasting

The Safety First Continuum 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat is another good option for parents looking for something longer lasting.

Similar to the Grow and Go 3-in-1, the Continuum is usable in three different stages of your child’s development. First, it can be used rear-facing for infants between 5 lbs and 40 lbs.

Then, it can adjust to a forward-facing position for children between 22 lbs and 50 lbs. Finally, the Continuum works as a booster seat for children up to 80 lbs.

Fits in Smaller Cars

Similar to the Grow and Go 3-in-1 and Guide 65, the Continuum 3-in-1 is made to work well in smaller vehicles. It is also easy to clean, with a seat pad that is machine washable.

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The Continuum 3-in-1 utilizes the QuickFit Harness, which is designed to secure your child by making the headrest and harness adjustable in one step. It is rated three stars on Safety First’s website, and 4.3 stars on Amazon.


  • The seat exceeds the federal safety standards
  • The best choice for parents looking for quality protection
  • The seat is very lightweight
  • A preferred choice for parents
  • Can be multi-used as rear-facing, forward-facing and as a booster


  • Not much padding as other car seats, especially around the headrest area
  • Difficult to install and getting the straps properly tightened
Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat, Chili Pepper
  • Extended Use 3-in-1 Car Seat: Rear-facing 5-40 pounds, Forward-facing harness 22-50 pounds, and...
  • Side Impact Protection
  • Harness holders: with the harness held back, it's easy to get your child in and out of the seat

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4.Safety First OnBoard 35 Air 360– All-Around Safety

Specifically designed with infants in mind, the OnBoard 35 Air 360 claims to be the only infant car seat designed with 360° protection.

It comes with removable pillows that can be inserted for smaller infants around 4lbs, in order to keep them more secure and comfortable.

It also uses special cushioning to provide protection in the event of an accident. The seat is designed to direct the energy from a collision around the child’s torso, in order to reduce the potential for injury.

Exceed the US and European Standards

The OnBoard 35 Air 360 has surpassed the US standards for car seat safety and has also passed stricter European standards. The car seat is crash-tested from every single angle: front, rear, side, and rollover.

This can provide parents with extra peace of mind while driving. In addition, the lower price point can be appealing to parents who may not be able to afford higher-priced car seats. The OnBoard 35 Air 360 received an 8.6 out of 10, on, and four stars from customers on Amazon.


  • Specifically Designed for Protecting Infants
  • Crash Tested from Every Single Angle of a Car
  • Provides Maximum Safety


  • Complains About the Canopy Not Staying Up
  • Hard to Protect the Baby from the Rain or Sun
  • The Seat is Bulky
  • Does Not Fit Well in Smaller Vehicles
  • Parents Have to Buy a Separate Forward Facing Car Seat
Safety 1st onBoard 35 Air 360 Infant Car Seat (Raven HX)
  • Providing five layers of safety, this LATCH-equipped Safety 1st car seat fits infants from four...
  • Shielded in the deep seat structure, your little one is further protected by AirProtect advanced...
  • Crash tested from every angle for front, rear, side, and rollover impacts, this seat includes soft...

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Amazon’s Top 3 Best Selling Safety First Car Seats

Bestseller No. 1
Safety 1ˢᵗ Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Carbon...
  • Built to grow: the 3 in 1 car seat built to grow for extended use through 3 stages: Rear facing 5 to...
  • Side impact protection: The grow and go's side impact protection helps keep your child safe
  • Easy in, easy out: Harness holders keep the harness in an open position so it's easy to get your...
Bestseller No. 2
Safety 1st Jive 2-in-1 Convertible Car Seat, Harvest Moon
  • An extra-comfortable ride that lasts for years: Rear-facing 5-40 pounds and forward-facing 22-65...
  • Side impact protection
  • Fits 3 across in the back seat of most vehicles
SaleBestseller No. 3
Safety 1st Guide 65 Convertible Car Seat (Seaport)
  • Perfect for smaller cars or for extra space in your larger vehicle, this LATCH equipped Safety 1st...
  • Adjust the 5 point harness from the front of the seat
  • Side impact protection built into this infant car seat keeps your little one extra secure

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Are Safety 1st Car Seats Non-Toxic?

We as parents worry about whether our children are safe in their car seats. It’s no exception when it comes to a car seat being non-toxic. Currently, NHTSA requires all car seat manufacturers to meet a mandatory flammability regulation before a car seat can be released into the market. Therefore, Safety 1st uses a minimal amount of fire retardant on all of their seats.

All their car seats are made of synthetic and natural cotton neoprene blend. Consequently, none of their Safety 1st car seats are completely non toxic.

However, they are still considered safe even for a newborn since they only use a minimal amount of flame retardant that is required by law in the US.For more info on which car seats are non-toxic, check out our Best Nontoxic Car Seats Reviewed.

Buyer’s Guide

This buyer’s guide will take a look at the durability, intended years of use, and most importantly, the safety ratings of car seats from the Safety First brand.

Each seat will be ranked based on these factors so that you get a clear idea of each seats’ advantages and disadvantages. This will ultimately allow you to choose the best option for you and your child.


A car seat’s durability is based on how much weight it can support, and its resistance to the impacts of a collision. Most of the car seats in the table below work in two different positions: rear-facing for infants, and forward-facing for older children.

Others also function as a booster side for children up to 100 lbs. Generally, in the rear-facing position, the seats below can support an infant weighing up to 40lbs. In the forward-facing position, the seat can protect a child weighing up to 65lbs.

Intended Years of Use

The intended years of use will let you know how long the seat lasts until it expires. Just like any other product, car seats have a shelf life. The special materials in the product that are used to keep your child safe, will eventually break down as it becomes used and worn.

To make sure that your child is receiving the maximum level of protection from their car seat, it is best to be aware of its expiration date. The date can often be found online on the manufacturer’s website, or on the product itself.

Safety Ratings

Other ratings from both and the manufacturer’s website are included to give you a clear overall idea of how well the product functions. In addition, ease of use rating from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is also included. This will let you know how simple the installation process is for each product on the list.

Why Safety First Car Seats Are A Great Option?

While every car seat included on this list is a great option to keep your child safe, each one has its own unique features designed to provide safety and comfort. In the end, we chose the Safety First Grow and Go 3-in-1 Convertible Car Seat as the top option.

Its high-functioning safety features and good price make it a good choice for parents looking for protection that will last them in the long run. But as you explore the list above, you may find that another option better suits the needs of both you and your child.

Each Safety First car seat is an excellent choice when it comes to providing your child with the best safety and protection possible when you are out on the roads together.

Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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