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How To Prevent Your Car From Being Towed?

The struggles and difficulties car drivers contend with when they park illegally or the car breaks down with a technical fault include the high possibility of such car(s) being towed by the authorities.

On the flip side as well, when you get stuck on certain parkways or toll roads, towing services make you use their expensive car towing.

Oh no! No matter how hard you try, the truth is that you cannot entirely rule out the possibility of a car breakdown from technical automobile issue(s). So, if your car breaks down, and you have called someone to pick you up, you still need to deal with preventing your car from being towed. 

Also, in instances of you parking your car illegally in a dash, the probability that your car would be towed by the authorities is very high. So, you need to know how to prevent your car from being towed when you park illegally. 

There are several effective tips to preventing your car from being towed, both when parking illegally and in the instance of a car breakdown. In the instance of a car breakdown, the best way to prevent your car from being towed is to engage the hand brake effectively and tightly.

While when your car is parked illegally, the best tip to preventing it from being towed is to discreetly park it tightly in between other cars or structures. 

Important Tips To Preventing Your Car From Being Towed

We are going to make it so easy! We would identify popular scenarios that make it possible for your car to be towed (that is, car breakdown and illegal parking) and proceed to give effective tips to prevent such. 

Car Breakdown Scenarios

Since you cannot completely rule out a car breakdown, you would agree with us that you would need help to prevent your car from being towed as you may not get an automobile professional to fix it immediately. Check out the tips below.

Activate Your Handbrake or E-Brake 

This is a common tip to make your car stay put where you have parked it. Engaging the hand brake of your car makes it remain in one spot. When your hand brake is engaged, it would be very difficult for the towing vehicle of the authorities to move your car.

In a process where the car would be lifted by the authorities onto the towing truck, it would take a great chunk of time to do so. So, this first tip gives the authorities no choice but to look for means of contacting you rather than towing your car.

Applying a hand brake is very easy, how do you engage it? First, hold the handgrip, then press the button usually at the end of the brake grip, and raise the lever.

As you raise the brake lever, you would feel it in your hands the resistance as you step on your brakes. Once you feel enough resistance, you can release the button. And, Yes! You have engaged your hand brake. 

Also, if you lost your breaks, you can try to get to a nearby gas station and/or mechanic shop using your hand brake.

If you also have a flat tire, you can drive it to the nearest gas station using your e brake. These options would also help save you costly towing to move your car to the professional’s shop. 

Park Your Car With its Wheels Turned 

Here is another very effective preventive measure. Especially for cars with rear wheels, this is an advantage. For a car to be towed, the front wheel has to be lifted not minding the rear wheels.

If you then have a rear-wheeled vehicle, it is a plus because both front and rear wheels have to be lifted before your car can be towed. Whichever way, once you park with turned wheels, you make it very difficult for the tow truck to perform its work.

A whole lot of time has to be spent to move a car parked with turned wheels. Most times, it is either the tow truck driver who use dollies or he will have to get a flatbed truck; all these take time and strenuous efforts.

This in turn gives you a mole time to return to your car before any towing attempt is made. So easy! You can choose to turn your car wheels in or out; both would work effectively. 

Use a Tyre or Wheel Lock 

This tip works well if your car operates on a non-drive wheel. How do you use one? You simply buy a wheel lock from an automobile parts outlet. There are two clamp sides to a wheel lock.

Clamp the first side to a spoke on your wheel, and the second to the wheel itself. Make sure it is tight enough, and that’s it! Using a wheel lock makes it very difficult for the tow truck to move your car.

As a result, for your car to be towed, it has to be moved completely from the ground. It is difficult for the tow driver to do this because of obstruction to dollies and brackets. It leaves the authorities with no choice but to leave your car. 

Illegal Parking Scenarios

There are times when you have to rush to pick up something or where circumstances make it difficult to park your car the way the law requires you to. Most persons park illegally when they are in haste or dash and leave their valuable belongings in the car. To avoid your car being towed by the authorities in such scenarios, check these tips out.

Discreetly Park Tightly between other Cars or Structures 

This is a tip that many find very easy and friendly. But, there are two sides to it. It can be very effective and otherwise at the same time. It can be ineffective when the cars tightly close to yours drive away.

But let’s ignore any such occurrence, and presume you’d be there in time before such happens.

So how do you do this? When you want to park your car, make sure you create a space around your car with other vehicles or structures that prevent the towing truck to park either in front or back of your car to perform its towing action. While using this tip, be sure to avoid parking between two cars to prevent the truck from parking at your rear end to perform towing. 

On the downside, since other cars your vehicle is parked in between are also parked illegally, the authorities would most likely start with the cars close to yours before eventually towing yours.

Avoid parking on the curb of the road 

When you do this, you would leave the tow truck with no space required to securely tie down your car wheels. This tip is all in an attempt to frustrate the space required by the towing vehicle to perform its work. 

There are other tips you could utilize in the event of a car breakdown. You could simply leave a conspicuous note notifying the authorities about your car fault, or you could simply call for roadside emergency assistance services. 

Important Take Home Points For You

You should note that not all methods are suitable for all car types. As we have noted earlier some tips are more suitable for rear-wheeled cars, more so, some tips are more suitable for illegal parking,  and others are suitable in the event of a car break down. As a result, take note of these points.

If your car is rear-wheeled, you could go for the tip of parking with your wheels turned. This is an advantage as the towing truck would have to deal with both rear and front wheels.

If your car broke down, you could simply use the hand brake tip, and others mentioned under the section for ease and effectiveness at the same time. 

If you park illegally, you could simply park tightly in between other cars, or use other tips mentioned under the section.

In the case of a car breakdown, you could do well with leaving a not informing the authorities of your car fault, and do well to come back quickly with proper automobile help. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How easy is it to find my car after being towed?

In most circumstances, it is always quite difficult and stressful to find your car after it has been towed by the authorities.

Except you have experienced this before, and you know the “ins and outs” or the way it works, it might take you more than 48 hrs to get find your towed car. This is because, most times, the authorities have separate locations apart from their offices, where towed cars are taken. So, it might be difficult for you to locate your particular car.

What method is best for preventing my car from being towed?

The truth is that there is no best method. It all depends on what you know how to do best, particular circumstances, and the type of wheel your car operates.

If your car is rear-wheeled, you might want to go for the tip of parking with turned wheels. If you are just parking for a short period, you might want to employ the hand brake tip. At other times, you might want to go for the tip you have mastered best. 

Does the parking brake prevent towing?

If you engage the parking brake, also known as the hand brake or e-brake, it prevents your car from being towed the traditional way.

What does this mean? It means that your car would not be towed with its two wheels still on the ground. Though activating your parking brake makes it very difficult to tow your car, it does not eliminate the possibility of towing. 

Is a car that is parked parallel towable?

Yes. If a car is parked parallel, the tow truck driver would place wheel follies under two or four of the car wheels depending on the amount of space available to the tow truck. The front or rear wheel is then pulled out enough to make the tow truck grab it and tow it away. If all fails and you have to be towed you will want to find out if your car is an all-wheel-drive before calling a tow.

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