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Peg Perego Agio Z4 Review [Single to Double Stroller]

The Agio Z4 Reversible Stroller by Peg Perego is an ideal choice for parents looking for a stylish and super-compact stroller with lots of available options and accessories. Its extendable canopy and new double stroller conversion make it a perfect choice for your growing child and your growing family. With its ability to convert from a front-facing to a rear-facing stroller, its versatility is useful for all ages and stages of your child’s growth.

Below, I’ll explain all the details of the Agio Z4 Reversible stroller, from its best features to the extra seat options. Read more to learn about the optional accessories, how it converts to a double stroller, what we like and don’t like, as well as our overall verdict. 

Front or Rear-Facing Capability

We loved the option for front-facing because our baby can see where we’re going and take in her surroundings. Your child can engage with new people, see new sights, and watch everything going on around them. As our baby has gotten older, this is her preferred seat position.

We also wanted the rear-facing option because it is wonderful when you want to bond more with your baby. Studies have shown that a rear-facing stroller encourages more talking between parent and baby when they are facing each other, which is an important part of your baby’s development. When you want to switch from front to rear-facing, you can just click two buttons on the side, remove the lightweight seat and turn it the other way, snapping it back into position.

Double Stroller Conversion

New for 2020, the Z4 has the ability to convert into a double stroller! Using the available YPSI double converter adapters, you can easily and safely fit two children in this stroller. The double seat options include a bassinet option which comes with and adjustable headrest, hood, and cover. This allows for your newborn to be lying down and napping, while your oldest can sit up and take in their surroundings in the reclining seat

Another option is the travel system which is compatible with the Agio Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido car seat, which is compatible with the Z4 stroller for a convenient travel system. Additional adapters allow for travel system compatibility with several other car seat brands. You can also choose a Second Backrest Seat which is great for parents with two older children, a second adjustable-backrest seat is also an option. This seat can also be forward-facing or rear-facing.

Agio Z4 Travel System
Agio by Peg Perego Z4 Travel System

Unique Features

Telescoping Handle

Peg Perego Agio Z4 StrollerMy husband is over a foot taller than I am and so the adjustable handle on the Agio Z4 was a huge perk for him. We love that it is easy to adjust so that it is comfortable for either of us to maneuver. The handle also features a leather grip which is comfortable to hold and also adds a really stylish touch.

An Extendable Canopy

The hood provides UPF 50+ sun protection and has a peek-a-boo window so we can keep an eye on our baby even when they are in the front-facing position. We also love that the canopy height is expandable, so you can use an easy zipper function for more or less coverage for your baby. We love that we can keep the sun out of our baby’s eyes no matter how big she gets.

An Adjustable Backrest

Yet another adjustable feature on this stroller is the backrest. With the ability to adjust from sitting up, lying back, or a further reclined relaxing position, it always allows your child to be comfortable. We love this feature because it means your baby can be sitting up and engaging with everything around her, or she can lay back comfortably and nap.

The Expandable Basket

Storage, even in a baby stroller, is an absolute necessity. The expandable storage basket was a lifesaver when we’re on the go and need to cart along her diaper bag as well as some extra toys and a jacket or blanket for her nap. We’ve never run out of room with this basket no matter how many items we’re hauling along with us.

What We Liked

Its Portability

This stroller is easy to close and fold and we loved that it folds inward on itself so that the seat doesn’t get dirtied by the wheels. Weighing just 22.5 pounds, its aluminum body makes it durable, but also very lightweight and easy to carry. To fold this stroller there is a simple two-step process of folding the seat over itself and then pulling the bottom handle until it folds completely and you’re ready to go. To unfold the stroller, you complete the same two steps in reverse order. Super simple!

Agio Z4 Stroller

The Smooth Maneuverability

Agio Z4 StrollerWith ball-bearing wheels that swivel and a smooth suspension, the Agio Z4’s ride is stable and easy. Our child loves the smooth ride and naps frequently in this stroller. Its rear wheels have “one-step” brakes for safety when walking in busy areas. There is also a handy and easy-to-find knob on the side of the stroller that locks the front brakes, without having to bend down and fiddle with the front tires to lock them.

Its Adaptability

The adaptability of the Agio Z4 cannot be beaten. The option to switch from front-facing to rear-facing so easily was the main reason we loved this stroller, but it does so much more. Not only does it have the telescoping handle to adjust to the perfect height for parents, it also has the expandable canopy to grow with your child. 

Its Narrow Size

This stroller is only 20 inches wide and allows for easy use in tight fit spaces. We’ve taken this stroller to busy stores and markets, in elevators, and have used it frequently on busy sidewalks with ease thanks to the narrow profile. Even when converted into a double stroller, the width stays 20 inches. There is no additional worry that your stroller will be too wide if you add another seat.

What We Didn’t Like

Car Seat Compatibility

One downside we found was that while it boasts being compatible with the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido car seat as a travel system, this is only true if you have a Viaggio 4-35 manufactured after January of 2018. The Viaggio 4-35 has a lifespan of 7-years per the manufacturer, but if you purchased one prior to 2018 and planned to try to use it with the Agio Z4, unfortunately, it will not work.

Poor Canopy Window Visibility

We also were not crazy about the window in the canopy to see our baby when she is front facing with the canopy pulled down. It was not easy to see our baby through it with the mesh insert they have, so we do find ourselves peeking around the front at her to get a better view.

Other Reversible Stroller Options

While the Agio Z4 Reversible stroller was an ideal choice for our family, there are similar strollers available, as well. For families looking for an option lower in price, Mockingbird has just released an affordable single-to-double stroller that is now available for pre-order.

The Mockingbird stroller also has the option for a second seat using a bassinet, a travel system with a car seat, or a second upright seat much like the Agio Z4, but the weight limit is capped at 45 pounds and the canopy is not adjustable.

Optional Accessories

The Agio Z4 has several optional accessories that make this stroller even more convenient for parents. I cannot stress enough how much these options make this stroller a wonderful choice for growing families.

A Bassinet Seat

An excellent accessory for parents with newborns. Your little one can safely ride in the stroller while napping. It has also been approved for night sleeping and if you do allow your little one to sleep in the bassinet, there is an optional homestand to keep it raised off of the floor. This is an excellent and safe seat option if you don’t want to buy or need the newborn car seat.

Car Seat Travel System Adapters

While this stroller is compatible as a travel system with the Primo Viaggio 4-35 Nido car seat, if you don’t already have this car seat there are adapters available so you can use other car seat brands for the travel system. The adapters will work for Nuna Pipa, Maxi Cosi Mico, Cybex Aton, and Clek Liing car seats.

Ride Along Board – Allows older sibling to ride along when tired of walking

Agio Z4 Ride Board

You also have the option to turn this stroller into a ride-along stroller system with the Ride With Me Board. If you have older siblings in your family, this accessory is awesome. The older child can stand on the board as you push your younger child along, alleviating the need for a second seat, but still allowing two children to ride comfortably.


Safety: 4/5

Ease-of-Use: 5/5

Features: 5/5

Value for Money: 4/5

Our Verdict

Agio Z4 Car SeatOverall, the Peg Perego Agio Z4 is an excellent reversible stroller. We love its versatility and the ease in which we can adjust all its features to suit our needs and the needs of our child. The lightweight frame, easy portability, and double-stroller conversion are what make this an ideal choice for any family, including our own. If you are looking for a well-reviewed stroller that is durable, adaptable, and reversible, look no further than the Agio Z4 by Peg Perego.

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