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I have to say that I was excited to test the Nuna PIPA Lite LX because it’s suppose do be extremely beneficial, but I can’t say that I was impressed. 

I did appreciate how lightweight the car seat was (5.7 pounds). However, it was hard to carry around due to its awkward physique. Not only that, but it didn’t fit in my vehicle well with other car seats next to it.

Also, it can’t be installed without the base and seeing as how the car seat itself is one of the most expensive, I wouldn’t want to purchase the base as well. 

I did enjoy the fact that the fabric seemed comfortable for my child. I was able to remove the headrest since they didn’t need it. The fabric is made from Merino wool and TENCEL, so it’s flame retardant and fire-resistant. Pair this with the UPF 50+ canopy and it may sway you into coughing up the dough.

I can’t say that I would recommend this car seat to the average Joe. It has a considerably high cost and it’s not all that different from other car seats other than the fabric. Not to mention, the weight range is lower than most seats. 

The lite LX is able to accommodate your little one from 4 pounds up to 32 pounds. The height limit caps out at 32 inches. The headrest is removable to allow the seat to grow with your child.

It also comes in five different color options, so you’re sure to find one that suits your taste. If you’re worried about flame retardants and toxins, this is a good seat to consider. The fabric is made of Merino wool and TENCEL lyocell fiber.

TENCEL is a natural fiber made from wood pulp. It’s biodegradable and has a 50 percent greater absorbance rate than cotton. Not only are the fabric soft, but it’s also environmentally friendly and has natural moisture control too.

Naturally Flame Retardant 

It also has a UPF 50+ canopy with trademarked Dreamshape to protect your little one from the sun and other elements. To make getting baby in and out easier, the seat comes equipped with harness holders to keep the straps out of the way.

This seat is compatible with all Nuna stroller systems. It can also be used with Maxi-Cosi, Bugaboo, and UPPAbaby strollers along with a few others. If you’re wondering about safety, the seat is made with aerospace aluminum and a crumple zone within the stability leg. The crumple zone absorbs impact and minimizes the force from the impact.

The base is steel enforced to maximize stability and uses the True Lock base installation system. The PIPA lite lx is certified for air travel. Keep in mind, you must use this seat with a PIPA series base. This one cannot be installed without a base.

You can wash the cover on a gentle cycle and it should be air-dried rather than using your dryer.

Key Features

  • Merino wool and TENCEL fabric cover
  • Protective canopy with UPF 50+
  • Extremely lightweight
  • True Lock installation
  • Naturally flame retardant
  • Lasts up to 32 pounds/32 inches

Nuna PIPA Lite LX


Customer Reviews

The Nuna PIPA Lite LX is a popular seat among parents who opt for a high-end product. Parents seem to really like the lightweightness of it and the simple design.

However, since you can’t install this one without a base, some parents are thrown off a bit from the product. But considering it typically comes with a base at the time of purchase, this shouldn’t be an issue.


  • Super lightweightThis makes it so much easier and less of a hassle to carry baby around from place to place. The PIPA Lite LX is one of the lightest car seats on the market.
  • Five different color options – Having several different color and pattern options is great because you can match it to your aesthetic and your car’s interior.
  • Can be used with several different stroller systems – This seat is also compatible with several different stroller systems. Keep in mind, though, you’ll need an adapter if it isn’t a Nuna stroller.
  • Headrest is removable – This is nice because once your infant starts growing, the headrest can get in the way.
  • Stellar sun protection – This seat comes with a UPF 50+ sunshade. Having sun protection is essential, especially if your baby was born late spring or early summer.
  • High-end design – The design is also nice for anybody looking for a high-end and modern look.


  • Very pricey Not everyone can afford the hefty price tag and this one, unfortunately, is one of the most expensive infant seats available.
  • Kind of bulky – Some parents have complained about the size of the seat. While it’s lightweight, it’s pretty wide. This can prove inconvenient in compact vehicles.
  • Can’t be installed without a base – The PIPA Lite LX needs to be installed with a base. This can be inconvenient if you switch the seat from car to car and you don’t want to spend an extra hundred dollars on an extra base.


  • Weight limit: 4-32 pounds
  • Height limit: 32 inches
  • Product dimensions: H 22.5 in. x W 17.5 in. x L 27.3 in 
  • Weight without base: 5.7 pounds
  • Product weight with base: 19.7 pounds

Expiration And Warranty Information

The Nuna PIPA Lite LX can be used until up to seven years from the date of manufacture. The seat also comes with a one-year warranty starting from the date of purchase.

Keep in mind, the warranty will not cover the following:

  • Regular wear and tear
  • Improper maintenance of the seat
  • Casualties and carelessness from the owner
  • General dissatisfaction of the product

Seat/Stroller Compatibility

One of the best things about this infant seat is that it’s compatible with an extensive list of travel systems.

However, it’s important to note that you’ll likely need an adapter to use the seat with a different stroller. Adapters are sold separately from the seats and strollers.

Here’s a list of compatible systems with the Nuna PIPA Lite LX:

  • All Nuna strollers (adapter is included)
  • Agio Z3 & Z4 (adapter sold separately)
  • Austlen Entourage (adapter sold separately)
  • All Baby Jogger strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • BOB Single strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • Babyzen YOYO+ (adapter sold separately)
  • All Bugaboo strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • All Bumbleride strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • Mima Xari & Mima Zigi (adapter sold separately)
  • Silver Cross strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • Stokke Scoot (adapter sold separately)
  • Quinny Moodd (adapter is included)
  • Thule strollers (adapter sold separately)
  • UPPAbaby VISTA, CRUZ, and MINU (adapter sold separately)

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Vs. Nuna PIPA

The main difference between these two seats is the weight of the car seat. While the NUNA Pipa weighs in at 7.9 pounds without the canopy and insert, the PIPA Lite LX weighs in at 5.7 pounds.

When it comes to safety, the Nuna PIPA was rated the best by Consumer Reports. Although the PIPA Lite LX hasn’t been tested yet, it’s safe to assume it will have a high rating from CR as well.

Another key difference is that the PIPA can be installed without a base, but the Lite LX cannot. The PIPA is also the least expensive of the two, but we prefer the Lite LX because of its lightweights. Lastly, the standard PIPA isn’t made with the same material as the Lite LX.


  • Both have high safety ratings
  • They are compatible with most of the same strollers
  • Both have an extended sunshade


  • The Lite LX cannot be installed without a base
  • The Lite LX weighs less than the PIPA
  • The PIPA is roughly $100 cheaper

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Vs. Nuna PIPA Lite

At first glance, you may think these two seats are the same. While they’re extremely similar to each other, there are a few key differences between the two. Most notably, the Nuna PIPA Lite weighs slightly less than its LX counterpart at 5.3 pounds without the canopy and insert. However, this difference is almost minuscule as the LX comes in at 5.7 pounds.

Both of these seats come with lightweight Aeroflex foam which is what contributes to the seat’s small weight. They also both require the use of a base, so while they’re approved for air travel, carrying the heavy base may prove inconvenient. Between the two, the PIPA Lite LX is the most expensive.


  • Use lightweight Aeroflex foam
  • Both need to be installed with a base
  • Both are certified for air travel


  • The PIPA Lite is slightly lighter
  • The Lite LX is more expensive
  • The PIPA Lite only has three color options

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Vs. UPPAbaby Mesa

Between the Nuna PIPA Lite LX and the UPPAbaby Mesa, the PIPA is more expensive but weighs less than the Mesa. Both have the same height limit (32 inches), but the Mesa is able to accommodate your little one up to 35 pounds as opposed to the PIPA at 32 pounds.

While the Mesa scored slightly higher on the Consumer Reports rating list, the PIPA reigns to be much more convenient. The PIPA Lite LX is compatible with a much more extensive list of strollers than the Mesa is. The Pipa Lite LX also comes in five color options while the Mesa only comes in three.


  • Both have the same height restrictions
  • They have great safety ratings
  • Both are good seats for preemies


  • The Mesa is much cheaper
  • Mesa can be installed without a base
  • Mesa has six color options as opposed to five

Nuna PIPA Lite LX Vs. Maxi-Cosi Mico Max Plus

These two seats are also extremely similar. However, the Mico Max Plus only comes in black while the PIPA Lite LX comes in granite, frost, aspen, caviar, or broken arrow prints.

The PIPA Lite LX also comes with a higher price tag than the Mico Max Plus. Both seats come with a stability bar and naturally flame retardant fabric, but the PIPA Lite LX can accommodate your little one up to 32 pounds while the Mico Max Plus caps off at 30 pounds.

On top of that, the Mico Max Plus is significantly heavier than the PIPA Lite LX, weighing in at 17.7 pounds.


  • Both use a stability bar
  • They are naturally flame retardant
  • Both are similarly designed


  • The Mico Max is significantly heavier
  • PIPA Lite LX accommodates your child longer
  • The Lite LX has more color options


1.UPPAbaby MINU Adapter For Maxi-Cosi, Nuna And Cybex

This adapter will allow you to connect your Nuna car seat to the UPPAbaby MINU. Keep in mind, this isn’t a universal adapter. The adapter may only be used for the UPPAbaby MINU stroller. Having this on hand will make getting baby in the stroller much easier.

2.Britax Infant Car Seat Adapter For Nuna And Maxi-Cosi Car Seats

Honest Nuna PIPA Lite LX Review [Ratings & Specs] 1Honest Nuna PIPA Lite LX Review [Ratings & Specs] 2If you have a Britax stroller system, these adapters will allow you to connect the Nuna PIPA Lite LX to it with no issue. There aren’t any tools required for the installation and it’s relatively easy to figure out. These adapters are nice because you’re able to customize your travel system how you want it.

3.PIPA Series Rain Cover

A rain cover is always helpful during inclement weather. Plus, these can be used to block out other weather side effects as well like wind and snow. Honestly, any product that will help protect a little one’s delicate skin is a winner in my book.

4.PIPA Series Base

While the PIPA Lite LX does come with a base, sometimes it’s worth it to have an extra one on hand. This is certainly helpful for anybody who needs to switch the car seat from car to car. There’s no reason to spend all that extra time uninstalling and reinstalling the base if you can just snag an extra one.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the Nuna PIPA Lite LX be used without a base?

A: This car seat must be used with a PIPA series base. It cannot be installed without one.

Which Strollers are compatible with the Nuna PIPA Lite LX?

The Nuna PIPA Lite LX is compatible with these strollers: All Nuna and Maxi-Cosi strollers, Agio Z3 or Z4, Austlen Entourage, BabyJogger City strollers, Babyzen YOYO+, BOB single, Bugaboo, Bumbleride, Mima, Silver Cross, Stokke Scoot, Quinny Moodd, Thule, and UPPAbaby strollers.

Does the Nuna PIPA Lite LX come with a base?

Yes. The PIPA Lite LX will come with a base.

What is the difference between the Nuna PIPA and the Nuna PIPA Lite?

The key difference between these two seats is that the PIPA Lite is much lighter than the regular PIPA.

Final Thoughts

With all of the luxury infant car seats on the market, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. After all, you probably don’t want to waste your money on something that doesn’t provide significant benefits to your little one.

The Nuna PIPA Lite LX is one of the best luxury infant seats out there. While it’s pretty pricey, it’s extremely lightweight, is great for preemie babies, and naturally flame retardant. This way, you know your little one is both comfortable and safe.

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