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How to Remove Seat Belt Retractor

The seat belt retractor is engineered to lock up in the event of a sudden stop – for instance, when a crash or accident happens. It comprises a sensor, some gears, a spring, and a pyrotechnic explosive device.

To remove a seat belt retractor, you’re required to remove the mounting screws in the cover. Also, remove the adjuster bolt and the lower lap mounting bolt using adjustable pliers. Once you’ve done that, pull down the retractor off the seat belt’s free end. Now, you can insert a new retractor and replace its adjustment bolt.

However, if you want to learn more details about replacing the seat belt retractor, let’s elaborate on these processes to help your understanding.

What Is The Function of a Seat Belt Retractor?

Your car’s seat belt comes with a retractor containing a sprocket with teeth to enable a firm grip. You can lean forward while your seat belt is on thanks to the horizontal lock bar.

When you press the brakes suddenly or in the event of an impact, the lock bar rotates and presses the seat belt into the sprocket, thereby stopping it from moving.

This way, your body will not move any further, so you don’t get forced into the windshield.

The seat belt retractor protects you from injuries that could result from accidents. If, after removing your seatbelt, you notice that the excess belt is not pulled in, then the retractor is bad and should be replaced.

How To Remove a Seat Belt Retractor

Step 1: Removing the retractor mounting screws on the cover

You’ll find the cover directly under the shoulder mount of your seat belt. Now, loosen each screw by turning them anticlockwise and pull them out. Pull off the cover.

Step 2: Removing the adjuster bolt using adjustable pliers

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With the help of adjustable pliers, loosen the bolt on the retractor bolt. You can do this by placing the pliers on the retractor bolt and turning it anticlockwise. Pull out the adjuster cover. Now, remove the adjuster bolt by turning the adjustable pliers clockwise. Pull out the bolt.

Step 3: Removing the lower lap mounting bolt

Now, you can remove the lower belt mounting bolt located close to the floor. You can do this by using (clockwise motion) your adjustable pliers.

Step 4: Pulling out the retractor.

Hold the retractor firmly and pull it down off the seat belt’s free end.

Step 5: Inserting the new retractor

Insert your seatbelt into the new retractor, move it up to the mounting point and tighten the lower lap belt bolt in a clockwise direction.

Step 6: Replacing the retractor adjustment bolt

Tighten the retractor adjustment bolt in a clockwise direction with adjustable pliers and cover the retractor.

Ensure that the retractor bolt hole on the mounting bracket is aligned. Put in the mounting bolt and use your adjustable pliers to tighten it in a clockwise direction. Now replace the cover, and tighten the mounting screws in a clockwise direction using a screwdriver.

How to Remove Rear Seat Belts in a Toyota Camry

Replacing the rare seat belt in a Toyota Camry can be easy. First of all, you need to purchase new assemblies from a dealer or an aftermarket supplier. You can as well try a more affordable option by getting a used set.

When your seat belt gets frayed or worn, the belt retractor no longer functions well, or the locking system doesn’t hold, you should have them replaced. It is risky to drive around in a car with faulty seat belts. In the event of an accident impact, you may sustain serious injuries.

Replace the rare seat belts in your Toyota Camry with these steps:

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Step 1: Removing the four mounting bolts in the lower seat cushion.

Find the four mounting bolts on the front end of the lower seat and remove them. You can easily remove the bolts using a socket and ratchet.

Step 2: Removing the cushion from the car

Raise the front of the seat cushion and move it forward. Remove the seat cushion from the car to enable access to the seatbelts.

Step 3: Removing the retaining bolts and anchor belts from the car.

Find the retaining bolts that hold the shorter anchor belt to the floor. Remove the bolt and the anchor belt.

Step 4: Removing the anchor bolt

Locate the anchor bolt on the sidewall close to the floor for the shoulder belts and use a socket and ratchet to remove it.

Step 5: Locating and removing the turning loop bracket

Access the upper part of the shoulder belt and find the turning loop bracket. Once you see it, take off the plastic trim cover and the bolt under it using a socket and ratchet. Now, you can take off the turning loop bracket.

Step 6: Removing the belt retractor

Find the retaining bolt holding the retractor to the sidewall and remove the bolt. Now you can remove the belt retractor and the whole belt assembly from your car.

Step 7: Installing the new anchor belt

You can install the new anchor belts by putting the bracket on the edge of the belt on the floor and then installing the mounting bolt. Once you’re done, ensure to tighten the bolt using a socket and ratchet.

Step 8: Installing the new shoulder belts

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Align the anchor loop with the hole in the sidewall close to the floor and install the mounting bolt to install the new shoulder belts. Make sure you tighten it. Install the mounting bolt and turning the loop bracket up on the sidewall close to the roof. Now, tighten the bolt with a socket and ratchet.

Step 9: Inserting the mounting bolt

Place the belt retractor in the position where you removed the old one from and ensure the mounting holes are aligned. Install the mounting bolt and use a socket and ratchet to tighten it.

How to Remove Jeep Cherokee Seat Belts

Step 1: Park your Jeep Cherokee, and make sure you turn off the engine.

Step 2: Move the seat forward far away. You can do this using the lever underneath the seat (for manual seats), or you may press the seat adjustment button (for automatic adjusting seats).

Step 3: Find the plastic anchor bolt cover connected to the floorboard at the bottom of the seat belt. 

Step 4: Unplug the clips on the electrical connector by depressing it.

Step 5: Use a star screwdriver to remove the anchor bolt.

Step 6: Now, remove the mounting bolt securing the upper part of the seat belt (tuning loop bracket) to the upper door frame close to the shoulder area with a star screwdriver.

Step 7: Remove the scuff plate inside with a flat screwdriver. 

Step 8: Remove the lower mounting bolt with a star screwdriver. Now, remove the seat belt assembly.


The seat belt retractor locks up in the event of a sudden stop, protecting you from potential injuries. When your seat belt refuses to pull back in after you’ve taken it off, the retractor is faulty.

Removing the retractor is easy with the few steps mentioned above. Once you’ve removed the faulty retractor, you can now attach a new one for your safety.

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