The car seat strap is a vital part of a car because of its safety feature. However, it is prone to germs and dirt because of its constant use. You should not overlook the regular cleaning of your seat belts as it curbs the spread of germs.

Indeed, seat straps’ routine maintenance can seem insignificant and confusing, but there are hacks to make it easy.  Learn about those easy methods in this article.

The best way to clean car seat straps is by scrubbing them with Mr. Clean sponge and finish the cleaning with lightly wet cloth. Alternatively,  you can use a brush and scrub at the dirty surface of the safety harness lightly until it is clean. 

Some car seats straps would need to be removed by flipping the car seat over, while with some you would just need to give extra slack. 

How To Clean Car Seat Straps

You can clean your car seat straps by using a homemade soap and water mixture. Below are two detailed cleaning techniques you can use. They include using household staples to clean minor to significant stains on your seat straps.


The Mild Soap And Water Mix Approach 

To use this technique, you will need; mild detergent, toothbrush, soft cloth, clamp, warm water, spray bottle, and paper towels.

Step 1: In a spray bottle, mix water and detergent using the 1:1 ratio.

Step2: Now you have made your cleaner, pull your safety harness out completely and clamp it in place.

Step 3: Spray your mix on the safety harness, and then scrub the surface.

Step 4: Use the paper towels to dap the dripping water or foam.

Step 5: Once it is clean, wipe off the foam residue with a soft, damp cloth.

Step 6: Allow it to dry before removing the clamp.

Pressure Washing Method 

Pressure washing is used by you when you are doing a thorough interior deep cleaning. If you are not used to this method, you can drench your seats, so you need to be careful. You will need; Pressure washer, a spray bottle, scrub brush, liquid soap, clamps, a soft clot, and water.

Step 1: In a spray bottle, mix your soap and a little water.

Step 2: Unstrap your seat belt and pull it to its maximum limit. Use the clamp or open your door and close it onto the stretched out seat belt. It would hold it in place.

Step 3: Spray your mix on the belt, focus on the tough stains.

Step 4: Then, scrub the entire length of the belt gently.

Step 5: Now, use the pressure washer to rinse off the foam residue.

Step 6: With the dry cloth, dab off moisture from the belt, and then allow it dry. Use the clamps to hold the belt in place while it dries.

What DIY Methods Can I Use To Clean My Car Seat Straps?

Even a professional car wash can sometimes omit cleaning of car seat belts. Yes, it doesn’t take much time to clean, yet everyone often overlook it. The dirt on the strap may not be apparent, but it builds up a steady amount of grime daily.

The exciting news is you do not need a cleaners degree to maintain your safety harness. Below are three DIY hacks to keep your car seat strap looking clean and fresh.

Vinegar mix

You will need;

  • A clamp 
  • Mild Liquid Soap
  • Soft towel
  • Vinegar 
  • Water
  • Bowl

Step 1- Make The Mixture 

In a bowl, pour water, soap, and vinegar with the soap and water at a 2:1 ratio while the vinegar a few drops. The vinegar acts as an anti-bacteria and lifts off stench from the strap.

Step 2-Unfasten The Belt

Unfasten the belt and pull on it until all of the straps is out.

Step 3- Clamp The Strap

Using the clamp, place it on the belt, so it doesn’t retract back.

Step 4- Cleaning

Dip the towel onto the bowl containing the mixture. Rub on the entire length of the seat belt while focusing on the points that have stubborn stains. Rub until the strap is clean.

Step 5 -Finish Up

Clean both sides of the strap and wipe off with a damp cloth. Leave the clamps until the seat belt is dry.

Baking soda mix

That’s right! The same baking soda you have in your kitchen. This household regular can be used to lift off dirt and smells from surfaces. For this method, you will need; baking soda, water, a bowl, a toothbrush, and a soft cloth.

Step1: In a clean bowl, put in the same proportions of baking soda and water.

Step2: Scoop a small portion of the mix with the brush and rub it on the seat belt.

Step 3: Go ahead and gently scrub the surface using the brush.

Step 4: When you have adequately cleaned the belt, wipe off using a damp cloth and allow it to dry.

Club Soda Hack

Of course, the drink! Please note that it should not be a permanent cleaning method for your car seat strap. For this method, you need; 

  • Club Soda
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean towel
  • Water
  • Peg
  • Brush 


  1. Pour in a bit of club soda into your spray bottle.
  2. Stretch out your seat belt.
  3. Peg your stretched out belt in place.
  4. Spray very lightly on the dirty surface.
  5. Scrub the belt until clean.
  6. Wipe off with a damp towel.

 You can use these methods for routine maintenance of your seat belt. Your safety belt may not be obvious dirt in most cases, but you still need to clean them. Adopt a routine that you can easily follow.

What Is The Best Method I Can Use To Clean My Baby’s Car Seat Straps?

Babies spill and drop almost everything as they are still learning to grip and hold on to things. This regular spillage makes their seat and straps a potential ground-zero for germs. We recommend that you often wipe down all their surfaces. 

We have put together a non-toxic cleaning procedure for your baby’s car seat strap.

Rigorous cleaning

To rigorously clean your strap using this non-toxic procedure, you will need;

  • Baby shampoo
  • Warm water
  • Soft cloth
  • Toothbrush

Please remember to look at your child seat manual to see the cleaning instructions. Although this method would not damage the car seat strap, it’s essential to follow the manual’s directions. You need to be sure that your car seat manufacturer recommends soaking the safety harness in this particular mix.


Step 1: In a spray bottle, pour in an equal amount of water and baby shampoo, and then spray lightly.

Step 2: Using a brush, scrub all crevices and get off the grime. Alternatively, use a soft cloth and rub at the stain.

Step 3: Clean in and out of the strap. Dab off the foam residue with a clean, soft cloth.

Step 4: Allow it dry in the sun

Emergency cleaning

In case of accidental spillage, you can park your car and do this. Use baby wipes to wipe off the car seat and straps. 

You can do a thorough cleaning when you get home. Use wipes to clean off as many stains that can go off at that time. After wiping, use a dry cloth to absorb the moisture from the strap surface.

How Do I Replace My Baby’s Car Seat Straps?

As a bonus tip, we would teach you how to replace a baby car seat strap. Your child’s safety belt can get damaged due to poor cleaning habits or products like bleach. You can change them and install them yourself.

Below is a perfect baby car seat strap option. The product name is the SKCAZA ISOFIX seat belt, and it costs $13.99.


Step 1: Locate the U-shaped interface. It is a steel bar that you will find on the back seat between the back-rest and the car seat.  

Step 2 : Determine the length you want the strap to be. Push the red regulator on the connector, and then insert the u-shaped interface into it. You would hear a click sound. 

Step 3 : Put the opposite end of the strap beneath the armrest of the car seat. Then you have put it in from the left side and exit from the right side back to the armrest area. Now, fasten the u-shaped interface to your car.

Step 4: Adjust the strap, so it’s firm enough to hold the seat in place. You can remove the baby’s car seat by pushing the red regulator.


We have talked about different cleaning methods and hacks to use while cleaning your car seat belt. Especially since children tend to throw up inside the car more than adults. For cleaning children’s car seat strap, consult the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions in your car seat’s manual.

After cleaning, it’s best to allow the belt to dry, so the dampness doesn’t encourage mold growth. Build a routine for cleaning your seat belt and follow it regularly.

While keeping your car seat straps clean is important, don’t forget to tackle other car seat cleaning challenges, such as dealing with removing gum, and even discovering how to make your minivan cool.


Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

Keren Simanova

Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren