How Much Is A Quinny Stroller?

Walk your way and look beyond the beaten path. Quinny is a stroller brand that transverses any type of terrain and accommodates your child from infancy to toddlerhood. Their brand strives to “easily adapt to your surroundings [and allow you to] shape your surroundings to fit you.”

Thus, whether you like to take the unbeaten path or frequent the roads of an urban cityscape, this travel system will fit your preferred lifestyle. For those looking to purchase this sleek and adaptable pushchair, how much is a Quinny Stroller?

Quinny offers a variety of stroller types that range anywhere from $50 up to $310. However, the company does have limited edition designer options available every few years that can run up to $1000! Thankfully, the majority of their products fall in the average price range for this essential baby item. The features you desire and the color palette you choose will determine the amount you spend. 

Quinny Stroller Types


Nicknamed “The Travel Hero”, the lightweight and compact Yezz is Quinny’s most affordable option. Running at just under 12 pounds, this umbrella-style stroller is easily folded up and thrown over your shoulder. This is an ideal choice for those who use public transportation or travel frequently.

However, this is designed for a child that is capable of sitting upright. The company recommends use for children six months and older. Depending on the color palette you choose, this stroller will run you anywhere between fifty to seventy dollars. 

Zapp Xtra

The Zapp Xtra Quinny stroller is a much more diverse product. Compatible with the Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat, this convertible travel system is ideal for infants of any age and can accommodate kids up to 50 pounds.

Moreover, it comes with three forward-facing and two rearward-facing recline positions, allowing for an easy transition throughout the different stages in a child’s first few years of life. 

Additionally, this is another one of Quinny’s extremely lightweight strollers, running at just 19 pounds. Unlike the Yezz, this option is also equipped with a shopping basket and sun canopy! It is easy to store, making it perfect for smaller living spaces.

However, due to the versatile nature of this travel system, it does have a much more expensive cost than the umbrella Quinny stroller. Expect to pay between $160 to $310. 

Remember, the price is contingent on whether you decide on a basic black or tan hue versus a more stylish color palette (a total of nine options are available). Best of all, the folks at Quinny have worked with Maxi-Cosi to ensure a perfect color match for their products!

Zapp Flex

Depending on how much you want to spend on your Quinny stroller, the Zapp Flex is a step up from the Zapp Xtra, providing new parents with the option of using their Maxi-Cosi Mico or the Quinny Lux Tukk, a custom attachable bassinet.

The flex seat allows the stroller to go completely flat in both forward and rear-facing positions. This version is a bit heavier, weighing in at 26 pounds, but it still has amazing maneuverability!

Moreover, this stroller has an extendable sun canopy that is made with UPF 50+ fabric. That means it will block out 98% of the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays! This is a fantastic feature for those commuting around a big city where shade is not always available. Prices on the Zapp Flex are similar to its smaller counterpart, ranging from $150 to $280. 

Zapp Flex Plus Luxe Sport Edition

If you want to upgrade your ride, the Zapp Flex Plus Luxe is the way to go! Designed by the famous renowned fashion designer Rachel Zoe, this is a chic, luxury ride that will never go out of style!

Moreover, it comes with larger wheels for a smoother cruise as well as a built-in cup holder and an extra shopping bag compartment that is specifically designed to safely store items on the back of the stroller. Best of all, at $230 to $270, you get a high-end travel system for around the same price as Quinny’s other models.

Buzz Xtra

If you were already intending to spend around $300 on a stroller, then why not get the creme de la creme of travel systems! For the parent who is always juggling multiple things while on the go, the Quinny Buzz Xtra stroller has everything you need to make your journey a bit easier. First, it has a one-touch setup! Once pushed, the gas springs will automatically unfold the stroller, making for an effortless reconfiguration in seconds! 

Moreover, it comes with all the bells and whistles of the Zapp Flex and Zapp Flex Plus Luxe. Additionally, this option is better for all types of terrain, eliminating the bulky, original four-wheel design. Instead, they pair the front two wheels together allowing for easy mobility on any terrain. 

Lastly, the even larger canopy offers added protection from virtually any weather element and is ideal for nap times on the go! 

How Much Is A Quinny Stroller

Quinny Stroller Considerations

A stroller is a very personalized item. One stroller is not going to fit each person’s individual needs. It is important to remember that this is a transportation device so the features you need will depend on what activities you engage in regularly.

This will also dictate how much you spend on your Quinny stroller. Here are the top considerations to make prior to purchase. 

Use Of Public Transportation

For those who commute with the use of a personal vehicle, this will not play a factor in your decision. However, parents who use public transportation should look for strollers that fold up easily, are lightweight and compact. A Quinny Stroller like the Yezz can allow for an easy transition into a taxi, onto the Subway or when hopping on the Metro. 

What many new parents don’t realize is that many cities prohibit the use of a stroller on transportation like the subway, Metro and Dart trains. Moreover, elevators are not always in service and going down the stairs or the escalator is not a safe option. Thus, having a stroller that is simple to break down and set back up is imperative. 

Intended Use

Are you walking through the mall? Jogging in the park? Navigating the crowds at the fair? Maybe you are just heading to the grocery store with your newborn?

Determining what you are going to use this transportation device for is extremely important when picking out a stroller. Moreover, consider how old your child will be when you will be using it and what type of terrain that you will be tackling. 

Umbrella strollers are a fantastic and affordable option for kids who can sit upright by themselves. They are lightweight and compact, but provide little storage and are not compatible for kids under six months. These are ideal for paved paths and those who are traveling. 

Conversely, infant travel systems are heavier, but will accommodate your newborn and your toddler! They are compatible with a car seat or pram-style bassinet. These strollers also have ample storage for a day at the Zoo and can handle bumps and unpaved areas with ease. 

Storage Space

Babies require a lot of supplies. However, unless you intend to hold the diaper bag for extended periods of time, it is important that you find an option that has built-in storage. Why? Hanging your purse or bag on the back of the stroller seems like a simple fix until you realize that it is a major safety hazard. 

In fact, tip-overs encompass 16% of all stroller-related accidents. This can lead to bumps and bruises or something as serious as a concussion or traumatic brain injury. While this may seem far-fetched, stroller misuse leads to a child being injured every thirty minutes of every day.

Protection From The Elements

Wind, rain, and sunlight are all elements that can impact your child while you are on the go. Looking for products that have built-in protection features can make for a much more comfortable ride as well as allow your little one to get some shut-eye when the trip takes longer than expected. 

Every Quinny stroller is equipped with water-resistant fabrics to ensure that your baby stays dry in an unexpected rainstorm. However, their higher-end strollers also feature UPF 50+ fabrics that will protect your child from the sun. 

What you may not realize is that normal fabrics let in about 20% of the sun’s harmful rays. In contrast, both of Quinny’s Zapp Flex and Zapp Flex Plus Luxe feature a canopy that will block out 98% of the UV light. Additionally, the larger the canopy, the better off you will be when Mother Nature strikes.

How Much Is A Quinny Stroller

Added Features

Lastly, features such as a height-adjustable push bar, a cupholder, and automatic setup functions are characteristics that make the stroller more user-friendly for mom and dad! If you plan to use this transportation device regularly and for extended periods of time, these are must-have options!

Final Thoughts

How much is a Quinny Stroller? The answer lies in what features you deem important! However, no matter what option you choose, know that the Quinny name is synonymous with mobility, functionality, and style. Additionally, when you purchase from an authorized Quinny retailer, they offer a two-year warranty on all of their products. Most importantly, make sure to shop around for the price that best fits your budget.

Consumer Reports notes that “you can spend less than $100, or well over $1,000” on a stroller. Average stroller costs normally fall anywhere between $50 to $300, which is exactly where most of the Quinny products fall. This compares to brands like Graco and Britax. For those who want to get a Maxi-Cosi car seat, but want to save on a stroller, this is an amazing investment that gives you the best of both worlds!

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