Hello Kitty is a fictional cartoon character that is recognized by her pink bow on top of her head and missing mouth. You can find toys, coloring books, backpacks, and laptop covers in many stores across the globe.

The selection of hello kitty car seat covers is massive.  While shopping for a new set for our car, it was hard to decide on the base color or the fabric. We must have looked at over 50 covers. 

The hello kitty car seat covers can be found in Walmart, Amazon, and target. For the most part, we found Amazon to offer the best selection and best prices. In this guide, we put together our favorite hello kitty car seat covers.

Top 10 Hello Kitty Car Seat Covers Ideas

Hush Hush Kitty

Looking for something cute but also sending a message? Check out this Hello Kitty partial seat cover. It features a black background with some pink accents and a pink logo.

Hello Kitty is holding her finger up to her mouth as if she is saying “shhh” to the passengers in the vehicle. 

The cover is constructed of a non-slip base, polyester, and spandex fabric. It’s easy to install with the band-free design. Simply roll it out and it’s ready to be used. It can fit in all cars, SUVs, and vans.

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Fun Circles

How about something a little more fun? This Hello Kitty car seat cover features colorful circles on half of the cover with a baby blue background. Hello Kitty has a blue bow on her head and her logo is under her picture. Additionally, you will find the sentence “graceful kimono and mind” written under her logo. 

This seat cover is also constructed of polyester, spandex fabric, and a non-slip base. Simply roll it out and place it on your seat. It has a universal fit for all of your vehicles and it can be swapped out from car to car with absolutely no effort. 

Pretty In Pink

If pink is your favorite color, you’ll love this Hello Kitty car seat cover. It features a pastel pink background with just her face on it and a pink polka dot bow on her head. Her face is also on the bottom of the cover with her name in cursive on both the top and bottom of the seat cover. There are smaller Hello Kitty faces on the side of the seat cover. 

This seat cover is installed differently than the others. These ones come with two round, plastic discs that go into the seat crack and flip sideways to hold the cover in place. These can be used universally and are easy to switch from vehicle to vehicle. 

Cheetah Print Kitty

Love cheetah print? This Hello Kitty car seat cover is hot pink and has a cheetah print design that goes up the side of the cover and along the sides of the bottom portion. Her whole body is present on the upper cover as just her face is on the bottom portion. 

These covers are made from spandex fabric, polyester, and a non-slip silicone base. All you have to do to set them up is roll it out and leave it. It can fit universally in cars, vans, and SUVs. 

Waving Kitty

This pair of seat covers are simple and let people know that you enjoy Hello Kitty. The logo can be seen repeatedly on the top of the cover as well as a waving Hello Kitty. The remainder of the seat cover is black. 

These covers are easy to apply to your vehicle. They come with “S” hooks, they are easy to clean, maintain, and are held in place by elastic cords. These covers protect your seats against dirt, stains, spills, and more. 

Black & Pink

Need more than just the front seat covers? This Hello Kitty seat cover package comes with the back seat covers as well as the front ones. They are all black in color. The back covers are plain black with no design on them. The front cover has the pink outline of Hello Kitty as well as her logo. 

They are universal and have airbag support and are made of polyester. They are held in place with elastic bands. They are machine washable and simple to install. 

Many Moons

This Hello Kitty car seat cover is super cute! It features a black background with small kitties sitting on moons going diagonally across the cover. There are also cute little yellow stars between each kitty. 

These covers are made from durable polyester fabric. They are elastic for a snug fit and are held in place by elastic bands. They fit most vehicles and each one has foam padding with a groove for the seat. 

Leopard Print Kitty

Leopard print Hello Kitty is quite a unique design. The seat cover color is a faded black color with black leopard prints all over it. There is a large Hello Kitty face with a large pink and leopard print bow shown on the upper part of it. 

Each seat cover has a circular foam padding with a groove for the seat and a picket in the back for debris. They are easy to install with the help of elastic straps. They are 99% universal and can prevent your original seat from dust, friction, and more. 

Ever So Pink & Fluffy

These seat covers are for all the girly girls out there. They are bright pink with fluffy material on the top of the cover. There is a silver Hello Kitty with a logo on the back portion of it.

As an added bonus, Hello Kitty herself comes as a headrest cover. She’s wearing a crown and represents the princess driving the car. The seat covers are easy to maintain, install, and can protect your seats from dirt, debris, and wear & tear.  

Ruby Red

Add some beautiful ruby red coloring to the interior of your vehicle with these ruby red Hello Kitty seat covers. They feature an embroidered Hello Kitty sitting down with a red bow on her head.

There are also headrest covers that fit nicely and have her name on them with a white heart. They are made to fit with tricot fabric and are machine washable. They are a wonderful addition to your car, truck, or SUV. 

Neon Heads

Bring a bit of cartoon aesthetics to your vehicle with these neon Hello Kitty head pattern seat covers. The seat cover features a black background with multiple different neon-colored Hello Kitty heads.

There are also neon ice cream cones, rainbows, and flowers present. These are fun to look at and protect your seats. 

Each seat cover has a circular foam padding with a groove for the seat. There is also a pocket to help catch debris. They are made to fit most vehicles and are easy to install with elastic straps. 

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