The Graco Atlas 65 has two available positions, it can either be used as a harness booster or a highback booster. The weight range for the seat begins at twenty-two pounds (harness booster) and ends at one hundred pounds (highback booster)

Overall, after using the car seat for 2 weeks during my trip to Las Vegas. I can conclude the car seat is very basic booster seat. It does transitions from a harness booster to a high back booster. However, it offers very standard features like removal pads and cup holders. 

Graco Atlas 65 in room

Recommended Use

  • Harness Booster: 22-65lbs and 27-49”*
  • Highback Booster: 30-100lbs and 38-57”

*A Note on Usage Guidelines

The Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 does not have a recommended age limit for harness booster use. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all infants and children should remain rear-facing for as long as possible, this means until they reach the car seats weight and height limits.

Children should then remain in a forward-facing harness seat for as long as possible until they surpass the weight and height restrictions. Once they have exceeded the limits for a harnessed seat they can transition to a seat belt booster. However, this typically only occurs when they are around 4 feet 9” tall and eight years old (or older).

Even though the weight limit for the harness booster is 22 pounds, it may not be advisable to put a 22-pound infant in a booster seat.


  • Removable and washable seat pad
  • Dual cup holders
  • Two reclines
  • No-rethread harness that adjusts with headrest
  • Five positions for harness height
  • Two-position crotch strap
  • Available in two color schemes, Glacier or Nyssa


  • Seat weight: 16.6lbs
  • Height: 25”-32” depending on headrest height
  • Seat depth: 12”
  • Listed seat width: 19”

Graco Atlas 65 Review [2-in-1 Harness Car Seat] 1

What We Like 

  • Longtime use as a harness booster (100lbs and 49”)
  • Lightweight
  • Dual Cup Holders
  • LATCH installation as harness booster or highback booster
  • Effortless to adjust
  • FAA approved in harness mode

What We Don’t Like

Removable Covers 

Parents will appreciate the fact that the covers and seat pads are removable and machine washable. They will also like the ease of adjustment. Thanks to the no-rethread harness system that moves with the headrest, both can be adjusted with one hand into any of the five available positions.

When you are ready to transition to a highback booster you can safely store the harness in its included storage compartment. Installation is effortless thanks to the clearly marked belt paths. The seat can be installed with the LATCH anchors and top tether or by using the seatbelt alone when in the harness booster position.

In the highback booster setting, the car seat can use the LATCH system as well, but you must use it in conjunction with the vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt.

The Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 is a rather lightweight seat that does not skimp on any features. It keeps your little one comfortable and is versatile with an adjusting headrest/harness system on two available recline positions.

Thanks to the one-hundred-pound highback booster weight limit and seven-year lifespan, you should get a great deal of use out of this seat.

The Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 vs The Graco Nautilus 65 3-in-1

One major difference between these two car seats can be found in their titles. The Atlas converts only from a harness booster to a highback booster, while the Nautilus does both of these things and converts even further to a backless booster.

Aside from this major difference, the others are minor. Both seats have a variety of similar features as well.


  • Harness and headrest adjust together
  • 5 available positions for headrest
  • Removable and washable seat pad
  • Both seats have the same weight limits for the harness booster and highback booster positions


  • The Nautilus converts to a backless booster, the Atlas does not have this feature
  • The Nautilus has a three-position recline compared to the Atlas’s two positions
  • The Atlas has two cup holders while the Nautilus has one
  • The Nautilus is more expensive
  • It features armrests and the Atlas does not
  • The Nautilus is available in four color schemes compared to the Atlas’s two

The Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 vs The Graco Tranzitions 3-in-1

Just as with the previous comparison, the conversion options is the most prominent difference. The Tranzitions converts to a backless booster whereas the Atlas does not.

However, the Graco Tranzitions comes in at a lower price point than both the Atlas and the Nautilus. The Nautilus has many features but is more lightweight, narrower, and more paired down than the Atlas.


  • Dual cup holders
  • Harness and headrest adjust together
  • Same weight limits for the harness booster and highback booster positions
  • Removable and washable seat pad


  • The Tranzitions converts to a backless booster, the Atlas does not have this feature
  • Tranzitions has no recline options compared to the Atlas’s two positions
  • The Tranzitions two cup holders are removable while the Atlas’s are not
  • The Atlas is more expensive
  • The Tranzitions features armrests and the Atlas does not
  • Tranzitions is available in three color schemes compared to the Atlas’s two
  • The Tranzitions is more lightweight and narrower
  • The Atlas has more padding and a more form-fitting design

Honest Customer Reviews

Parents love how easily the seat transitions. The headrest and harness can be moved in conjunction with one hand and this receives high praise. Car seat owners have also remarked how comfortable the seat is and that it is of high quality.

The seat pad and harness covers are padded and cozy. The seat and restraint cover being removable and washable is an added bonus.

The only downside is that this seat only converts to two positions. Some parents desire a third transition to a backless booster, which is not an option with the Atlas 65.

Parent Likes

  • Quality and comfortable materials
  • Versatile and easily adjustable

Parent Dislikes

  • Only converts to two positions

Customer Reviews on Installation

Installation is quick and easy. The LATCH anchors can be used in both positions which is a huge positive. Alternatively, the car seat can be installed by using only the vehicle’s seat belt. All belt paths are color-coded and clearly marked.

Another plus is the harness storage system when you transition the seat to the highback booster mode. The harness can easily be tucked out of the way without fear of misplacing it.

Expiration Information

The Graco Atlas 65 2-in-1 has a seven-year life span from the date of manufacture and was first produced in 2015. Your specific date can be found on the manufacturer’s label on your car seat.


Graco provides a limited warranty on their products, but some states do not allow limitations to be placed on warranties. Therefore, all exclusions may not apply to you depending on where you live. However, in most places, Graco’s warranty extends up to one year after the date of purchase.

If you discover an issue with your product during the warranty period, Graco advises that you contact them so that they may replace or repair the part.


The seat pad, as well as the harness and buckle covers, are removable and machine washable. You should wash them on the cold setting with mild soap and then hang them to dry.

The headrest cover can be removed and washed, but it is not as easily taken off as the seat cover. Therefore, it is recommended to spot clean it with a damp cloth and a mild soap.

Metal and plastic parts on the seat can be wiped down with a damp cloth and a mild soap. If debris has accumulated in the buckle, it can be soaked in a cup of warm water, taking care not to immerse the buckle strap. Alternatively, light cleaning of the buckle can be performed with a damp cloth and warm water. The harness straps can only be spot cleaned and should never be soaked or immersed.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can the Graco Atlas be rear-facing?

The Graco Atlas cannot be rear-facing. It is a forward-facing only car seat that has two positions, a harness booster or a highback booster.

How do you convert a Graco car seat to a high-back booster?

To convert to a high back booster you should first remove the harness and crotch buckle. To do this you should fully raise the car seat headrest. Fully loosen the shoulder straps and remove the crotch buckle.

Remove the headrest pad, seat pad, and bottom seat pad so that you can see the car seat shell. Locate the harness storage door, open it and place the harness straps, chest clip, buckle, and buckle connectors inside. Close the door and replace the seat pads.

Once the harness is stored and the pad is replaced, the Atlas 65 can be installed in the rear seat of your vehicle using the LATCH system and tether (if desired) in conjunction with your vehicle’s lap and shoulder belt.

How do you remove the car seat from the base?

Unlike infant seats, the Graco Atlas 65 does not have a car seat base. Therefore, it cannot be removed from its base.

What is a 2 in 1 car seat?

A 2-in-1 car seat refers to a seat that can convert from one position to another. With 2-in1 convertible car seats, there are only two positions possible. In terms of the Atlas 65, the two positions are a harness booster or a highback booster.

Safe and Lightweight 

Overall, this is an excellent seat for use after your little one has grown out of their infant seat. It is lightweight and includes many of the features Graco is so well known for.

These include easy installation, simple adjustment, and high safety ratings. Seat occupants will love how comfortable the seat is and the dual cup holders. Parents will appreciate the fact that the price is budget-friendly and the seat can be used for quite a long time.


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