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Foonf Vs. Filo Car Seat Comparison [Detailed]

Choosing a car seat is an important decision for any parent. You want a combination of quality, safety, and affordability. Two car seats that hit the mark on everything a parent needs include Foonf and Filo. 

The Foonf and Filo car seats meet and exceed all safety requirements while also being easy to install and affordable. They also allow additional safety measures to keep your child safe for longer than other car seats. 

Many parents choose one of these two car seats because of all the protection they provide their children. But which one is the best? Let’s compare both of these car seats to see which is the best. 

The Safety Features

The first thing most parents look for when choosing a car seat is the safety features. They want a car seat that will keep their child safe and secure while driving. Both of these car seats have safety in mind. They add features that ensure your child remains safe any time they are in the car with you. 

The Safety in Foonf

Foonf has added several safety features to this car seat to make it better for parents. Some safety features include:

  • Allows for extended rear-facing: Unlike other car seats that force you to turn your child around after one year, Foonf allows for extended rear-facing. In fact, most children can remain rear-facing in this car seat until they turn four. 
  • Anti-rebound bar: This feature helps to prevent rebounding for rear-facing children after a frontal collision. It can prevent rotation for side-impact collisions as well. 
  • Built to Last: This car seat is designed with a magnesium and steel sub-structure. This keeps it safe for years to come. 
  • Side-Impact Protection System: Several features help keep your child safe. These include deep side wings, EPP foam that helps absorb energy, and an adjustable headrest. 

The Safety of Filo

The Filo car seat has a few safety features to love as well. Some of these safety features include:

  • Extended rear-facing: This car seat also allows for the child to sit rear-facing for longer. Most states require the child to stay rear-facing for one year. This car seat makes it possible for up to three years. 
  • Collision Protection: The Filo car seat includes additional features to keep the child safe in case of an accident. The anti-rebound bar allows for safety in a frontal or side-impact collision. 
  • Energy-Absorbing Crumple Technology: This technology, known as EACT, transfers the force of a crash away from the child. This force goes to the aluminum cores found in the base of the car seat. 

The Installation Process

While installing the car seat may not be as important as the safety features, it does matter. Parents want a car seat they can set up quickly and safely, without all the frustration. 

Installing the Foonf Car Seat

The Foonf car seat is easy to install. It has new technology known as a Rigid-LATCH to allow for easy rear- and forward-facing installation. 

Installing this car seat only takes a few seconds. And yet it is so secure that you never have to worry about it moving around or your child getting hurt. This car seat is also designed to be compact, allowing for three to fit across the back seat. When trying to travel with the whole family, this is a bonus.

Installing the Filo Car Seat

The Filo car seat is relatively easy to install, though some parents struggled more than with Foonf. It may take a little longer to install, but the security is amazing. 

After installing the Filo car seat, your child will be secure. The car seat is designed for minimal movement in the car, no matter where you drive. This car seat can also fit three across the back seat. This makes it perfect for anyone who needs to transport their big family around. 

Child Weight and Height Measurements

Knowing the weight and height measurements of the car seat will make it easier for a family to decide. It also helps them to plan out how long they can keep the car seat. 

Both car seats are designed to work through all the life stages of your child. Unlike other car seats that are done by 30 pounds, both can handle weights up to 65 pounds. This keeps your child secure for longer. 

The Foonf Car Seat Weight and Height

The Foonf Car Seat has a rear-facing mode that allows for heights between 25 to 43 inches. The weight limit is 14 to 50 pounds while being rear-facing. 

There is also an additional feature, known as the infant-thingy and sold separately. This helps accommodate children 5 pounds and heavier. For forward-facing mode, this car seat can accommodate children 22 to 65 pounds. Children must also be between 30 to 49 inches for this mode. 

It is recommended that your child is two years or older before starting forward-facing mode. One year is the minimum in most states. 

The Filo Car Seat Weight and Height

The Filo car seat has similar height and weight dimensions as the Foonf car seat. This helps make it safe to use for your child. 

For a rear-facing child, the weight limit is 14 to 50 pounds. The height requirements are 25 to 43 inches. You can also purchase an extension to fit newborns and children five pounds and heavier. 

For forward-facing mode, the weight limit is 22 to 65 pounds. The height requirements are 30 to 49 inches. 

You must follow all state and local laws on choosing to have your child forward-facing. Your child should remain rear-facing for at least a year. This car seat allows them to do this until age three. 

The Cost of the Car Seats

The cost is an important consideration when choosing a car seat for your child. You want to pick one that is budget-friendly and high-quality and both car seats can provide you with both. 

The Foonf car seat comes in at $460. While there are many car seats on the market for less, they are made out of substandard products and will not last as long. 

The Filo car seat comes in at $390. This makes it a little more budget-friendly for most families too. 

The Final Verdict

Both car seats are great choices for keeping your children safe on the road. They meet and exceed every safety requirement in all 50 states. The Foonf car seat is considered higher-quality compared to Filo. There are more safety features and the construction is meant to last. 

The weight and height limits allow for your child to stay in the car seat longer. And the price point is perfect for all the safety features and how long you can use the seat. 

The Filo car seat is also a high-quality option. For families who need a budget-friendly option, Filo is a good choice. The construction is not quite as sturdy as Foonf, and there are not as many safety features. However, Filo does meet all the minimum safety requirements and more so your child will be safe. 

For the best quality and highest safety for your child, the Foonf car seat is the best. For a high-quality and budget-friendly option, the Filo car seat is a great option as well. 

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