It is no longer new information that you are expected to use your seat belt while driving. However, condoning the constant chiming and dings from a seat belt alarm can be infuriating. Luckily, you can learn to disable your seat belt alarm and get rid of the unpleasant sound.

The best way to disable a seat belt alarm is by reprogramming the computer. Simply, follow the owner’s manual to reprogram the seat belt alarm out of the computer. Alternatively, you may install a seat belt alarm stopper (see below).

To reprogram your seat belt alarm or fix an alarm stopper, you have to follow some easy steps. Learn about those steps in this article and get rid of that seat belt alarm.

How To Disable A Seat Belt Alarm

The two primary ways of disabling your seat belt alarm are reprogramming or attaching a safety belt alarm stopper. We have further discussed these methods below.

1.Reprogramming The Seat Belt Alarm With Your Car’s Owner Manual. 

Manufacturers configure the seat belt sensors to trigger the airbag. It is necessary to point out that altering your seat belts can nullify your warranty. Do not try to take out any wires with your car’s ignition turned on.

  1. Examine whether the seat belt sensor is a trigger to the airbag in your car. You must confirm before making drastic changes.
  2. Check the user manual to know if you need to disable the alarm via it’s operating system or manually.
  3. By using the owner’s manual, you have to  follow the laid out instructions.

As an illustration, we talked about the steps involved to disable the seat belt alarm for a Toyota Camry vehicle.   

  • Insert your car key and turn on the power but don’t start the engine.
  • There is a switch on your dashboard that shows your total trip readings. Squeeze the button until you can see words “ODO” on the board.
  • Go ahead and switch the key off and on.
  • Press the switch for another few seconds. While still applying pressure on the, buckle your seatbelt, and then release the button.
  • You will see that the words “BOFF” will flicker on the board. It implies that you disabled your seat belt alarm.

Alternatively, you can drive your car down to the dealership workshop and have them do this. Some automobiles may require the dealer to reprogram them with a unique software.

It is worth pointing out that dealerships are hesitant to conform to this inquiry because of issues with the law. Nonetheless, it is a safe option of deactivating your seat belt alarm since dealerships will do a thorough job.

2.Fix A Seat Belt Alarm Stopper

The seat belt alarm stopper have two kinds; the detachable seat belt hook and an extender. When fixing a Seat Belt Alarm Stopper, you would need;

  • Seat Belt Alarm Stopper 
  • Extender
  • Car Owner’s Manual
  • Software Update (if required/available)
  • Screwdriver or Drill with Torx Bit
  • Flashlight
  • Electrical Tape or Heat Shrink Tape
  • Wire Cutters and strippers

The Detachable Seat Belt Hook

  1. The first is a detached seat belt hook that will fit into the seat belt port.
  2. Get a detached seat belt hook if you don’t intend to utilize the seat belt. 
  3. Be sure that the new seat belt hook fits into your car’s seatbelt precisely. You can source for one at a junkyard or an automobile store.
  4. Assess the overall proportion of the hook’s uncovered metal column and compare it with the seat belt port.
  5. Acquire an extender if you intend to use the belt.

The Extender

The extender is a piece that hooks into the port. It consists of an extra port so you can use your seat belt without discarding the alarm stopper. Get the extender from an authentic part manufacturer. 

Buying a standard extender is crucial, so your seat belt system can uphold the anchorage pull test. The test guarantees that your system can overcome crash-level pressures. You can look for these requirements on your seat belt manufacturer’s website. 

Initiate the seat belt alarm stopper. Confirm that your alarm-stopper can fit into your seat belt port, then put it in. it automatically stops the chiming alarm sounds.

How Do I Deactivate The Seat Belt Alarm On A Dodge Ram

The seat belt alarm in the Dodge Ram is known as the “Belt Alert”. The Dodge Ram has detectors in both front seats to remind you to use your seat belt. It beeps until you buckle the seat belts.

You can deactivate the “Belt Alert” in your own home. It remains highly recommended that you use a safety belt while driving.

Step 1Enter your car and shut all the doors.

Step 2: Insert the key in the ignition, then put on your seat belt. Turn the access to the “on” point, but don’t start the vehicle. Wait until the seat belt indicator turns off.

Step 3: Clamp and unclamp your seat belt thrice times within a minute of turning the on the vehicle. Remember not to start the engine yet, and then click the seat belt in place for the last time.

Twist your car key to the lock point. You will hear the alarm bell once more. The alarm is a clue that the Dodge Ram’s Belt Alert has been disabled.

How Do I Disable My Subaru Seatbelt Alarm

  1. Sit in your car and shut the doors.
  2. Insert your car keys into the ignition.
  3. Turn on the vehicle but does not start the engine, or you may also press the push to start switch two times. 
  4. Strap and unstrap the seatbelt twenty times in a roll for thirty seconds. Your Subaru’s seat belt alarm is now deactivated.

How Do I Disable My Jeep Liberty Seatbelt Alarm

The Jeep manufacturers designed the car with a seat belt alarm called the “Enhanced Seatbelt Use Reminder System”. It’s alarm chimes continuously when you ride in your Jeep with a fastened seatbelt.

Although the vehicle manufacturers propose that you don’t deactivate your seatbelt alarm, the procedure to do so is in it’s owners-manual. 

Step 1: Sit in your Jeep and shut the door. Insert your key in the ignition port but do not turn it on. 

Step 2: Pin your seatbelt and then twist the key twice to the right. Now your ignition is on, but this will not turn on the engine. 

Step 3: Observe your instrument cluster; you should notice the small light on the side. It’s a tiny image of a man in a seatbelt, pause for this indicator to go off. 

Step 4: Unpin and pin the seatbelt multiple times within few seconds, then turn off the ignition. The alarm would sound, indicating it has been disabled.


The seat belt alarm acts as a reminder, so you will never forget to fasten your seat belt. There are two methods for disabling seat belt alarm; using the owner’s manual or installing a seat belt alarm stopper.

The steps involved in deactivating the alarm are similar in most cars. You can disable the alarm yourself or take your vehicle to a dealership workshop. You should only do it if your seat belt is locking up, driving without a seat belt is a bad idea. 


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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren