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Clek Ozzi Review | High Quality Backless Booster Seat

Overall, the Ozzi booster seat stands out from competitors for its LATCH connectors that hold the seat in place safely. Ozzi is a good investment for young families because of the durable quality and long warranty.

What do we like about the Clek Ozzi backless booster seat? Discover the best features, pros and cons, and dimensions in this booster car seat review.

Clek Ozzi Dimensions

In terms of comfort, this booster seat is plenty big for children of all shapes and sizes. This booster seat is recommended for children 40-57” tall (101.6-144.8cm) who weigh 40–120 pounds (18.1-54.4kg). The seat cushion where a child sits is a roughly 13×13” square.

For large families who want to squeeze three car seats across their second row, Ozzi is a fair option. However, the challenge of buckling in the seat belt gets worse when another car seat juts up against this one.

Clek Ozzi Backless Booster Car Seat with Rigid Latch, Carbon...
  • Rigid LATCH for additional safety: designed with a rigid LATCH system that locks the booster seat...
  • No Numb-bum: Numb-bum is what happens when you sit on hard surfaces for long periods of time - even...
  • Easy removable cover for cleaning.

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  • Outer depth 15” (38 cm)
  • Outer width 18”(46 cm)
  • Inner depth 12.75” (32 cm)
  • Inner width 13.25” (34 cm)
  • Seat height 3.75-5” (9.5-13cm)
  • Armrest height 10” (26 cm)

Top Features

This booster seat offers excellent comfort for young occupants. The optimal seat design ensures the best fit of a seat belt around a child’s shoulders and hips. A child’s thighs will also be supported at a comfortable angle by the seat cushion. 

Even better, the Ozzi’s seat cushion is made from comfortable foam padding with breathable wool fabric on top. Clek calls this extra padding “no numb-bum”.

For ease of use, Clek Ozzi includes two rigid LATCH connectors* with easy-click installation and removal. Simply slide the connectors over your vehicle’s isofix anchors until you hear the “click” sound. *Note that Clek Ozzi should only be used when attached to a vehicle’s LATCH anchors, not free-standing.

Later, remove the seat by pressing the red button on each connector to release. When taking out the booster seat for cleaning or storage, we appreciate this lightweight product weighs only six pounds.

What We Like

Three areas where Clek Ozzi booster seat performs well are durability, safety, and brand values.


For durability, Clek builds car seats to last many years by using heavy-duty materials. This includes the supportive foam seating pad that can endure years of car rides.

When it comes to safety, Ozzi is top-of-the-line thanks to strong engineering development and thorough crash testing. Clek Ozzi meets all motor vehicle safety standards in the U.S. and Canada.

Safe In Place 

Because the booster seat locks in place with the LATCH system, the booster does not slide around while driving. And if facing a car crash, the metal substructure in the seat base will protect your child.

Furthermore, the maker of this car seat, Clek Inc., is a highly ethical company. All Clek products are designed and manufactured in the United States to the highest standards. 

To this point, Ozzi’s seat fabric is made from ethically sourced Merino wool. Ozzi fabrics are also free from harmful chemical flame retardants. And when your child outgrows this booster seat, you can return it to Clek for recycling.

What We Don’t Like

Higher Than Average Cost 

The main shortcoming of Clek Ozzi booster seat is its high price. Also, you should avoid this booster seat if you drive a vehicle without second-row LATCH anchors.

Despite the great value-added, this booster seat is more than twice the cost of similar seats from leading brands. We hope to see the price of Ozzi come down as the company grows.

Hard Fit At Times 

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Also, depending on the vehicle, we sometimes struggle to insert the seat belt buckle around the booster seat and armrest. This is because the buckle approach angle is challenging. The most complaints of Ozzi seat fit come from Honda vehicle owners.

And, the white warning label across the front of Ozzi’s black cushion can be an eyesore. So much that Clek’s official marketing images photoshop the label out. However, to their credit, your child’s legs will cover up the warning sticker most of the time.

Clek Ozzi Booster Seat Expiration

This booster seat comes with an incredible 9 year expiration life. The protection could  easily last for the entire time period that your child will use a booster seat. Plus, if you register your product online, you will be notified of any recalls that arise during ownership.

You can also enjoy a long warranty lasting up to 3 years on the Clek Ozzi. The first year of warranty guarantees repair or replacement for all defective products. Next, the additional two-year extended warranty covers booster seats that are purchased and registered directly with Clek retailers.

Clek Ozzi vs. Olli

Besides Ozzi, another backless booster car seat made by Clek is called Olli. Compared to Olli, Ozzi is simpler in design and features, and thus about 25% lower in price

For instance, Ozzi comes in just one color black, whereas Olli comes in five different fabric colors and patterns. In addition, Olli’s fabrics have a higher performance rating with resistance to odors and stains. Ozzi seat fabric is washable but not replaceable.

Another difference is Ozzi is better for long-term installation in a vehicle whereas Olli is better for families on-the-go. This is because Olli includes a detachable cup holder, removable seat cover, quick-release strap, and carrying strap. And from the list of Olli features, Ozzi only offers the carrying strap as a Clek accessory. 

But for similarities, both booster seats have the same form factor, dimensions, and nearly identical weight. Ozzi weighs six pounds whereas Olli weighs five pounds.

To sum up, Olli is like an upgraded Ozzi with extra features, specialized materials, and a higher price tag.


In summary, the Clek Ozzi is a well-made backless booster seat for kids who spend many hours in the car. The comfortable padding, secure LATCH connectors, and safe crash structure will put you at ease over your child’s well-being.

However, if you are on a tight budget, consider buying a backless booster car seat from Clek’s lower-priced competitors. You also should rule out the Ozzi if your household vehicles do not have LATCH anchors. And lastly, this booster seat may be challenging to fit in a three-across row of car seats.

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