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Clek Liingo Review | Best Baseless Infant Car Seat ?

The Clek Liingo Infant Car Seat is a car seat that does not require a separate base in order to be properly installed in your car. This means that, unlike all other traditional car seats on the market in North America today, the Clek Liingo can be installed into any vehicle by connecting the seat directly to the car.  

Because of this unique feature, the Clek Liingo is the ideal car seat for big city families that frequently use public transportation and may not own a personal car.  The non-toxic nature of this seat also adds to its appeal. Traveling a lot with a fragile infant increases exposure to many elements, but your car seat will not be one of them. 

Clek Liingo Infant Insert

                   2 Stage Insert Provides Proper Head Support & Snug Seating Position

Below, we will discuss the Clek Liingo Baseless Infant Car Seat in detail.  Read below for information on weight and height limitations, key features, what we like and don’t like, and how it compares to the more traditional Clek Liing Car Seat.

Weight and Height Limitations

The Clek Liingo Infant Car Seat is a rear-facing seat only.  It can be used for newborns that are a minimum of 4 pounds, all the way up until your child is 35 pounds or 32 inches tall, whichever comes first.

Unique Features

Impressive Safety

When seeing that the Clek Liingo is a baseless car seat, one of the first things that come to mind for moms is safety.  Even though all other car seats in North America require a base for installation, that does not make the Clek Liingo less safe. 

Installation Via European Belt Path or Via LATCH

The European belt path method of installation differs from the American belt path installation in that it wraps the shoulder part of the seat belt around the back of the carrier for added protection.

Installing in this way gives your child a superior head, neck, and spine protection in the event of a crash. When the Clek Liingo is installed using the European belt path method, it delivers industry-leading crash test results.

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The second method of installation is by LATCH connectors.  In North America, it is a safety requirement for car seats to have LATCH connectors that safely anchor their base to your vehicle.

Since the Clek Liingo does not have a base, the LATCH connectors are built directly into the seat!  A small panel in the rear of the seat opens to reveal LATCH connectors that hook directly into your vehicle’s LATCH anchors, providing the same amount of safety as a base would.  

Clek Liingo Baseless Infant Car Seat
Flexible LATCH Connectors

Impressive Crash Testing

As far as crash testing goes, the Clek Liingo has undergone compliance testing, NCAP testing, side-impact testing, and another extensive testing. Compliance testing is required by federal law and represents 98% of all crashes that happen in real-world situations.

In addition to compliance testing, NCAP testing is performed to simulate the forces experienced during extreme crashes. Even with all these bases covered, Clek still tests side impact situations where compliance testing does not cover.  You can read more about the Clek Liingo’s crash-test results here.

Multipurpose Sun Canopy

The sun canopy on the Clek Liingo is truly a design marvel and was made with the comfort and safety of your child in mind.  The soft, smooth, SPF 100+ fabric of the canopy protects your baby’s sensitive skin from the harsh rays of the sun. The canopy offers three different positions so that you can find the best fit for any situation. 

Clek Liingo Sun Canopy

 3 Position Adjustable Sun Canopy
Babies can get quite toasty in their car seats on a hot day so the mesh window located at the top of the canopy provides some welcome airflow and ventilation. This feature also allows you to see and check on your baby without moving the canopy or leaning around frequently. 

Compatibility with Popular Strollers

Since the Clek Liingo is advertised to be ideal for travelers and city-dwellers, it makes sense that it is compatible with many popular strollers on the market.

The company designed this car seat to be compatible with popular stroller brands, like Baby Jogger, Uppababy, Bugaboo, and Stokke, to name a few.  All that is required is a Maxi-Cosi car seat adaptor for the stroller brand that you choose. You can find a complete list of compatible stroller systems here.  

What We Like

Ideal for Travel

As previously mentioned, the Clek Liingo is truly ideal for traveling or families without a car.  This is the perfect option for transporting your baby in Ubers or taxis. No base needs to be lugged around to keep your baby safe.  

To complete your traveling gear, choose a lightweight, compatible stroller.  The Clek Liingo will click easily in and out with only one hand, allowing you to have a free arm for the million other things you need to do. If you are a frequent airport traveler, the Clek Liingo is also certified for aircraft travel.  

On top of all this, this seat is only nine pounds, making it easy to maneuver through crowded streets or airports without making your arm feel like it is going to fall off.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most unique aspects of this seat, and this company, is its commitment to its environmental footprint. By not having a base, the Clek Liingo uses almost half the plastic and steel as comparable car seats, like the Uppababy Mesa or the Graco Snugride Snuglock 35 LX.

Clek is also the only car seat company in North America with their own recycling program in place. When your Liingo seat reaches the end of its lifespan, simply purchase a recycling return label from the Clek website. 

You will receive a label for shipping, as well as a discount code valued at the same amount as the label.  This code can be used towards future purchases from Clek.  Package your seat in any box you like and drop at your local UPS location. 

Clek Liingo Car Seat Recyclable Through Clek

Additionally, Clek is
environmentally conscious about the materials that it uses for its car seats.  The Clek Liingo has two safe and environmentally friendly fabric options.  The first is the thunder option.  This option is made from C-Zero Plus Performance Collection fabric that is GREENGUARD Gold certified.  This fabric is free from harsh flame retardant chemicals. 

The second environmentally friendly fabric option is the mammoth collection. This option uses 100% Australian Merino wool that is natural, renewable, biodegradable, and naturally flame retardant. While this option is slightly more expensive, it really offers a lot of added benefits. Plus it feels great on your baby’s skin!

What We Don’t Like

Time Consuming

If you are someone who is constantly on the move, and that is what draws you to this seat, it is slightly time-consuming to install and uninstall the seat each and every time you go somewhere, especially if you choose to install using the European belt path method. 

Sure, once you get the hang of it, the process becomes more natural and second nature, but it is not as simple as the one-click installations of major car seats like Chicco KeyFit 30. Not being able to click easily into and out of a base has its drawbacks, but lugging a base around would be much worse to deal with. 

LATCH Connector Bin Detaches

The bin in the back of the car seat where the LATCH connectors are located is advertised as being detachable. While this takes off a pound of weight to the seat, it seems like it may not be the safest decision to be able to click such an important safety feature in and out of the seat. While there is no evidence or research to suggest that this is not safe, one faulty installation on your part could have major repercussions. 

Pricier Seat

For a seat with no base, it is relatively expensive. If you want to opt for the mammoth collection, which is made with 100% Merino wool and no chemical flame retardants, you will pay almost $300 for a baseless seat, which seems a little steep. 

However, this cost is for one seat that you use in your car, for traveling, and public transportation; so, if you take all that into consideration, the cost looks more reasonable.

Clek Liingo vs. Clek Liing

The Clek Liingo and Clek Liing car seats are basically the same except that the Liing comes with a traditional car seat base.  With the inclusion of the base comes a few differences, however. 

The base allows the user to adjust the recline of the car seat in the car once it is installed. Also, the base is equipped with a metal load leg that absorbs energy in the event of a collision.  

Final Impressions

As a mom who has always had a traditional car seat with a base, this option really sounds fantastic.  The car seat base leaves an impression in the seat of your car and allows dirt and dust and crumbs to collect underneath. Having no base means no permanent indentation in your car seat and no constant cleaning as well.

The Clek Liingo is a safe, lightweight car seat that is suitable for any family, even though it is made for the car-less family. It has comparable weight and height limitations, and high safety standards.  The real icing on the cake, however, is its recyclability. Knowing that this seat will not sit in a landfill after using it makes this seat a no-brainer. 

Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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