As your child grows, their carseat will become harder for them to fit into. It may become uncomfortable for them, which means it’s time to invest in a booster seat. Booster seats come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors.  

It’s recommended that children who have reached the maximum forward-facing weight or height limit should begin using a belt-positioning booster seat until the seat belt in the car fits them properly. They should be between 8-12 years of age or 4 feet 9 inches. 

If you are in need of a booster seat for your 7-year-old, look no further. We did a little digging and came up with a detailed list of booster seats that are available for your pride and joy.

We’ve picked some boosters with advanced features, affordable boosters, and boosters for children who are growing a little quicker than others. Our overall favorite booster seat is the Mifold Highback Booster because it’s decently priced and folds up for easy storage when not in use. 

Top Car Seats for 7-Year-Olds

1. Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat– Best Overall

The Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat is unlike one we’ve ever seen before. This fancy booster seat is completely adjustable and considered to be the world’s most adjustable booster with multi-fit technology.

Believe it or not, because we didn’t at first, this booster has 243 individual settings. It’s no wonder it won the 2019 Creative Child Product of the Year Award. Yes, with a title like that, it does come with the matching price tag. 

We really like that this booster can accommodate a child aged 4 and up, making it a great booster for your 7-year-old. As long as they are between 40-100 pounds and between 40 to 59 inches, they’ll fit wonderfully in this highback booster. 

Graco Tranzitions 3 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Proof
  • 3-in-1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth
  • Grows with your child from forward-facing harness (22-65 pounds) to highback booster (40-100 pounds) to backless booster (40-100 pounds) to continue to meet industry standards, we have increased the weight minimum from 30 to 40 pounds
  • No-rethread simply safe adjust harness system allows the headrest and harness to adjust together in one motion.Do not use bleach
What We Liked:
  • Works with children from 22 to 100 pounds
  • Narrow design and light weight make it very portable
  • Headrest height is super easy to adjust with a single hand
  • Very sleek, comfortable fabric
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Safety Features

The Graco meets and/or exceeds the NHTSA standard FMVss 213. If you don’t know what that is, it’s what governs the performance and some design criteria for restraint systems for children up to 80 pounds. Not only that, but this booster has 6 advanced impact-protection zones.

The unfortunate part of that is that it can’t be used in Australia or Taiwan, but it can be used in all other parts of the globe. So if you plan to travel to those places, pack a spare car seat. 


This is the perfect booster seat for traveling, hence why it owns the title of the world’s most portable booster. The multi-fold system, which we think is super cool, allows you to easily and quickly fold down to a compact size for storage or travel. You can transport it via the carrying strap and it’s not too heavy either. 


Comfort is always on our minds when we travel with our little ones. An unhappy child makes for a miserable car ride. This is why we are such huge fans of this booster seat. It has a four-layer design that provides your child with optimal comfort levels. Additionally, as your child grows, the booster grows too. You can adjust the seat, body, head width, and height to match your child’s many growth spurts. 


We did see that some parents weren’t happy with the cheap plastic backpiece. Some children found it to be uncomfortable as they could feel it on their backs. 

2.Graco TurboBooster  – Cheapest Booster

We love Graco products, we’ll admit it. They make some of the most affordable children’s products on the market.

graco turbobooster

This is why we chose the Gracy TurboBooster as our pick for the best cheap booster. It’s under $50, which is great for those who may be on a tight budget. Not only that, but it has many features that would be found on a more expensive booster. 

Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat, Glacier

The Graco TurboBooster Highback Booster Seat in Glacier is a top-of-the-line car seat designed for children weighing between 40 and 100 pounds. The seat features a high back design with a fully adjustable headrest and padded armrests for maximum comfort and support during long car rides.

The TurboBooster also comes equipped with a unique LATCH system, which keeps the seat securely in place while driving, and is easy to install and adjust as your child grows. This booster seat is FAA approved and has passed rigorous crash testing, ensuring that it provides the highest level of safety for your child. 

What We Liked:
  • Lightweight
  • Can be easily transported
  • Convenient dual hideaway cupholders
  • Accommodates a wide age range
  • Comfortable
  • Backless
  • Affordable
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Graco booster seats are known for their comfort. There is an extra layer of protection that raises your child up to the proper height they need to sit safely in your vehicle.

You can even remove the deluxe seat cushion to clean up any messes your child may make along the way. We’re very familiar with car seat mishaps that involve tossing something in the washing machine. This is why we really like the car seats that have removable cushions. 


The Gracy TurboBooster can accommodate a child from 40 to 100 pounds or 43 to 57 inches. This would work well for your 7-year-old. The seat has been rigorously crash tested to ensure that all U.S. Safety Standards have been met or exceeded. 

Ease of Use

As you could probably already tell, this booster is undeniably convenient. It’s lightweight, making it the ideal travel companion. You can easily switch it between vehicles without having to mess with straps or clips. Additionally, there are two hideaway cup holders that open and close. It’s like a little hidey-hole for your child’s snacks. 


Unfortunately, there is no latch system to keep the booster in place. We really don’t think that many boosters are going to come with a latch system since they are meant to be portable and convenient. 

Another issue is that some parents thought that the product was cheaply made. It may seem cheap, but remember, the product wouldn’t be on shelves if it weren’t tested to meet certain safety standards for use.  

3.Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Belt-Positioning Booster– Best Booster For Larger Children

If your 7-year-old is larger than other kids their age, then we’ve found a booster you may want. The Britax Highpoint grows with your child once they are able to sit in a booster. It easily converts from a belt-positioning highback to a backless booster to keep your child safer and more secure longer. 

Britax Highpoint 2-Stage Car Seat

They can use the high back mode between 44”-63” or 40-120 pounds and backless move from 46” to 63” or 48-120 pounds. Because of this high weight and height range, we labeled this as the best booster for larger children. 


Comfort may seem like an insignificant feature of booster seats since you aren’t the one sitting in them, but comfort could be the difference between a quiet road trip or needing a bottle of Tylenol. 

This booster features a cool flow ventilated mesh fabric and plush foam padding. When these two things are paired together, they make for a super-comfortable experience for your child.

The ventilated mesh fabric helps keep them cool and reduces the sweat that may build up on their backs. This is perfect for the warmer months. If your child is a car napper, you’ll love the nap-friendly padding. 

Additionally, you will find two padded armrests and built-in cup holders for all of their snacks and treats. The cup holders are dishwasher-safe as well. 

Britax Highpoint Backless Belt-Positioning Booster Seat, SafeWash Black Ombre

The Britax Highpoint Backless Belt-Positioning Booster Seat in SafeWash Black Ombre offers exceptional comfort and safety for children weighing between 40 and 120 pounds. It features a unique SafeWash fabric for easy cleaning, deep side walls, foam padding, and a 10-position adjustable headrest for maximum comfort. This booster seat has passed rigorous crash testing and has been rated "Best Bet" by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. With its sleek design and outstanding safety features, the Britax Highpoint Backless Belt-Positioning Booster Seat is the perfect choice for parents who want a safe and stylish car seat for their children.

What We Liked:
  • Built-in belt positioning
  • Cool flow ventilated foam for optimal comfort
  • Fits bigger children
  • Has ample side-impact protection
  • Dual cup holders
  • Armrests
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Safety is always our top priority as parents. This booster seat has many safety features that will have you clicking “buy now”. First, it has three layers of side impact protection for the head, neck, and torso. Additionally, you will find a SecureGuard clip that properly positions the vehicle’s seat belt. This ensures your child is wearing their seat belt properly at all times. 

A cool feature that we really like is the color-coded belt guides. These colorful markers show you where the seat belt should be placed. 


Convenience is a huge part of raising a child. The more convenience we have, the easier things seem to be. This car seat is no different. It has a 10-position quick-adjust headrest that creates the perfect fit for your child. All you have to do is press a button and the headrest lifts. 

Moreso, you will find that this booster has quick-push lower connectors to lock it in place. No awkward clips or latches. Simply push and click. 

You can also remove the cover for easy cleaning if there’s a spill or any other type of accident.

4.Chicco GoFit Backless Booster – Most Comfortable Backless Booster

If comfort is the main concern for you and your child, then we want to introduce you to the Chicco GoFit. This backless booster isn’t the same as the others.

Some booster seats have cheap, flimsy plastic with no padding while others are plush and comfortable. This booster falls into the plush and comfortable range. It’s actually one of the most comfortable backless boosters on the market. 

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat
  • BOOSTER CAR SEAT FOR 40 LBS AND UP – GoFit Plus is designed for children who are at least 4 years old, between 40-110 lbs. and 38-57 inches tall and who can sit relatively still in the same seated position throughout the car ride.
  • GRAB & GO CONVENIENCE — The GoFit Plus backless booster is equipped with LATCH to help stabilize the seat while the child gets in and out. An innovative quick-release design means one-hand removal with a simple pull of the release handle.
  • CONTOURED SEAT — The ErgoBoost contoured seat with double foam padding provides support in all the right places for big kid comfort. A built-in carry handle makes it easy to transfer the child booster seat from vehicle to vehicle.
What We Liked:
  • Dishwasher-safe cup holders and padding
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a shoulder belt clip
  • Integrated lap belt guides
  • Smooth bottom to ensure no damage is done to seats
  • Machine-washable padding
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We love this booster because it has an ErgoBoost contoured seat with double foam padding. Your child will feel like they’re floating on a cloud while they’re sitting on this seat. It gives them the proper support they need.

We’ve seen some pretty flimsy booster seats with no padding at all and from everything we’ve encountered, they were rated as some of the worst boosters out there. 

Not only is the bottom portion of the seat cushioned, but the armrests are cushioned as well. There are plenty of boosters out there that don’t put padding on their armrests and we can’t even imagine how uncomfortable that is for a 7-year-old. 


If your child is over 4-years-old, between 40-110 pounds, and between 38-57 inches, they are safe to use this booster. They can feel like a big kid when they buckle their own seat belts with the help of the shoulder belt clip for proper belt positioning. Not only that but there’s a nifty integrated lap belt guide for added assistance. 


When it comes to convenience, this booster is full of it. We really like that the underside of the booster is smooth. This helps protect your seats from damage. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen seats with imprints in them that just won’t go away after using a car seat or booster. 

Additionally, you can remove the seat pad from the booster and throw it in the washing machine for easy cleaning. You can also toss the cup holders in the dishwasher for optimal cleanliness. Let’s face it, those things can get quite nasty. 


There was only one thing we didn’t like about the booster. It doesn’t have seat latches. This leaves your child open to flopping over if you take a turn too sharp. 

5.Graco Affix Highback Booster – Most Affordable Convertible Booster

On a budget? Aren’t we all these days? If you need a budget booster seat, we want to recommend the Graco Affix Highback Booster. It’s one of the cheapest convertible boosters on the market. It grows with your child until they are ready to convert to a backless booster, a huge step for a kid. 

Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic

The Graco Affix Highback Booster Seat with Latch System, Atomic baby car seat is FAA approved and has a lifespan of up to ten years. It features an advanced LATCH system and highback booster design for extra safety, an adjustable headrest, multiple recline positions, and an easy-to-use harness system. With a safety rating of 4 out of 5 stars from NHTSA and passing rigorous crash tests, it has a rear-facing weight limit of 40 pounds and a forward-facing weight limit of 100 pounds. The car seat has had no recalls, is easy to clean, and can transition from a highback to backless booster.

What We Liked:
  • Comfortable
  • Hideaway storage compartment and cup holder
  • Latch system keeps your child secure
  • Can accommodate larger kids
  • Easy to install
  • Self-buckle system
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.


If your child is between 43-57 inches tall or between 40 and 100 pounds, they are safe to use this booster. When your child can no longer fit in the highback booster, you can simply remove the back and convert it to a backless booster. 

You can rest assured knowing your child is protected while using the booster. It contains EPS, energy-absorbing foam that offers superb impact energy management. The booster was specially designed to achieve the proper fit for your child, keeping them safe and secure while traveling. 

No matter which mode it’s in, the AFFIX system allows you to easily snap the latch system to the seats from the front. 


No matter how old your child is, they’re the happiest when they’re comfortable. We can’t tell you how impressed we are with the comfort of this booster. It has been designed with multiple layers to ensure your child is comfortable all of the time. The full-coverage back support gives even more comfort. 


One of the best features we found on this booster is the child self-buckle. Since the booster stays in place no matter what, your child can buckle themselves, which is a huge step towards independence. Big kids are always wanting to do things on their own!

You will also find a cup holder and a secret compartment for your child to hide all of their secret treasures. 


It has come to our attention that this booster may not work with bucket seats, which isn’t unusual. Bucket seats are very hard to work with in terms of car seats. Additionally, it seems like the headrest doesn’t lock into place and may slide down. 

Should A 7-Year-Old Be In A Highback Or Backless Booster?

A common question that is asked a lot is if a 7-year-old should be in a highback or backless booster seat. There are a couple of determinations that must be made before choosing which type of booster your child should be in, but it mostly goes based on how tall your child is.

If your child meets the height requirement, they can safely sit in a backless booster. However, if they are on the smaller side, they should sit in a highback booster for added protection.

Highback Booster

A highback booster gives your child an extra level of protection. Highback boosters have side bolsters that absorb the shock around the head, neck, and sides. The bolsters also contain seat bel guides that allow for correct belt positioning. You may also be able to use the latch system with a highback booster. 

Highback boosters that have side-impact protection significantly reduce the risk of whiplash and other injuries if in an accident. This is a better choice for smaller children who may need belt-positioning assistance and added head support. 

Backless Booster

A backless booster is the most traditional type of booster seat. It’s essentially just a cushion that raises the child off of the seat to give them a better belt position. You may also be able to use some backless boosters with the latch system to keep it securely in place. 

If you plan to use a backless booster, your child’s ears should line up with the top of the vehicle’s seat back to protect their upper extremities from injury. Additionally, you should only use a backless booster in a car with headrests. 


A booster seat is a final step for your child before they are ready to sit unassisted in the car. As you can see, there are many options for booster seats for 7-year-olds. The Mifold was our favorite booster because it could be folded when not in use for easy storage and it grows with your child. However, if you’re on a budget, we suggest the Chicco GoFit backless booster because it’s just under $50 and can accommodate a wide range of sizes. 

If you are unsure of whether your child needs a booster seat, check their height and weight. They must meet one or more of the requirements to use a booster. Most 7-year-olds will meet the requirements, so if they are developmentally ready, consider starting with a highback booster. These are generally best for sleeping support and the sides serve as a reminder to them that they should remain in the proper seating position. 

Some parents will question whether their child needs to sit in a booster, especially if they are tall for their age. Remember, seat belts are designed for adult bodies and most children aren’t safe enough to legally sit without a booster until they are between 10-12 years old. 


Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

Keren Simanova

Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren