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3 Best Car Seat Cushion For Short Drivers [Comfort vs. Ease of Use]

Being short isn’t easy when it comes to driving. 

Most cars are designed for average height drivers, and only comfortably accommodate height ranges within a few inches of average. That means short drivers have difficulty seeing over the steering wheel, which is clearly a safety concern. Short people also deal with more glare from the sun since it isn’t easily blocked by the sun visor. Combined, that’s a dangerous combination.

That’s why many shorter people throughout the world rely on car seat cushions to give them that little boost they need in the driver’s seat. However, there’s more to a cushion than just a couple of inches of lifting power, which is why we’ve reviewed them all and filtered out the best car seat cushions for a short driver’s needs.

OUR TOP PICK: If you’re in a hurry and want to know our #1 pick for the best car seat cushion for short drivers, it’s Vivalife’s Gel Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion.  

Why Vivalife? 

  • a gel top layer, plus memory foam, provides strength and support where it counts most
  • lightweight, with a convenient handle making it easy to carry between locations
  • it’s built to last, and received our top rating for durability
  • budget-friendly and lightweight

Read on to learn more about our top pick, along with other top car seat cushion options.

Best Car Seat Cushions For Short Drivers 

CategoriesVivalife’s Gel MFFortem Seat Cushion CYLEN Home-MF 
Support & Ergonomics4.2/55/54.3/5
Ease of Cleaning3.8/54/54.1/5

1.Vivalife’s Gel Memory Foam Car Seat Cushion

This seat cushion is 2 1/2″ and one of the best models we found in all of our criteria and more. In addition to our criteria, it has a handle to allow it to be easily transported into another car or carried into the office for other chairs.

When you want to use it in a car, it is easily strapped in place with a simple buckle and held still by its nonslip coating.


It is composed of a gel top layer for strength and support where it counts most, followed by memory foam and a nonslip coating on the bottom. The gel top allows it to disperse heat as well as provide firm support.

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The memory foam layer allows it to disperse weight effectively without developing any hard spots. The bottom layer is a rubberized nonslip coating.

Support & Ergonomics

The rear of the cushion is elevated to compensate for the curvature on car seats. This seat cushion also features a cutout for your tailbone to relieve pressure on your coccyx and sacrum.  The advanced support and ergonomic features on this seat cushion are an excellent choice for those with spinal issues.


Memory foam may not be too durable, but the gel layer on top will allow it to retain good strength. The whole cushion is covered by a protective cover. Though it may not be the most durable cushion we cover, it certainly is pretty good.

Ease of Cleaning

This seat cushion’s padding is not machine washable, but it does have a removable cover that is washable. This should be enough for everyday cleaning, but the high-density memory foam can be vacuumed and wiped down if more is needed.


The price of this seat cushion is very good for the features. This compares quite favorably to other seat cushions.

2.Fortem Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support 

This is an excellent seat cushion for short drivers that gives drivers a 3-inch boost. It meets all of our criteria. The back cushion helps make this seat cushion really comfortable.

Seat cushions that boost a driver’s height often put the driver in an awkward position in the seat. This position can cause back pain due to a lack of proper support for the back. The lumbar support cushion on the Fortem Seat Cushion provides the missing back support, making for a comfortable ride.


The Fortem Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support is made from 100% memory foam. The memory foam not only adapts to the shape of your body but helps distribute your weight as well. It also has a ventilated mesh cover and a nonslip rubber bottom. This rubber bottom, along with the adjustable straps, helps keep the seat secure.

Support & Ergonomics

The seat cushion helps relieve pressure on your coccyx, while the lumbar support cushion helps support your lower back. Together, these cushions make driving a lot more comfortable. This is essential for shorter drivers that spend extended periods of time driving.


The memory foam is durable and holds its shape well. The cover is made from a polyester-style material and also holds up well.

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Ease of Cleaning

The seat cover is machine washable, making it easy to keep this seat cushion clean. Also, if necessary, the rest of the seat can be wiped off.


This cushion’s price is a little higher than average. However, you are getting two cushions for this price, due to the lumbar support cushion. This makes it a reasonably good deal.

3.CYLEN Home Memory Foam Bamboo Charcoal Infused Ventilated Orthopedic Seat Cushion

This seat cushion will raise you 3” and is made of memory foam infused with bamboo charcoal. This is both to help with heat distribution and scent. Often, a new car starts with a chemical odor that can be unhealthy to inhale, and a car seat can restrict some of the ventilation your car needs.

However, this seat is designed to allow maximum ventilation and prevent a nasty buildup of body odor. This is its premiere feature, but let’s consider how it fits our criteria.


Like we said before, the seat is made out of bamboo charcoal-infused memory foam. This allows it to distribute weight effectively for a very comfortable seat. Unlike many memory foam cushions, it is pretty firm at first, but this helps it remain strong. It will keep giving you elavated for years of use.

The cover has a mesh top that improves airflow so that it will release heat effectively. The bamboo charcoal helps with this and effectively absorbs and conducts heat away from your body for release.

Support & Ergonomics

The seat is firm, but it does an excellent job of distributing weight for comfort. Most people find after using it a while, it is much softer than it initially seemed.

That said, the ergonomics are pretty good as well. Like the other options on our three best, it has a cutout for the tailbone to provide pressure relief. You will find long car rides are much more comfortable.


This seat’s firmness gives it much more resistance to sag and breaking than most memory foam cushions. This seat will continue to provide support for years of use.

Ease of Cleaning

Like the others on this list, the cushion is not machine washable, but the cover is. The cushion itself is good at preventing odor buildup and can be wiped off.


The Cylen cushion is a very affordable option, especially one that provides much more than just a pillow to sit on.

What Makes a Seat Cushion Good for Short Drivers?

We considered several criteria when we were looking for the best seat cushion to help you drive. These include materials, support & ergonomics, durability, ease of cleaning, and, most importantly, determining the best one for short drivers dimensions. Let’s talk about what each of these criteria means and why they are important.

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A seat is not really good for short drivers if it is not capable of raising the user’s height. Therefore, we will consider the thickness of the car seat cushion.


Materials come in many varieties, including memory foam, gel memory foam, polyester fill, cotton fill, and polyurethane. Whatever the cushion is made from, it needs to be capable of supporting your weight comfortably with enough give to be soft. It will need to spring back without sagging over time and disperse heat so as not to get too hot on long drives.

The material your cushion is made from will be a significant amount of what determines the other criteria we judge it on. However, this will also be determined by how well the material is used, so it is not the only criteria we judge on though important.

Support & Ergonomics

If you are looking for a seat cushion to support your height, you need a cushion with the strength to support you. This requires it to be strong enough, but it also needs to be soft enough, at least where it counts.

Since you will be sitting on this for a while, you need something that will be ergonomic. A poor seating position can cause back and neck pain and many cushions can make it worse than your original car seat.

So, we judge our choices on what will give you the most comfortable boost in support and the best ergonomics.


An amazingly comfortable seat cushion is pretty useless if it doesn’t last. So, any decision has to include durability as a factor.

You will be putting the seat cushion through a lot of abuse, sliding in and out of the car, as well as bouncing on rough roads. So, this has got to be a pretty tough cushion. Therefore, we will be judging cushions on their durability as well.

Ease of Cleaning

It can get messy on the road. Things spill, crumbs fall, and if kids are in the car, it will only get worse. Regardless, even if you keep things neat, you will eventually want to give your cushion a thorough cleaning.

Unfortunately, a lot of cushions aren’t machine washable and are similarly hard to wipe off. This can make cleaning difficult, so we will consider how easy the cushions we recommend are to clean.


This is self-explanatory, but the price is a consideration when choosing the best seat cushion. Some options can cost nearly $200, so we will definitely consider the best price features.

Our Final Verdict

If you have problems with visibility while driving, you need to act quickly to stay safe. For most of us, replacing a car is simply not an option. However, getting a cushion to raise your height is easy and solves this problem fast. Any one of these cushions will increase your height comfortably and prove a great bargain.

Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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