Britax Midpoint Review – Best Booster Car Seat?

As any parent you want to choose the safest car seat for your child and for years everyone assumed a backless booster seat was just as good any other. However, in recent years high backed boosters like the Britax Midpoint have been shown to provide far greater protection than backless models.

The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat is a high backed booster. This type of car seat is intended for children who have outgrown standard car seats but aren’t big enough for car seatbelts to fit well. This high back booster seat has some of the best side impact protection available. 

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The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat comes in black and gray. It has a headrest and large sidewalls. It also has a seatbelt positioner where the five-point harness normally is on a car safety seat.


Here is the weight and size of the seat. Also, the headrest is adjustable to help you keep it at the most comfortable level as your child grows.

Product Weight: 12 lbs.

 Minimum: 27.5″ H x 20.5″ W 16″ D

Maximum: 35″ H x 20.5″ W 16″ D


The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat is designed for older children who have outgrown their safety seats and need a booster. As such, it has a high minimum weight capacity but an even higher maximum. Your child will enjoy the Britax Midpoint for a long time to come.

Here is the Midpoint’s capacity.

Childs Weight: 40-120 lbs.

Height of Child: 38 – 63″

Britax Midpoint Top Features 

The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat has a wide selection of features. These include the SecureGuard-Belt-Positioning Clip and quick adjust head rest. Lets talk about these and some of the other features this seat has.

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Head Restraint  

The 10-position head restraint helps protect a child’s head in a crash. You can also adjust the headrest position so your child can safely use the booster seat longer than many other booster seats. This will keep your child safer longer.

One of the most important safety features of this car seat is the use of EPP foam to line the head restraint. The foam absorbs energy, so it helps keep your child safe in the event of a crash. This feature gives the seat a significant safety advantage in any side-impact crashes over backless booster seats.

SecureGuard-Belt-Positioning Clip

This clip makes it easy to correctly position the seat belt to ensure your child is as safe as possible in the event of a crash. This also helps prevent injuries due to an improperly positioned seat belt.

Cup Holders

There are two removable dishwasher safe cup holders attached to this booster seat. I find these great, especially for long car trips. I can put a drink in one and a snack in the other and keep my daughter happier while I drive.


The armrests are also a nice feature. I know I appreciate having armrests: it’s just more comfortable. I’m guessing most children feel more comfortable with them as well.


Another feature that helps make this seat comfortable is the moisture-wicking fabric. The fabric the seat cover is made from is breathable and designed to ensure your child is cool and dry.


The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat has many advantages. Besides being a high back booster seat, making it safer than a backless booster seat, it has other added safety features as well. Lets look at these and some other advantages this seat has.

Easy Cleaning

I wouldn’t really want a seat without a cover I could remove and wash, preferably machine wash. It’s just too hard to keep the seat clean if I can’t remove the seat cover. Plus with machine washing, you can use more powerful detergents to remove stains than you could with handwashing alone.

Greater Safety

The 10-position head restraint also allows your child to stay in this booster seat longer than a backless booster model if your car lacks headrests for the backseat. This will keep your child safer since high-backed booster seats are safer than a seatbelt alone. The deep side walls, adjustable head restraint, and EPP foam will help protect children, even in side crashes.

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The cup holders and armrests are also nice conveniences that make car trips more pleasant for kids and their parents. Finally, the thin profile of this seat means you can fit three of these seats across without a problem.


There are not many disadvantages to this booster seat. You should always keep your child in a typical child safety seat as long as possible, but this seat will provide greater safety than most booster seats.

The lack of color choices is a disadvantage, although a minor one. The seat comes in only one color combination, black and gray. Another disadvantage of this seat is the lack of an upper latch to fasten the seat. This allows the top to wobble a bit.

Price Comparison


This seat is covered by a one-year limited warranty. Proof of purchase is required to activate the warranty. You need to fill out and send in the registration within thirty days of purchase.


The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat installs with ISOFLEX LATCH connectors, so it is easy and installs like the typical child safety seat I am used to, and you probably are too. There is one difference, though; there is no upper latch on this seat.

One handy feature this seat has is a side pull for tightening with a push-button to release. This makes removing and adjusting the seat very easy.


I chose the Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat because it is designed with safety in mind, and it is a high back booster seat. High back boosters are much better for safety than backless models.

The Britax Midpoint is designed with padded sides using EPP foam. This will absorb energy to cushion a child in an impact; the adjustable headrest will also support the neck and head during an accident.

Besides meeting NHTSA standards, this seat will position the belt in the best location with its “SecureGuard Belt-Positioning Clip.” This clip attaches to the belt to keep the belt from moving out of position rather than depending on the boost from the seat alone.



When I set this seat up for my daughter, the outer shell felt like solid plastic. However, more importantly, the entire interior is filled with what Britax claims makes this seat so good for wrecks, EPP foam.

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This foam feels durable and solid, with some give to it. The seat feels very sturdy and is estimated to last for 10 years, so you may be able to use it for any younger siblings as well.

Why Get A High Backed Booster Seat?

Children belong in a standard car seat as long as possible. It is really the safest place for a child to be in a car. However, eventually, they outgrow these seats, and it’s time for a booster seat.

When the time comes for a booster seat, I really prefer a high backed booster seat. This type of booster seat has been proven to do a better job of protecting a child than a backless booster seat. The Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat is an excellent example of a high backed booster seat.

There are many good booster seats on the market. But this seat does a great job keeping your child safe, and it includes several additional features. These features provide comfort for your child and convenience for you. 

High back booster seats adjust the position of car seat belts to fit right and keep the child safe. High backed boosters not only position the seatbelt, but they also help protect your child’s head and allow your child to sleep more comfortably in the car.

Alternative Product

The Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster Car Seat is another excellent model. I think the Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat is slightly better with features like its moisture wicking fabric, but the Evenflo Big Kid High Back Booster Car Seat is still a good alternative.

Before you decide which Booster Seat is better, consider the features of each booster seat. Then, see which seat best fits your needs. The primary features of both seats are listed in the chart below.

Categories Britax Midpoint Evenflo Big Kid
Convertible No Yes: High back Booster, Backless Booster
Weight Capacity 40-120 lbs., 38-63 Inches High Back: 40-110 lbs., 40-57 Inches

Backless: 40-110 lbs., 40-57 Inches

Safety Features Side Impact Protection, Seat Belt Adjuster Side Impact Protection, Seat Belt Adjuster
Estimated Lifespan 10 Years 6 Years
Warranty 1 Year 90 Days
Features 2 Cupholders, armrests, Moisture Wicking Cover 2 Cupholders, armrests


Now that we have discussed all of details lets give the Britax Midpoint some ratings.

  • Ease-of-Use: 5/5
  • Features: 4/5
  • Safety: 5/5
  • Value for Money: 4/5


I think the Britax Midpoint Booster Car Seat is an excellent booster seat. I feel safe driving with my daughter in this seat. Also, your children can still sleep as comfortably in this seat as they did in their standard car seat.

Your children should be happy with this booster seat. It’s comfortable, and when you want they can have juice and a snack readily available. Also, you can use it with any younger siblings as well when the time comes.

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