Travel systems make traveling with your child easy and convenient. I got my hands on the Britax B Agile travel system and tested how well it performed. 

At first glance, I noticed how heavy the car seat was. I am almost certain it’s due to the steel frame. However, this frame provides optimal support to your child in the event of an accident.

WIth that aside, the installation was easy using the SafeCenter LATCH system. The LATCH tethers can be tightened individually and locked with the built-in lock-off mechanism. The car seat can be easily removed from the base and placed on the stroller securely. 

The stroller was easy to fold and unfold. It was also pretty lightweight. The canopy extends far enough over the stroller and kept my child out of the sun. There’s a peek-a-boo window that allowed me to discreetly check in on my child too. Additionally, there’s a large storage basket that let me keep my diaper bag securely inside. 

My only complaint, other than the heavy infant carrier, is that the stroller doesn’t have a parent tray or cup holder. 

Aside from the lack of a parent tray and cup holder, I would recommend this travel system. It’s not too overpriced and it’s easy to use.

Price Comparison

Britax B Agile & B Safe 35 Travel System

The Britax B Agile stroller is perhaps one of their most popular models. It is combined with the B Safe 35 car seat as part of the Britax B Agile Travel System.  The B Agile 3 stroller lives up to its name with supreme maneuverability.

3 Wheel Design 

The three-wheel design makes it easy to push and steer with only one hand. Additionally, it is just as effortless to collapse and store. It has a fast one-hand fold function and is exceptionally lightweight. 

Comfort is also part of the B Agile 3’s design. It has a large extendable canopy, a child’s tray, two storage options, and multiple recline positions. Thanks to the click-and-go compatibility, the stroller easily accommodates the B Safe 35 car seat

Steel Frame Provides Superior Protection 

B Safe 35 provides superior protection for your baby.  The steel frame and foam-padded shell offer great side-impact protection.  The depth of the car seat helps to minimize any movement from side to side.

The car seat also includes a removable infant insert and a canopy of its own. 

Easy Installation 

Installation is simple and quick, with the B Safe 35 intuitive car seat base. A few of its awesome features are auto-level indicators, spring-assisted recline, and SafeCenter LATCH.  The SafeCenter LATCH helps to ensure a secure install by allowing the LATCH tethers to be tightened individually and locked with the base’s built-in lock-off mechanism.  

The car seat attaches to the stroller in the rear-facing position so you may view your baby as you stroll.  When the car seat is no longer necessary, place your child in the five-point harness of the stroller, and you are ready to go.   

To Recap

  • The travel system contains the B Safe 35 Car Seat and base as well as the B Agile 3 stroller
  • The car seat and stroller seamlessly attach using click-and-go adapters
  • The car seat and base provide superior protection 
  • The stroller is easy to maneuver and includes many great features

Who Can Use Britax B Safe Travel System?

Britax B safe Can accommodate children weighing 4-35 pounds and measuring 32 inches or less. The stroller component can be used for babies up to 55 pounds 

Unique Features

Britax B-Agile

Car Seat

  • Built-in lock-offs in base
  • Energy-absorbing foam in the car seat
  • The car seat is FAA approved


  • Canopy offers UV 50+ protection
  • Canopy has a mesh peek-a-boo window
  • Child tray
  • Large storage basket underneath and hanging storage pouch
  • Single action brakes

Britax B-Safe Specifications

Car Seat

  • Seat weight: 10lbs
  • Seat height: 25”
  • Seat depth: 26.5”
  • Listed seat width: 17.75” 


  • Depth: 38.25”  
  • Width: 22.75”
  • Height: 40.5”
  • Weight: 18lbs 

What We Like 

  • Easy to transition from the car to the stroller without removing your little one from the car seat
  • The canopies of the car seat and stroller when used together provide nearly full coverage
  • The steel frame and foam combination in the car seat shell provide superior protection
  • The stroller is extremely agile 

What We Don’t Like

  • The steel frame makes the car seat a little heavy
  • The car seat is only rear-facing
  • The stroller does not have a parent tray or cup holder

Britax B Lively and B Safe 35 Travel System

Britax B Lively

Another Britax travel system is the B Lively stroller and B Safe 35 car seat combo.  We won’t go over the B Safe 35 again, as we just discussed it above, but we will talk about the B Lively. The B Lively stroller is very similar to the B Agile. In 2018 Britax announced that the B Lively would be replacing the B Agile (not the B Agile 3, however).

This stroller features Britax’s standard three-wheel design for effective maneuverability. It turns quite easily and can be steered single-handedly. The stroller can accommodate children from birth to 55 pounds.

It features click-and-go to connect easily with the included Britax 35 car seat. As a toddler stroller, the overall length, canopy height, and footrest provide plenty of room for growing children. A five-point harness will keep your child secure while you stroll. The seat can fully recline to keep your little one comfortable.

User-Friendly Features

The large canopy features UV 50+ sun protection and mesh for ventilation. Attached to the handlebar is a zippered storage pocket. There is also a large storage basket down below. The one-hand easy fold means that you can quickly fold down your stroller for transport or storage.

The B Lively provides all of the same features as the B Agile aside from a little bigger basket and a weight difference. The B Lively travel system can be purchased with the B Safe Ultra infant car seat instead of the B Safe 35. The B Safe Ultra has a few unique features, including a mesh ventilated canopy and a breathable shell for cooling comfort. 

To Recap

  • This travel system includes the B Safe 35 car seat and base, as well as the B Lively stroller
  • The stroller has all of the same great features as the B Agile, plus a little larger storage basket
  • The B Lively stroller is two pounds heavier than the B Agile

Recommended Use

Stroller: For use by children from birth to 55 pounds in weight. 

Unique Features


  • UV 50+ ventilated canopy
  • Full recline
  • Single action brakes
  • When used in conjunction with car seat canopy full coverage is provided



  • Length: 33”
  • Width: 23”
  • Height: 40” 
  • Weight: 20lbs 


  • Zippered hanging storage pocket
  • Infinite recline for sleeping children
  • Plenty of room for taller children


  • No child tray or parent tray
  • Considered lightweight but is a bit on the heavy side

Britax B Agile Vs. Britax B Free Travel System

A final honorable mention in travel systems is the B Free. This system includes the B Safe 35 Ultra infant carrier. The B Safe 35 car seat includes all of the wonderful features mentioned above. The B Free stroller is very similar to the other two, but with a few excellent upgrades.

The familiar three-wheel design is still present, but the wheels are replaced with heavy-duty, all-terrain rubber tires. The child seat reclines to a nearly flat position, which is especially useful for napping. Parents will appreciate the adjustable handlebar. Finally, this stroller accommodates children weighing up to 65 pounds, unlike the 55 pound limit of the B Lively and the B Agile.

Unique Features


  • Full recline is useful for napping
  • Heavy duty build including rubber tires
  • 65-pound weight limit

Graco Modes Travel System

The Modes is perhaps one of Graco’s most beloved travel systems. It is very comparable to the Britax travel system with the addition of a few notable features. Both travel system strollers and car seats feature easy connect technology.

The Britax travel system scores higher for safety than the Graco. The Graco Modes rates better in terms of features and comfort.  


  • Both have included adapters to connect the car seat to the base
  • Easy folding
  • Canopy
  • Lower storage basket
  • Both car seats accommodate up to 35lbs


  • Britax stroller has better maneuverability
  • Modes stroller is three strollers in one with 10 different positions 
  • Modes stroller includes an adjustable footrest, child tray with cup holder, and parents tray with dual cup holders 
  • The Britax stroller weight limit is 55lbs while the Modes stroller limit is 50lbs
  • The Britax system is more expensive

Graco Aire3 Travel System

The Aire3 travel system is another one of Graco’s popular travel systems, but less well known. The Aire3 and Britax feature a similar three-wheel design for increased maneuverability. Both strollers are lightweight and easy to fold so that they can be easily stored.

Graco Aire3In addition, each travel systems’ stroller and the car seat is equipped with click connect. The Aire3 stroller has a few additional features that are not found with the Britax, such as a parent tray and a locking front wheel.    


  • Both have included adapters to connect the car seat to the base
  • Easy folding
  • Canopy
  • Lower storage basket
  • Both have three-wheel design for maneuverability


  • Aire3 stroller has a removable child seat bar with a cup holder
  • The Aire3 stroller child seat reclines flat to become an infant carriage
  • The Aire3 stroller harness can convert from five-point to three-point
  • The Aire3 stroller includes a parent tray with dual cup holders
  • The front wheel of the Aire3 swivels but can be locked into position
  • The Britax stroller weight limit is 55lbs while the Aire3 stroller limit is 50lbs
  • The Britax system is more expensive
  • The Britax stroller is lighter

Chicco Bravo Trio 

The Chicco Bravo Trio is another similar travel system to the Britax systems. Of course, both have connect adapters on their car seats and strollers. They share many features, including quick fold, optional recline, a canopy, and a storage basket.

However, the Chicco Bravo is heavier than both the B Agile and B Lively when not converted to a frame stroller. Additionally, it has a two-step brake system, a four-wheel design, and an adjustable handle. Overall, their features are very similar, but the design and weight limits differ.  


  • Lower storage basket
  • Both have included adapters to connect the car seat to the base
  • Easy fold
  • Canopy
  • Optional seat recline


  • The Britax is more expensive
  • The Chicco has a four-wheel design
  • The Chicco does not have linked brakes but two separate brake pedals
  • The Chicco has an adjustable handle for varying parent heights
  • The Chicco has a parents tray
  • The Britax has a handle storage pouch
  • The Chicco converts to a frame stroller when used with the infant car seat
  • The Chicco car seat ( a Keyfit 30) only accommodates infants up to 30lbs and the stroller up to 50lbs

Uppababy Travel System

Uppababy Vista Travel SystemFinally, we compare Britax and the Uppababy Vista travel system with MESA infant car seat. The Vista has a great many features, but they come at a much higher price. Both have lower basket storage, a canopy, and one-handed folds.

However, the Vista is more versatile and can accommodate a bassinet as well as a rumble seat or ride-along board in addition to the included child seat and car seat. As a luxury stroller, the Uppababy Vista is in a league of its own. 


  • Both have connective adapters
  • Both car seats accommodate infants up to 35lbs
  • Each stroller child seat features recline options
  • Both strollers include a canopy (with UV 50+) and lower storage basket


  • Vista stroller can child seat can be rear-facing or forward-facing
  • Vista stroller can connect to an infant bassinet, car seat, piggyback ride-along board, or second seat (rumble seat) 
  • Stroller child seat only accommodates up to 50lbs
  • The Uppababy stroller has a four-wheel design
  • Vista stroller is compatible with Chicco, Maxi Cosa, Nuna, and Cybex car seats
  • The Vista is significantly more expensive and considered a luxury stroller 
  • Vista stroller offers a telescoping handlebar

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Both the Britax B Lively stroller and the B Agile 3 are only compatible with Britax manufactured car seats. No adapters are available. However, as click-and-go comes standard with all Britax car seat models, both strollers can connect to any Britax car seat. 

On the contrary, the Britax B Safe 35 car seat is compatible with other models of strollers, such as the Contours double stroller, if a third party adapter is purchased. 

Honest Customer Reviews

Britax car seats always score high marks for safety. They are narrow in design, which is appreciated by parents, but they are a little deep. This means they may not easily fit into compact vehicles. The steel frame provides superior protection but results in a heavy car seat.

Easy To Steer & Use 

The B Agile 3 and B Lively strollers are exceptionally easy to steer. They effortlessly attach to Britax car seats and can accommodate larger children with the 5-point harness.

There is ample storage but no parent tray or cupholder. Parents looking for a variety of stroller features, such as a multi-position toddler seat, might be happier with other brands.  

Parent Likes

  • Parents liked the maneuverability of both the B Agile and the B Lively
  • The excellent safety and crash protection of the B Safe 35 is highly acclaimed
  • The solid construction of the tires means you will never get a flat 

Parent Dislikes

  • Both strollers are only compatible with Britax car seats
  • The Britax B Safe 35 is only rear-facing
  • The B Lively stroller is a bit heavy
  • Neither stroller features a parent tray or cupholder 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best travel system for babies?

The best travel system depends on your needs and wants. Parents who want great function and maneuverability, combined with excellent safety may prefer Britax. Those looking for a multitude of features paired with good protection may prefer another brand, such as Graco. 

Is Britax better than Graco?

Both brands have great reputations. Additionally, both of their products have advantages and disadvantages. While Britax typically receives higher safety ratings, Graco usually comes out on top for features and comfort.  Read our Britax vs Graco guide. 

What is a Britax?

Britax is a manufacturer of child products based in the UK. They also own and manufacture BOB baby gear products. They are known for the safety of their products. 

Is Britax made in the USA?

In 1996 Britax launched in the United States. Currently, Britax products are manufactured in the US though they use both US and international components.

One of the Safest and Popular Travel Systems

Britax is renowned for its safety. Whether you purchase the B Safe 35 or the B Safe Ultra, your little one will receive great protection. This is a result of the car seat’s impact-absorbing base, steel frame, energy-absorbing foam, and extended depth to minimize movement. 

Either car seat smoothly and securely attaches to the Britax B Agile 3 or B Lively strollers as a result of the click-and-go adapters. These strollers are easy to steer, comfortable for infants and toddlers alike, and have a few great features. If you already bought this travel system and want to know how to use the Britax B Agile, check our other guide.  


Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren

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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren