Bob Revolution Pro Review – Best All Terrains Stroller

The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller may be the top jogging stroller that has many unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. In this post, we will review the best features, pricing, safety ratings and much more.

When in the market for a new stroller, choosing the best stroller. The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller is the best bet. Whether walking, jogging, traveling, or hiking, this stroller has all you are looking for.

The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller handles all terrains with ease, collapses and rises easily, and it is meant to move as you move. With the ease of use and comfort for baby, you can confidently carry this stroller with you from the birth of the baby until outgrown!

Price Comparison


The Bob stroller weighs 30 pounds, has a padded seat that can also recline, a UV protective sunshade, hand brakes, and a foot locking system for the wheels.  For the user, there is a large storage pouch and pockets to hold your necessary items. Triangular system design allows for ease of movement, and quick turns that a traditional square system does not.


Unique Features

The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller has many unique features, allowing this brand of a stroller to really stand out among the competition.  Many families looking for a basic stroller or for a stroller with all-terrain capabilities find this stroller to be the best purchase option. 

Having a stroller with all-in-one options and high ease of use allows families to go anywhere with baby! The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller is always ready to be used and enjoyed, whether using at the mall, having a hike in the mountains or on vacation with mixed terrain.

This stroller features

  • All-terrain capabilities
  • Hand activated brakes
  • Adults pushing control the downhill speed
  • Front wheels that lock
  • Adjustable handlebars to acclimate all heights
  • Ease of turning
  • Strong suspension
  • Padded handlebars for comfort
  • Two-step folding and raising of the stroller
  • Can use the bob infant car seat adapter and the Bob Bsafe 35 infant car seat with this stroller
  • Can use any major brand of a car seat with the stroller
  • Air-filled tires-not plastic
  • A child may sit upright in the stroller or recline
  • One-hand recline adjustment for ease of use by adult
  • Five-point harness for child
  • Padded seat
  • Ventilation throughout to keep baby comfortable in all temperatures
  • Cargo basket
  • Pockets! 
  • A canopy with sunblock of 50+
  • Foot activated wheel locks

Much talk has been made of the ease of use this stroller allows. The easiest of uses is the rise and collapse of the stroller. But how does one fold the Bob stroller? 

According to the Bob stroller web page

  1. Remove the baby and items you had stored in the cargo baskets and pouches.
  2. Place your hand on the sides of the handlebars and squeeze them on the red tabs and towards the middle.
  3. Lift the hand bars up and then forward.
  4. A red handle will appear from the rear; pull it backward. The stroller will collapse to a compact size
  5. Use the wrist wrap found on the handlebars to tie up the stroller for storage. After making it go round to make a firm wrap, fix the velcro, so it doesn’t come undone. Your BOB stroller is now ready to be stored or transported in the trunk of your car.


The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller creates the strongest, most durable stroller with the best product.  Those at Bob’s take pride in providing families with the most reliable stroller on the market. With confidence and pride in mind, the Bob Revolution Pro Stroller comes with a warranty against material defects and poor workmanship.

The warranty through this stroller does not cover damage done through aggressive usage or any personal alterations.

The frame of the Bob Revolution Pro Stroller is under warranty for five years.  The fabric and accessories of the stroller are under warranty for one year. The warranty only covers issues under normal usage, issues for the original user, and for those who have proof of purchase. Proof of purchase is required to exercise this warranty.

Claiming a Warranty

In the event you are a party to a stroller with a faulty frame or accessory, you may file a warranty claim through an authorized dealer of Bob strollers. You may also file a warranty claim through Britax Customer Service.

Claims of warranty made through these avenues are only allowable for repair or replacing the defective Bob stroller. 

Warranty claims do not allow for cash claims, refunds, special claims, or upgrades to the equipment. Claims are only fulfilled when due fault can be shown on the original construction of the frame and accessories.  Claims cannot be filed for a warranty when the user altered the equipment in any way.

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Honest Customer Reviews

Based on user reviews, the pros and cons of the Bob Revolution Pro Stroller are exceedingly favorable!  Users find the stroller to be easy to use without putting themselves or their baby at risk. Ease of use is the most highly regarded benefit of this stroller, and the stroller can raise and collapse with one touch. 

Having the ability to navigate the stroller while carrying a baby or a toddler allows this stroller to be of use without being a danger.

Also, based on user reviews and company feedback are the highly regarded unique features of the stroller. Many families find the ease of steering and the ability to handle all-terrain to be positive aspects of the stroller. 

Not all families rely on the stroller for hiking.

Families need the stroller to be able to handle neighborhood streets, the park, the grocery store, and have the ability to be placed back in the car easily after a long day! Pockets and storage throughout the stroller all for quick grab-and-go items. 

The stroller is loved for its ability to carry all things and free the hands, hips, shoulders, and backs of parents. Based on negative user reviews for the Bob Revolution Pro Stroller, users find the stroller expensive for daily use. 

Quality High-End Stroller

The stroller is $499, making the price point high for many families. The price point is high for those who will use the stroller sparingly, who may have only one child, and for those who do not plan on expanding their family.

Other negative reviews were in regard to the front tire coming loose and possibly falling off.  The tire being disengaged and then having the frame crash into the ground can be an unsettling risk for many. This issue has not occurred often and is very rare, but the risk of injury, if enough to turn off many users, according to the reviews.

What We Like 

  • Safe and Durable
  • The Ease of Steering and the Ability to Handle All-Terrain
  • Can be Raised and Collapsed with One-Touch
  • Ease of Use while Carrying Baby/Toddler
  • Multiple Storage Compartments

What We Don’t Like 

  • Expensive
  • Rare Issues of Front Tire Getting Loose

High-End Stroller

Compared to other travel systems, such as Graco, Chicco, and Nuna, this stroller offers a combination of the best features but for a fair price. The Graco and Chicco systems cost less and are great for the budget-conscious. The Nuna brand is high end and more costly than the Bob label.

The Bob Revolution Pro Stroller is one that provides the best quality for the price.  Your family receives a high-end stroller for a mid-range price, as well as the features that make the Bob stroller unique.

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