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Are you tired of being hot and uncomfortable in your car seat? Wondering if an air conditioned, cooling car seat cover even exists?

If so, you’re in luck! This CarSeatsMom.com guide shares the best cooling car seat covers, pads, and cushions, thoroughly reviewed so your back-side can ride in style.

Over the past few weeks, I had the chance to check out some good (and terrible) options in the thick of some hot, muggy summer weather. Was there a cooling seat cover that was up for the challenge?

In the end, I was happy to find a range of high-quality, well ventilated, and most importantly, COOL options for a car or truck that I think you’ll like.


5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 15 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 2

Strong performance in intense heat
Intake fan distributes cool air like a charm
Easy 12V plug-in (with adapter options)

5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 35 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 4

3 fans for well distributed air flow
Easy to access button for cooling controls
Leather trim for a higher-end look and feel

5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 55 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 6

Thousands of wood beads don’t conduct heat
Larger size than other beaded options, fits any size car seat
Comes with an anti-slip mat for easy grip
Great for covering hot leather seats
An inexpensive, no-frills option
Fast and simple installation
Breathable fabric provides solid air flow

Cooling car seat covers and cushions like these work by utilizing a cooling technology such as cooling gel, ventilation with air fans and massage, or even wood beads. Electric cooling seats even allow you to change settings and customize the cushion as you see fit. 

When searching for a cooling car seat cover, it’s important to weigh the options. Do you want a cushion that only gives you 20-minutes of cooling before it’s back to square one? Do you want a massager with cooling abilities for pain relief? How about fans, do you really need one? Do you want softer cushioning or do you like a firmer feel like beads?

With that in mind, let’s review our top picks.

Best Cooling Car Seat Covers

Let’s start things off with the coolest cover I could find.

Pick #1: Zone Tech Cooling Car Seat Cushion Best Overall    

What We Like
Worked quickly and consistently in very hot temperatures
Proven product with a large number of positive experiences
Well engineered cooling intake fan
No auto shut-off
What We Dislike
May need an adapter
No massage feature

I was immediately impressed with the Zone Tech’s smart air intake method. It’s intake fan works quickly and consistently by recirculating the cool air around it. It also features a handy control switch that allows you to personalize the level of cooling you need.

Most importantly, it’s reliable. Just plug it into your 12V lighter plug (or buy a cheap 24V adapter or USB adapter for any other power source you may need) and you’re good to go for hours. That’s something you can’t say for a number of the lower-quality, unproven product models that have a reputation for failing.

Pro tip: direct more of your air-conditioning toward the feet section of your car, and the Zone Tech circulation fan will gather tons of cool air and make your fanny an air-conditioned paradise!

You can also easily install and remove this universal cover (that fits any car or truck seat size) using it’s elastic straps and bring it into your home or office for relief while you work.

Pick #2: Doingart Cooling Seat Cushion – Best Budget

What We Like
3 fan powered cooling source
Sleek leather-like trim looks and feels good
Universal fit, and uses a commonly found 12V plug
What We Dislike
Fan is a little noisy
Vibrates a little while operating, which can be annoying

5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 4This Doingart cover came in a close second to the ZoneTech. It gets the job done and cools plenty, but I didn’t find it to be quite as good where it counts.

That said, it is a less expensive option and boasts some extras like its leather-like trim and breathable mesh material which gives it a more polished look than our top pick.

A cooling cover like this is ideal for keeping your car seat protected from cracks and fading, without sacrificing ventilation. It features hundreds of spaces within the leather and mesh material that helps the air circulate. 

The Doingart includes 3 fans that provide you with 3 power levels to choose from. That’s more than the ZoneTech, but I didn’t find it resulted in a cooler ride. In fact, more fans makes the cover bulkier and a little less comfortable (one of the fans hit my knee a few times). Not a deal breaker, but something to consider.

I did like the control interface, with the button conveniently located to the side of your leg. Simply press the button and adjust to your preferred cooling level. The seat cushion also has an anti-slip back with elastic straps to keep the seat safely and comfortably in place.

Pick #3: EXCEL LIFE Wood Beaded Seat Cover – Most Durable Option

What We Like
No electronics to worry about potentially breaking
Wood doesn’t absorb heat
Beads give a massage-like feeling
What We Dislike
Can’t cool as well as a fan-powered cover
Retro-look isn’t for everyone

Okay, don’t laugh at me for this one.

Until you’ve tried a beaded car seat cover, you’ll never understand just how much cooling relief one can provide.5 Best Cooling Car Seat Covers | 2023 Models 18

Now of course, wood beads can’t blow air on you and cool you off like our first two picks, but the EXCEL LIFE beaded cover is a great option if you want to avoid the electrically driven models while still getting some extra ventilation.

Remember, wood DOES NOT conduct heat, which makes this cover perfect for unbearable hot black leather seats in the middle of the summer. Yuck.

Also, because it’s made of beads there are countless gaps for air to flow freely, which means your hiney stays elevated off the hot surface and avoiding a sweaty mess.

Another plus from the EXCEL LIFE is the massaging sensation you get by sitting on beads. It’s not for everyone (my husband hated it), but I really enjoyed it.

The EXCEL LIFE cover easily drapes onto any seat, and includes a nonslip mat that helps it stay in place. Unlike other beaded covers, this one is big enough to cover any seat out there (even bigger truck and SUV seats).

If you have any reservations about buying a fan-driven cooling seat, get this one. Sometimes, simple just works.

Pick #4: ZATOOTO Car Cool Seat Covers    

What We Like
Breathable mesh keeps you separated from hot seats
What We Dislike
Slips around on the seat
Feel a bit scratchy on bare skin

This cover is about as basic as it gets, but it does its job.

It won’t blow air on you. You won’t get back support. It doesn’t elevate and massage you as well as a beaded cover.

Here’s what it does do…

It creates a very effective layer of breathable mesh to protect you from scorching hot car seats. If you’re someone spending a lot of time in a car who needs a simple solution to that problem, this cover is super inexpensive and gets the job done.

The only thing I didn’t like is how much it slides. If you go with this option you may want to use a type of non slip mat to help keep the cover stable. It also has a slightly rough to the touch feeling on bare skin, which some people may not like.

This is a complete no-frills option, but it may be a good fit for some.

Pick #5. COMFIER Cooling Seat Cushion

Rounding our our list is the Comfier Cooling Seat Cushion.

It features ventilated 3D mesh material. This provides you with unbelievable support and ventilation between your body and the vehicle’s seat, no matter if it’s leather or vinyl. 

The cool airflow comes from the air fan at the bottom of the seat. It sucks in the air from the surrounding environment and disperses it throughout the seat cover. Additionally, there’s a lower back massage function that utilizes two vibration motors. This is perfect for lower back tension and pain relief. 

For your convenience, you can use a 12V or 24V plug in a car, truck, boat, RV, etc. Additionally, there is a home adapter. You can also set the 30-minute timer for your safety.

Overall, I don’t think it’s better than our other fan-cooled picks, but its worth considering if you want another option.

Benefits of Cooling Seat Cushions

You may not realize it, but cooling seat cushions offer more than just a cooled off bottom and back. Here are some other benefits of cooling seat cushions: 


We all know that being hot and sweaty can become uncomfortable and quite annoying, especially if you’re stuck in a car. The cooling seat cushions help relieve this discomfort whether you’re driving or riding. 

Reduces Fatigue

Being in a hot car can make you tired and irritated. If you’re fatigued at the wheel, it could be quite dangerous for you and your passengers. These seat cushions keep you cool and alert for as long as you are in the vehicle. 

Pain Relief

If you drive for a living or you have a long commute to and from work, then you know how much pain you could be in at the end of the day, or even while driving.

The cooling air from the cushions paired with vibration in some cushions can bring you pain relief. It can work similarly to a heated seat cover. However, heated seats don’t work well with covers.  


Your car seat can collect various allergens. They get stuck in there and it can lead to sneezing and itching, especially if you’re prone to allergic reactions. The car seat cover can provide the proper ventilation you need to keep allergic reactions at bay. 


As you sweat in your seat, the moisture can soak into your seats, especially if they’re made from cloth fabric. This can lead to smelly, stained seats that are uncomfortable to smell and unattractive. The cooling car seat cushion stops the sweating in its tracks and keeps moisture away from your seats. 

Buyers Guide: What Makes a Good Cooling Car Seat Cushion?

There are a few options you can look for in a good cooling car seat cushion: 


A good cooling car seat cushion is either breathable or ventilated and made from a porous material, such as mesh, for ideal airflow. Furthermore, this kind of material helps your body breathe better and reduces the amount of sweat that can come from the heat and humidity in your vehicle. 


One of the more expensive options for a cooling car seat cover is the fan feature. These cushions will have a fan built-in to the bottom of it. You can turn it on using a button and it will pull the air in from the vehicle. Likewise, it will help keep the moisture away from your body and it can have pain-relieving benefits. 

Cooling Gel

If you can, look for a cooling gel material for your car seat cushion. Pair it with memory foam or another type of air foam for optimal comfort. The cooling gel will keep your body heat from building up inside of the cushion by using conduction. It will transfer heat from your body to the cooling gel and instantly give you cooling relief. 


This isn’t a necessity, but it can make you feel more comfortable and it offers great pain relief. The vibration acts as a massage and it can relieve tension, stress, fatigue, and make you feel more alert and relaxed. Paired with the cooling, you may surely enjoy your car ride even more. 

Final Thoughts 

There’s no doubt that cooling car seat covers can have extraordinary benefits. This is especially true if you pair it with other functions that can aid in pain relief, sweat reduction, and overall comfort.

We really like the Zone Tech Cooling Seat Cushion because it can be used both at home and in the car, truck, or SUV. It’s versatile, has the functions needed for cooling relief, and it’s affordable.  

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