Convertible car seats are awesome. You can use them for many years before needing to transition to another one. I was able to test the Alpha Omega Elite 3-in-1 convertible car seat, but I ended up disappointed. 

There was honestly nothing I liked about this car seat except for the pivoting armrests and machine-washable seat cover and pad. Even though I could easily wash the seat cover and pad, it was a pain to install again. Additionally, it’s not compatible with any travel system or stroller. 

Additionally, even though there are multiple recline positions, the seat doesn’t recline enough for babies who lack head control and the infant insert doesn’t provide head or neck support  This can cause some serious breathing issues in infants. 

Lastly, it was so frustrating to install in my vehicle, even with the LATCH hooks. The harness is difficult to tighten as well. Whe my child was using the belt-positioning booster mode, the lap belt didn’t lay across their lap, but on their stomach. 

I can’t say that I recommend this convertible car seat, especially for the price. I think that it would do more harm than good. In theory it should have been a good car seat, but it in reality, it was frustrating.

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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Review [Ratings & Specs] 1
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Why Alpha Omega Elite?

1.The Alpha Omega Elite – Best 3-in-1 Car Seat

This designed to be the only car seat you will ever need.  Even its name is clever,  named after the Greek alphabet – from Alpha (the first letter of the Greek alphabet) to Omega (the last).

As the name suggests, you can use these extended use car seats multiple modes, rear-facing, front-facing with a harness, and a belt-positioning booster. The Alpha Omega Elite™ is also equipped with a variety of upgraded safety and use features that make this safety seat an excellent choice for a wide range of families.

Safety Features

The Alpha Omega Elite® convertible car seats offer enhanced safety features to help keep kids safe in case of an accident.

Advanced side-impact protection with EPP foam increases support in the event of a side-impact collision and includes a removable infant support cushion to keep smaller kids safer and more comfortable overall.

The Alpha Omega Elite™ series is also equipped with LATCH (Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children) to make installation secure and easy for parents and caregivers alike.

Safety 1st Alpha Omega

Additional Safety Features

  • Advanced side-impact protection with EPP foam.
  • A removable infant cushion included for smaller babies.
  • LATCH installation options.

User-Friendly Features

The Alpha Omega Elite™ models also offer a variety of convenience features that parents love. The QuickFit™ harness system allows you to quickly adjust the headrest and the harness together in one single step without rethreading as children continually grow.

The seat has three recline positions providing kids with a comfortable fit.  Two pivoting armrests even allow children to load and unload into the seat easily.

The seat pad is comfy and cushy, and both the fabric cover and padding are machine washable, making cleanup a cinch when messes undoubtedly happen.  The Alpha Omega Elite™ even comes with a removable cup holder to keep drinks or snacks readily available.

Main Features To Watch For 

  • QuickFit™ harness system.
  • Three recline positions.
  • Pivoting armrests.
  • Machine-washable seat cover and pad.
  • Removable cup holder.

Parent Frustrations

Most convertible car seats come with some challenges, the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite™ series of 3-in-1 car seats are no different.  First and foremost, these seats are not compatible with any travel system or stroller.

This single detail can be very problematic for sleeping babies who need to be physically removed from the seat instead of easily transitioned from car seat to stroller.

Additionally, even though the car seat cover is machine washable, parents complain that it’s complicated to remove and reinstall. Parents also complain that the Alpha Omega Elite™ is not suitable for babies at all, especially with the infant cushion.

Although there are multiple recline positions, when installed, the seat doesn’t recline far back enough for babies without head control. Additionally, the infant cushion doesn’t provide proper head and neck support, which is not only uncomfortable but can cause breathing issues too.

Many users indicate that the Alpha Omega Elite™ is next to impossible to install in their cars, even with the LATCH hooks.  Plus, the seat is pretty bulky and doesn’t fit well in a lot of vehicles.

The harness and top tether straps are both challenging to tighten and don’t seem to tighten correctly.  Furthermore, the highest harness slots for these seats are almost an inch lower than similar convertible car seats. This can be a problem for taller kids, forcing parents to transition them into booster mode earlier or use another safety seat.

When using the seat in the belt-positioning booster mode, a lot of parents complain that there isn’t a good lap belt fit.  The belt seems to lay across kid’s tummies instead of across their laps, which can cause more severe injuries in case of a crash.

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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Review [Ratings & Specs] 1
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Key Frustrations

  • Not compatible with any travel system or stroller.
  • The machine-washable cover is difficult to remove and reinstall.
  • Recline positions don’t recline enough for infants.
  • Infant insert doesn’t provide proper head support.
  • Very difficult to install, even with LATCH.
  • The harness system and top tether are hard to tighten.
  • Bulky and doesn’t fit well in many cars.
  • Five-point harness slots are too low for tall kiddos.
  • Lap belts don’t fit well in booster mode.

Alpha Omega Elite™ Limits

  • Rear-facing weight limit between 5-35 pounds (19-36 inches tall).
  • Forward-facing weight limit from 22-50 pounds (34-45 inches tall).
  • The belt-positioning booster weight limit is 40-100 pounds (43-52 inches tall).


  • 5 inches deep
  • 20 inches wide
  • 3 inches tall


  • Advanced side-impact protection and EPP foam.
  • Removable infant cushion.
  • QuickFit™ harness system.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • Machine-washable fabric seat cover and cushion.
  • Pivoting armrests.
  • Removable cup holder.


  • It does not recline enough for infants.
  • Incredibly difficult to install.
  • Kids will likely outgrow the seat before reaching weight and height limits.
  • Bulky and heavy.
  • Harness straps are hard to tighten.
  • Lap belt doesn’t fit properly in booster mode.

Is there another version of the Alpha Omega Elite?

In 2018, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) amended some of its safety guidelines. AAP experts now recommend that children ride in a rear-facing position for as long as possible (well beyond their second birthday, as previously advised).

Safety 1st responded to these new guidelines by releasing the updated Alpha Omega Elite™ 65 .The Alpha Omega Elite™ 65 now extends rear-facing weight limits to abide by the new AAP recommendations.  The five-point harness included in this model also extends forward-facings limits by 15 pounds.

The Alpha Omega Elite™ 65 also changes the overall height limits in the forward-facing with a harness position to 29-52 inches. These updates can keep kids in a safer position longer and exceed federal safety standards across the board.

All of the same features found in the Alpha Omega Elite™ also apply to the Alpha Omega Elite™ 65. A shock-absorbing EPP foam for increased side-impact protection, pivoting armrests, multiple recline positions, and the QuickFit™ harness system.

Additionally, an infant insert and one removable cup holder are included with this model, as well. Even with the new updates, parents seem to have similar complaints.  The seat cover is hard to remove, infants don’t fit well, and the seat doesn’t recline enough for babies who can’t control their heads.

Furthermore, the Alpha Omega Elite™ 65 is still bulky. It can be next to impossible to install correctly, the harness straps that are hard to tighten, and the lap belt doesn’t sit properly in belt-positioning booster mode. Parents have also found that kiddos outgrow this seat long before reaching the extended weight limits of the car seat.

Unique Features

  • Extended rear-facing weight limit between 5-40 pounds.
  • Extended forward-facing with harness weight limits are between 22-65 pounds.
  • Forward-facing with a harness height limits of 29-52 inches.


  • Extended weight limits can keep kids safer longer.
  • Shock-absorbing EPP foam.
  • Pivoting armrests.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • An infant insert is included.
  • A removable cup holder is also included.


  • Kids outgrow this seat too early.
  • Installation is challenging.
  • The seat doesn’t recline enough for babies without head control.
  • It’s bulky and doesn’t sit well in many cars.
  • Harness straps are difficult to tighten.
  • Lap belt doesn’t sit properly in booster mode.


  • 5 inches deep
  • 2 inches wide
  • 2 inches tall

Grow and Go™ vs. Alpha Omega Elite™

Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Review [Ratings & Specs] 4Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Review [Ratings & Specs] 5Safety 1st offers a newer line of convertible car seats, the Grow and Go™, that seems to be very similar to the Alpha Omega Elite™.

Both lines are considered 3-in-1 car seats so they can be used in a rear-facing, forward-facing with harness, and a belt-positioning booster position.

The extended weight limits of the Grow and Go™ are also similar to the Alpha Omega Elite™ 65 – rear-facing from 5-40 pounds and forward-facing with harness from 22-65 pounds.

Additionally, both lines of convertible car seats offer advanced side-impact protection, the “no-rethread” QuickFit™ harness system, three recline positions, a removable infant insert, and a machine-washable fabric cover.

So what’s the difference?

There are a couple of unique differences between the Grow and Go™ and the Alpha Omega Elite™ that you should consider when weighing out your options. First of all, the Grow and Go™ line includes harness holders that keep the straps out of the way when you’re loading and unloading your kids.

This can be a critical feature for parents who frequently struggle with finding harness straps.  Additionally, while both lines include cup holders, the Alpha Omega Elite™ only has one detachable cup holder.

The Grow and Go™, however, has two integrated cup holders.  Depending on the needs of your family, this could also be an essential feature.

Even though the depth and height dimensions are roughly the same, It’s important to mention that the Grow and Go™ is four inches wider than the Alpha Omega Elite™.  This could be problematic in some vehicles. It’s always smart to take accurate measurements before purchasing either model.

Unfortunately, similar complaints are also mentioned in the Grow and Go™ parent reviews. The seat is tough to install, straps are hard to tighten, it’s big, bulky, doesn’t fit well in a lot of vehicles, and it’s just not a great fit for babies.

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 Grow and Go™ Similarities

  • Use the seat in three modes – rear-facing, forward-facing with a harness, and booster.
  • The Grow and Go™ has an extended rear-facing weight limit between 5-40 pounds.
  • The seat also has an extended front-facing with a harness weight limit of 22-65 pounds.
  • Advanced side-impact protection included in every model.
  • QuickFit™ Harness System.
  • Harness holders keep straps out of the way.
  • Multiple recline positions.
  • Removable infant insert.
  • Machine-washable fabric cover.
  • Two integrated cup holders.

 Grow and Go™ Differences

  • Harness holders keep straps out of the way.
  • Two built-in cup holders.
  • Four inches wider than the Alpha Omega Elite™


  • 19 inches deep
  • 25 inches wide
  • 5 inches tall


In 2011, Safety 1st issued a recall on Alpha Omega Elite™ convertible car seats manufactured between July 2010 and May 2011. The company claims that the color-coded ease-of-use labels for rear-facing mode installation were attached incorrectly.

This mistake could confuse parents when installing the seat in a rear-facing position and cause consumers to install the seat incorrectly.

Anyone who owns one of the recalled Alpha Omega Elite™ car seats should contact Safety 1st immediately to request a repair kit. The kit will include modified labels and instructions on how to attach them properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Alpha Omega Elite car seat good for?

As a rule of thumb, seats manufactured before December 15, 2015, will be good for eight years, and seats manufactured after December 15, 2015, will be good for ten years.

The expiration date of your Alpha Omega Elite™ will be stamped on the manufacturer’s label attached to your seat.

How do you rethread an Alpha Omega Elite™ car seat?

  •  Remove the harness guides from underneath the fabric seat cover and thread through the guide hole.
  • Pull the strap underneath the seat and back up through the opposite guide hole.
  • Reattach the harness guides pressing firmly to connect to the seat.
  • Thread the harness straps through the buckle, chest clip, and harness holes.
  • Reattach the straps to the splitter clip.

Refer to your Alpha Omega Elite™ owner’s manual for additional information on rethreading.

How do you change a Safety 1st car seat?

Changing the Alpha Omega Elite™ car seat to booster mode is relatively simple.

  • Remove the slack from the five-point harness by pulling on the straps.
  • Remove the straps from the splitter plate at the back of the seat.
  • Store the splitter plate on the back of the seat.
  • Remove chest clip.
  • Pull the strap out of the seat completely.
  • Pull to recline the seat and remove the buckle.

Refer to your Alpha Omega Elite™ owner’s manual for more specific details to ensure you’re completing the process correctly.

How do you rethread straps on a Cosco car seat?

Follow the same technique to rethread the straps on a Cosco Alpha Omega Elite as you do for the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite™ (see above).  Always refer to your owner’s manual for detailed instructions.

How do I assemble the cup holder?

Alpha Omega Elite™ car seat assembly is relatively simple.  The detachable cup holder included with each model is the only thing you have to put together.

  • Pull up the corner of the seat pad.
  • Hook the bottom of the cupholder onto the edge of the seat.
  • Rotate until the tab snaps into place.
  • Replace seat pad.

Always refer to your Alpha Omega Elite™ owner’s manual for specific installation instructions.

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Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite Review [Ratings & Specs] 1
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You will find a lot of great features included with the Safety 1st Alpha Omega Elite™ convertible car seat.  Advanced side-impact protection with EPP foam will help protect kids in a crash.  Additional ease-of-use features such as the QuickFit™ harness system and pivoting armrests are music to parent’s ears.

Unfortunately, some of the common frustrations found in this line are hard to ignore.  Installation difficulties can put a wrench in your day (especially if you need to move the seat from car to car frequently).

Plus, if your infant doesn’t fit correctly right away, you’ll have to invest in an infant-specific car seat for a while, taking away from the whole 3-in-1 purpose.  Luckily, all car seats are required to meet specific safety guidelines, and the Alpha Omega Elite™ surpasses these guidelines.

When installed correctly, you can be confident that this car seat will protect your little one in a worst-case scenario. You may want to check out the Safety 1st’s continuum review.

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