This detailed Aden and Anai Car Seat Canopy Review, we will review the specs, how to clean, and how safe it is.


The Aden and Anai Car Seat Canopy was designed to provide a private safe haven for your little one. The canopy is strong enough to block out sunlight, wind, and even light rain.

At the same time, it is very breathable. The result is a canopy that protects infants from the elements without while providing the ideal environment within. What more can you ask from a canopy?

Aden and Anais Car Seat Canopy Review

This canopy is 44 inches in length and 30 inches in width. It is very lightweight, at only 6.6oz.

With a 100 thread count, this canopy has a marvelous texture and is soft to the touch. The canopy was crafted from cotton muslin. The durable but delicate material is perfect for both offering shade, and filtering air, to help keep your baby from becoming hot or stuffy.

aden and anais car seat canopy

This makes the canopy perfect for Spring and Summer!  In the late Autumn or Winter, you will probably wish to use a thicker canopy.

Models and Patterns Available

This canopy is not only handy but stylish as well. The gentle cotton muslin comes in several cute, pretty, and cool prints to choose from. These include:

  • Briar Rose – Washed Heart. This is a darling pattern, featuring faded pink hearts.
  • Making Waves. This design has blue geometrical waves for a cool look.
  • Pasture – Knit. This knitted pattern looks very homey and cozy.
  • Retro – Washed Star. This canopy has faded blue stars and looks very cool and pretty.
  • Small Fry. This is the bold companion to the Retro – Washed star design, featuring brightly colored blue, red and gray stars.
  • Wise Owl – Owl. This adorable canopy pattern features purple cartoon owls in various colors. It is nice and cheery.
  • Dapper – Stars. This pattern has stars in a soft blue and gray.
  • Doll – Stars. This pattern is the companion to the Dapper – Stars pattern and features stars in soft pink and gray. The background is white.
  • This is a classic white canopy blanket, decorated with lots of tiny gray stars.
  • Dusty – Stars. This is the counterpart of dove, with slightly larger gray stars on display.
  • Pretty Pink – Medallion. This pattern is super unique, with geometric flowers in dark blue, light blue, and pink. A really beautiful choice.
  • Safari Babes – Elephant. Everybody likes a good elephant. This canopy features lots of the little -big- guys, sitting cutely.
  • Trotting Fox – Foxy. Finally, the Trotting Fox – Foxy pattern has an artistic black fox, posing elegantly.

General Features

  • Ease-of-use. With simple clip attachments, this canopy will stay in place as you go about your day.
  • Your baby is adorable. People may be curious to see! While they probably mean well, strangers can bring germs when they interact with your baby. This canopy is a good way to hide your baby from view and express a polite desire for privacy.
  • Protection from the sun and elements. Now, this canopy may not hold up in a Winter storm… it is not meant to! In Spring and Summer, however, it is a great way to shade from sunlight and wind or even a drizzle.
  • Stylish designs. This canopy comes in lots of patterns, so you can pick the one that best suits the personality of your baby.
  • While this is first and foremost a blanket canopy, it turns out that it has many uses. When you are not using it as a canopy, it can also be used as a blanket for nursing, for holding your little one, as a diaper changing blanket, and more.

Unique Features

  • Many canopies will trap heat and moisture, and become hot and stuffy. Not this lightweight canopy. Which brings us to the next unique feature.
  • This canopy is made for warmer months especially! This calls for a durable but lightweight material. Muslin cotton does the job wonderfully.

Compare to the Bebe Au Lait Classic Muslin Car Seat Cover

This offers many features similar to the Aden and Anais Car Seat Canopy. However, has a higher price mark, and does not offer nearly as many pattern options. The Aden and Anais Car Seat Canopy is more customizable and more budget-friendly.

Compare to this 2 in 1 Carseat Canopy

This canopy certainly affordable, but it possesses some flaws that the Aden and Anais Car Seat Canopy does not have. Customer reviews have stated that the Carseat Canopy sometimes fails to cover the entire carrier, particularly the sides, properly.

Customers have complained that the canopy has been known to fly up and expose their baby to chilly winds suddenly. The Aiden and Anais Car Seat, gladly, does not have this issue.

Compare to the Kids N’ Such Canopy

Once again, aden and anais car seat canopy has similar features to kids N Such Canopy. The Aiden and Anais canopy once again outshines it, though, with superior durability.



While the Aiden and Anais canopy maintains its colors and soft texture for quite some time, the Kids N’s Such Canopy has been said to fade and wear out rather quickly.

Safety Ratings

This canopy is really impressive in how it combines being lightweight, with being effective and blocking out the sun and elements. While it does not provide UV ray protection specifically, it does filter out a great deal of the sunlight. This will prevent your baby from a negative reaction, such as sunburns and the like.

Finally, this canopy will aid in preventing your baby from germ exposure. In summation, the idea of this canopy is to create a shelter for your little one. By all accounts, it serves this purpose successfully.

Installation and Removal

2 snap tabs are nice and easy to attach to your car seat or carrier securely. They can be removed the same way. Attach for a canopy, detach to use the blanket for cleaning or another use.


Considering how soft and delicate-seeming this blanket is, it can take a fair bit of wear. You can even clean it in the washing machine. Just be sure to use warm water, and to include only similar colors. It must then be tumbled-dried only, on low.

Honest Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate how lightweight this blanket is. They say that some blankets are thicker, and get a bit muggy for baby. A lightweight canopy is a great solution for this. People like how soft it is, and babies do as well, doubtlessly. This canopy can be used for a good portion of the year until it becomes too chilly. Then it can be retired as an additional blanky.

As far as flaws go, the blanket is a bit short for some car seats or carriers. Fortunately, it does seem to fit most nicely. Customers recommend comparing measurements prior to purchase, just to make sure.

Some have worried that the white-colored blankets, such as dove, may show that they are dirty easily. In this case, give them a machine wash. Finally, parents have been grateful for the ability to hide their infant from unwanted view.


  • Protects from elements.
  • Soft to the touch.
  • It helps to control the temperature.
  • Guards from germs.
  • Can clean easily in the washing machine.
  • A competitive price for its value.


  • Too small for some carriers or car seats.
  • White options can show stains a bit more easily.
  • Should be used in relatively warm weather only.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does this fit a Chicco Keyfit 30?

Yes, but there is not a lot of fabric to spare. There is still full coverage, it simply does not drape as much as some.

Would this fit Uppababy Mesa?

Yes, it would! The straps are velcro and can easily fit onto the mesa handle.

Can this be used during winter or just for warm weather?

This canopy was made for warm weather specifically. In cold weather, you may want to retire it as a multi-purpose blanket for baby.

Impressive Canopy

In summation, this canopy is really genuinely impressive. The price is right for its value, the patterns available are just lovely, and it is said to create the perfect environment for baby.

Not only this, it is so soft to the touch. Just make sure to use this canopy in warm weather primarily! This is when it was made to work the best, and when it will shine. All in all, the Aden and Anais Canopy is a practical and pretty item and well-worth adding to your baby inventory.

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Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren