About Me

Welcome To A One-Stop-Blog for Car Seats!

My name is Keren Simanova.

About Me 1I am a busy mommy by day and a passionate writer by night.

While spending countless hours researching car seats for my three children, I created an educational car seat blog, CarSeatsMom.com.

My main goal is to educate other moms about the importance of car seats.

CarSeatsMom blog is a passion of mine, and I hope by visiting this blog it will make your life less stressful in search of the best car seats for your precious cargo.

My hard-working and experienced team of mommies put together a highly informative blog with the many reviews I hope you find invaluable.

Everyone who contributed to this blog is very passionate about the main goal we as parents have – To make sure our children are safe riding in the car with us.

The reviews on CarSeatsMom are based on product specifications from manufacturers.  We made sure to include many educational and informational videos on our posts as well as safety ratings of all the car seats we reviewed.

Our primary sources of information are government, educational and manufacturers websites – highly trusted information for any parent out there! We made sure to include other parents’ reviews as well based on their experiences.

Being A Parent Is One Of The Hardest Jobs.

About Me 2By creating this blog, the biggest goal I had in mind is to make a parent job a bit easier.

How will you feel if you know of a blog that will help you find an exact car seat/car seats/strollers/travel systems that you looking for? 

What if that blog has not only the perfect car seat for your child/children but also for your best friend (a dog)?

This what I had in mind creating this blog and constantly updating it to make sure that all my information is up to date.

I welcome any comments/suggestions you might have. You can click on my contact page and I will be happy to respond in a timely manner.


Many thanks! 

Keren Simanova