Nuna Exec Car Seat Review: Is Nuna Exec Car seat worth the money?

Nuna Exec Car Seat Review: Is Nuna Exec Car seat worth the money?
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    The Nuna Exec is an infant car seat with the latest innovations, including ClickTight technology, Safe Cell capabilities, and an adjustable top rest to give your child the best possible protection. One standout feature is the Nuna Exec ™ all-in-one car seat design. From infancy to toddlerhood and beyond, this versatile car seat grows with your child, accommodating their changing needs as they grow.

    The Nuna Exec offers forward and rear-facing options, ensuring maximum flexibility for your child’s growing needs. Its innovative design can be easily converted between various modes, making it a genuine 3-in-1 car seat that adapts as your child progresses from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond. It accommodates a wide age and weight range, capable of safely securing children from 5 to 120 lbs, providing reliable protection throughout their developmental stages.

    Get ready to discover the features and benefits of this car seat as we take a closer look at its safety features, versatility, and design options. After reading this Nuna exec review, your decision regarding whether this car seat is ideal for your family’s needs may be made with complete knowledge. So, let’s jump right in and explore this car seat together.

    Editor's Choice
    Stokke PIPA by Nuna Car Seat – Base Included

    Honest Nuna PIPA Lite LX car seat is FAA-approved and designed to last for up to six years. It has a lightweight yet sturdy design that ensures maximum safety, including excellent side-impact protection and energy-absorbing foam, with a five-star safety rating. It has rear-facing limits that can accommodate children up to 50 pounds or 43 inches tall, forward-facing limits of 65 pounds or 49 inches tall, and a height and weight limit of 32 inches and 32 pounds, respectively. The car seat is stylish, easy to install, and has no major recall history, making it a great investment for families.

    What We Liked:
    • Steel-enforced base: The PIPA Lite LX uses the True Lock base installation system to maximise stability.
    • Super lightweight: Carrying a baby around from place to place is much easier and less hassle.
    • Easy to install: The health information website named the Nuna Pipa Infant car seat the easiest infant car seat to install.
    • Safety guarantee
    • Can be used with several stroller systems.
    We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
    09/30/2023 05:52 am GMT

    Overview of Nuna Exec Car Seat

    The Nuna car seat exec sets a new standard in comfort and safety, ensuring a delightful ride for your child while offering peace of mind for parents. With its design and premium features, such as the adjustable leg rest, this car seat delivers unparalleled comfort. Your child’s maximum comfort is a top priority with this product.

    Your child will feel safe and comfortable with its luxurious padding and supporting design. The multi-functioning adjustable leg rest adds extra comfort, allowing your child to relax during long rides.

    The Nuna Car seat exec meets rigorous safety standards, including those set by leading European and United regulatory bodies. The reinforced steel construction and the reinforced belt path offer superior protection, ensuring your child’s safety on the road. Plus, it is designed to be free from added fire retardant chemicals, prioritizing your child’s well-being.

    Reviews have praised the Nuna exec’s ease of use. Having tested the product, I agree with the reviews. From installation to adjustments, this car seat is a breeze to handle. This means it simplifies and speeds up switching between the rear-facing and forward-facing positions and adjusting the harness. 

    This versatile car seat can be used from newborns to toddlers, with a rear-facing weight range of 5 lbs to 50 lbs and a forward-facing or booster-seat weight range of up to 120 lbs.

    Nuna exec’s 10-year expiration date means you’ll never need another car seat for the same child unless there has been an accident or it is damaged. 

    Nuna Exec Car Seat Specifications

    The Nuna Executive Car Seat’s weight limits make it flexible and adaptable. Whether your child is rear-facing or forward-facing or needs a belt-positioning booster, the car seat provides a safe and comfortable solution for various stages of their growth.

    Nuna Exec Car Seat Features

    Features Usage Explanation
    • Loosen harness
    • Open chest clip
    • Open harness
    • Use magnetic buckle tongue holders
    • Fasten chest clip
    • Fasten buckle
    • Tighten harness
    Pull the straps forward while pressing the release button on the harness to loosen it.

    Just locate the button on the clip’s front and press it to open the chest clip. The connection can then be released by carefully separating the clip’s two pieces.

    Locate and press the red button on the front of the buckle to release the harness. The harness straps can then be released by carefully pulling out the buckle tongues.

    You must unbuckle and unlatch the harness before utilizing the magnetic buckle tongue holders. After that, to secure the buckle tongues in place, place them against the magnetic region on the side of the child restraint. The magnetic holders hold the buckle tongues firmly in place for increased convenience.

    The two pieces of the chest clip must be brought together until they make a clicking sound, indicating that they are securely fastened. To make sure it’s closed tightly, give it a light pull.

    To use a buckle,  insert the tongues firmly into the buckle until you hear a click. To make sure the tongues are locked into place, pull up on them.

    Pull the harness adjustment strap firmly to tighten it. Place the chest clip at the child’s armpit after tightening it for safety and comfort.

    Head Insert
    • Custom comfort
    • Tucking snaps
    Enhance your child’s comfort and ensure a perfect fit by utilizing or removing the head insert. Attach the snaps on the head insert to the snaps on the head support for added support and personalized comfort.

    When the head insert is not being used, securely conceal the snaps on the head support by tucking them behind the fabric of the head support.

    Infant Insert

    (only for children weighing 5-11 lb)

    • Pull the harness buckle up
    • Route harness straps
    • Attach snaps on the insert.
    • Push insert
    Pull the harness buckle upward through the slot at the insert’s bottom.

    Route the harness straps through the sides of the insert for proper placement.

    Attach the snaps on the insert to ensure the harness straps remain secure.

    Firmly push the insert into the child restraint to ensure a secure fit.

    Slip Cover
    • Unbutton seat cover.
    Gently slide the slip cover’s bottom portion over the leg rest for a snug fit.

    To remove the seat cover, unbutton it and slide it through the two straps on the back of the slipcover. Ensure that the bottom strap aligns with the bottom of the seat cover. Then, button the seat cover securely back into place.

    Secure the slipcover over the leg rest by attaching the snaps on the sides of the slipcover to the bottom of the slipcover.

    Thread the harness adjustment strap and harness buckle through the designated openings in the slipcover.

    (To remove the slipcover, reverse the process).

    Harness Buckle Adjustment

    (Two harness buckle positions. Use the nearest place [but not under] your child).

    • Unsnap the seat cover.
    • Secure the harness strap.
    To unsnap the seat cover, gently detach it from the car seat. Then, pull the seat cover forward while pulling the harness buckle backward through the slot in the seat cover.

    The rear-facing True Tension™ door’s slots (1 or 2) secure the harness buckle strap. Pull the buckle through the seat cover slot. Finally, replace the seat cover and inserts (if using) for a correct fit and secure installation.

    Leg rest
    • Rear-facing
    • Forward facing or booster
    You’ll get more legroom for your child when using the Nuna Executive Car Seats in rear-facing mode. The leg rest feature also serves as an anti-rebound panel.

    The leg rest in these modes offers leg support while safeguarding your vehicle seat from dirty shoes.

    True Tension™ Door Use
    • Two True Tension™ doors make installing this child restraint in your car easy and secure. They’re under the seat. The upper door is for forward-facing and booster use, and the bottom is for rear facing.
    To adjust the head support to the highest position, unsnap the seat cover and pull it to the front of the car seat.

    Lift the door release button for the right True Tension™ door.

    Lift the True Tension™ door and follow belt routing instructions for rear-facing, forward-facing, or booster mode.

    Close the True Tension™ door by pressing it down. Replace the seat cover and any used inserts.

    Lower Anchor

    (Only for children weighing more than 40lb and must be used with booster)

    • Remove the infant insert, loosen and unbuckle the harness and unsnap the seat cover. 
    Lift the rear-facing True Tension™ door release button.

    Remove the lower anchor belt and connectors.

    Lengthen the lower anchor belt by pressing the adjuster button while pulling on the strap.

    Pull to attach the lower anchor belt to the vehicle’s lower anchors. Keep the lower anchor belt away from the vehicle seat belt.

    Pull the bottom anchor belt loop to remove any slack.

    Press and pull the red button on the connector to release the lower anchor belt.

    • Tether strap removal
    • Adjust the tether
    • Secure tether
    Undo the hook-and-loop fastener to open the tether strap cover. Push the hook and drag it down to unclip it from the anchor.

    Tethers can be lengthened for usage by tilting the tether adjuster and pulling.

    Locate your car’s tether anchor using the icon. Attach the tether hook to the vehicle tether anchor. Pull the tether strap to tighten after anchoring.

    Shoulder Belt
    • Adjust the shoulder belt guide.
    Pull the shoulder belt guide rearward, position the vehicle shoulder belt in front of the open shoulder belt guide, and then release it.


    Who Can Benefit from the Nuna Exec Car Seat?

    Nuna Exec Car Seat Review: Is Nuna Exec Car seat worth the money? 1

    The Nuna Executive car seat is designed for new and expecting parents looking for the best car seat for their infants and toddlers. It’s for parents who value safety, quality, and reliability. 

    I recommend the car seat because it combines safety and convenience. For instance, its all-in-one design lets your child grow without switching car seats, as it accommodates newborns, toddlers, and older kids. It fits securely and safely with stage-specific weight and height limitations.

    Taxi drivers can also benefit from it. Its easy installation process and adaptability make it a practical choice for those who frequently transport young passengers. The car seat may be installed using the seat belt or lower anchor belt, making it flexible for different vehicles. 

    Families with multiple children can find this car seat a valuable investment. Its versatility allows for easy adjustment between different age groups, eliminating the need to purchase separate car seats for each child. With weight limits ranging from 5 to 120 lbs and height limits from 49 to 57 inches accommodating various sizes, this car seat can accommodate the needs of multiple siblings as they grow.

    What Comes with the Nuna Exec Car Seat?

    ✅ Dual flip-open cup holders: It features two flip-open cup holders for drinks and food.

    ✅ Machine-washable quilted leg rest slipcover: The seat’s machine-washable quilted leg rest slipcover keeps your child clean and hygienic.

    ✅ Merino wool body and head inserts: The Merino wool body and head inserts in the Nuna car seat exec put comfort first. Because of its softness and breathability, merino wool offers your child a cozy and secure environment. These inserts provide more padding and support, ensuring your child is safe and at ease during the journey.

    ✅ Additional GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabric & dye insert: The Nuna car seat has another GOTS™ certified organic cotton fabric and dye insert for parents who value natural and eco-friendly products. It adds another comfort layer and ensures soft and secure fabrics surround your child.

    ✅ Harness covers & crotch cover: It has harness covers and a crotch cover to improve comfort and prevent discomfort. These add-ons ensure your child is correctly fitted by adding cushioning and protection to the crotch area and harness straps.

    Pros and Cons of Nuna Exec Car Seat

    Pros Cons
    Anti-rebound bar, leg room extension, and leg rest High-cost
    Easy installation Insecure attachment of crotch buckle cover.
    No flame retardant chemicals Lack of TrueTension Lockoff System
    Easy-to-remove and reattach cover Limited longevity of booster function

    Nuna Exec Car Seat Installation

    Installation and adjustment of this car seat are straightforward processes. The car seat features a harness that can be adjusted to secure your child comfortably. The chest clip and buckle offer intuitive mechanisms for fastening and releasing, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

    It is easy to install thanks to clear instructions, giving you confidence each time. Without exerting much effort, the hassle-free True Tension™ doors ensure that you get an ultra-secure fit.

    Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to install and use it correctly. You can watch Nuna’s official product installation demonstration videos for step-by-step guidance on installing the Nuna Exec car seat by clicking here.

    Nuna Executive Car Seat Review vs. Nuna Rava Car Seat Review

    The Nuna Exec and Nuna Rava have unique features and benefits. The Exec offers the convenience of serving as an all-in-one car seat, accommodating children from infancy to booster seat age.

    On the other hand, the Rava provides a cost-effective option with top safety features, easy installation, and added comfort features like the pop-out footrest. Personal preferences, budget considerations, and specific needs drive the selection between the two.

    Nuna Exec Review

    Nuna Rava Review

    The Nuna exec ™ all-in-one car seat is a versatile solution that seamlessly transitions from a convertible car seat to a seatbelt-positioning booster. Nuna’s original convertible car seat offers top safety features and ease of use.
    It provides a seat covering and two sets of newborn inserts. There is only one set of newborn inserts for the Nuna Rava.
    Complies with car seat laws that require a child to sit in a car seat until they reach age eight and 57 inches (4’9″). It accommodates rear-facing weights of 5-50 lbs and forward-facing weights of 25-65 lbs, with a maximum height limit of 49″.
    It has an 8-inch leg rest with a 1.5-inch extension. It provides 2 inches of legroom with a flip-out extension.


    The Nuna Executive car seat epitomizes safety, comfort, and convenience for your little one’s journeys. With its safety features and complete body protection, you can rest easy knowing your child is in good hands. From the rear-facing position for infants to the forward-facing option for toddlers and the versatile booster seat for young children, this car seat adapts effortlessly to their growing needs.

    After conducting a thorough Nuna Exec car seat review, I confidently recommend this car seat to parents who prioritize their child’s safety. Pick up a Nuna Executive car seat right now, and you can start taking your kid on adventures without any worries.

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    Keren Simanova

    Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren