How to Keep Baby Warm in a Car Seat?

How to Keep Baby Warm in a Car Seat?
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    The most effective method to keep a baby warm in a car seat is to wrap them in a warm, comfortable blanket or a car seat cover while covering them in light layers of clothing. While the idea is to keep the baby warm in a car seat, too many layers and bulky clothing can interfere with their comfort. 

    As a fellow mother, I know how crucial it is to keep our children warm and secure, particularly in the winter. Babies lose heat more quickly than adults because they have a lower surface area to their body weight ratio. Due to their sensitivity, it can be challenging to guard them from extreme weather, especially in the winter.

    Infants are more sensitive to temperature changes than adults and can become sick from being vulnerable to excessive cold. Keeping them warm help avoid discomfort and other major health problems.

    In this article, I will explain ten simple ways to keep a baby warm in a car seat. I will also suggest what your baby should wear in a car seat. Finally, I will answer some common questions about keeping children warm in a car seat.

    10 Ways to Keep a Baby Warm in a Car Seat

    Your baby needs to keep warm to stay healthy and comfortable. According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, “When babies are cold-stressed, they use energy and oxygen to generate warmth.” It continues, “If skin temperatures drop just one degree from the ideal 97.7° F (36.5°C), a baby’s oxygen use can increase by 10 percent.”

    The good news is that there are numerous ways of keeping your baby warm while in the car, including the following. 

    1. Wrap your baby in layers: Put your baby in light layers of breathable clothing, such as a onesie, long-sleeve shirt, jumper, or jacket. Following this course of action, you can change their attire to fit the car’s temperature accordingly.
    2. Use an appropriate hat: Use a hat to preserve your baby’s body warmth.
    3. Warm shoes: Wear socks, shoes, or booties to keep your baby’s feet warm and cozy. Ensure that they are not too tight so that your baby stays relaxed.
    4. Use a blanket or swaddle: Wrap your kid in a blanket or swaddle before putting him in the car seat. Ensure the blanket won’t obstruct the harness straps or provide a safety risk.
    5. Use a car seat cover: Invest in a cover made just for automobile seats. While still allowing for adequate ventilation, these covers offer insulation and protection from the chilly air around the baby.
    6. Warm up your car: Warm up your car before putting your infant in the car seat. This keeps the car’s interior at a suitable temperature and makes it easier for the baby to adjust to the new environment.
    7. Put a warm pad under the car seat: Wash a warm pad or hot water bottle in a towel to add extra warmth during the trip. Ensure it is not too hot and stays away from the baby’s face.
    8. Choose fleece or wool fabrics: Warm materials like fleece or wool are a fantastic choice for your baby’s clothing because they offer good insulation.
    9. Avoid bulky coats: Avoid wearing bulky coats since they can compress in a collision and make your kid less secure in the harness. Place small blankets or layers over the harness straps to keep your infant warm.
    10. Keep an eye on the temperature: Pay attention to how comfortable your infant is during the trip. Feel their skin to ensure they are not overly hot or chilly. Adjust the layers or ventilation appropriately.

    What Should a Baby Wear in a Car Seat?

    It is crucial to prioritize a baby’s safety and comfort when preparing them for a car seat. Let’s examine how to prepare your child for a car seat.

    Instead of putting your kid in bulky, dense clothing, dress them in lightweight layers. This enables you to change their attire to fit the car’s temperature. You can make your baby wear a jacket or a small sweater if the temperature is chilly. Choose a lightweight item that also adds a little extra warmth.

    Always monitor the baby’s temperature and make any clothing adjustments while traveling. To ensure their comfort, keep an eye on the temperature in the car and make any necessary modifications as needed.

    Can You Put a Blanket on Your Baby in a Car Seat?

    From my experience, a blanket effectively maintains the baby’s temperature according to the weather.

    The best choice is a light blanket that won’t interfere with the car seat harness or add excessive bulk to your baby. Otherwise, you can cover your infant with a blanket after safely buckling them into a seat.

    Make sure the blanket reaches their chest and covers their entire body. Make sure the blanket does not cover the baby’s face because that would make it difficult for them to breathe. Tuck the sides around your baby’s torso to keep the blanket from sliding off or becoming loose.

    Winter Coats and Car Seats Myths

    The idea that it is safe to buckle a child into a car seat while they are donning a bulky winter coat or snowsuit is a myth.

    Thick winter jackets or snowsuits create a problem because they may leave a space between the child and the car seat harness straps when compressed after a crash. As a result, there is a greater chance of damage if the harness can’t adequately restrain the kid. When the youngster is buckled in, the padding of the coat can compress, making the straps appear looser than they are.

    How is a Baby Car Seat Built to Keep the Baby Warm?

    A few specific car seat models do play a crucial role in helping to keep a newborn warm against chilly temperatures, even though maintaining the baby’s temperature and keeping them warm is not their primary job.

    Foam inserts and cushions are frequently used in car seats to act as insulators and maintain body heat. These components aid in constructing a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the infant.


    I am sure you agree that keeping your child warm in a car seat is essential for their comfort, but you must do it meticulously. You can keep your baby warm without compromising safety by covering your infant in minimal layers, using appropriate equipment and footwear, swaddling with blankets, and using car seat coverings.

    Remember to adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions, avoid bulky apparel, and prioritize the harness’s good fit. Following these suggestions, you can give your child a comfortable and secure journey.

    If you want a new seat to keep your baby warm, why don’t you read our car seat reviews.

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    Keren Simanova

    Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren