5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers]

Best Cybex Car Seats
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    Cybex car seats are some of the best out there, and designed with safety in mind.

    But which one is the best of the bunch? Below, we cover everything you need to know when buying a Cybex car seat so you can make the best purchase for your family.

    Our extensive research and testing have shown that Cybex’s best car seat is the Eternis S All-in-1. This convertible car seat accommodates infants as small as 4 pounds up to children weighing 120 pounds. The headrest can even be modified for your child’s best fit.

    It also has the option of SensorSafe technology so that you can sync the car seat with your phone allowing you to keep a helpful electronic eye on your child’s safety.

    We’ll share about this seat in a moment, but first let me show you all of our top picks from this brand.


    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 15 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 2

    SensorSafe app based safety technology included
    Convertible until your child is 120 pounds
    Easy installation

    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 35 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 4

    Impact absorbing leg attached to base
    Sleek, modern design looks great
    Impressive UPF 50+ sun canopy

    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 55 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 6

    A safe option for the smallest babies
    Machine washable cover
    Extra wide harness straps for safety

    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 75 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 8

    The most premium Cybex model
    Easy in and out 360 degree rotation feature
    Great for smaller cars with tight spaces

    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 95 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 10

    Great headrest for big-kid naps
    Soft and comfortable fabric
    Simple to adjust height settings

    Are Cybex Car Seats Safe?

    Like I mentioned earlier, Cybex put safety front and center in their designs.

    Case in point, some CYBEX seats have SensorSafe technology built into the harness clasp. This feature connects with your phone and send alerts so that you know if the temperature of the seat is elevated, the harness comes unhooked, or when the child has been seated for an extended period of time.

    Cybex seats have additional linear side impact protection which absorbs energy from a collision and directs it away from the child. Throw in multiple position headrests and no-rethread harnesses ensure that the seat can fit the child securely.

    Cybex offers infant seats that have a full recline option for when the seat is outside of the car. The Cloud Q infant seat is excellent for premature infants due to its ergonomic positioning. The base of the infant seats features a load leg base.

    This extends from the base of the car seat to the floorboard of the car to stabilize the seat in the event of a collision. These seats also have a seat belt guide for use when the base is not available as in a taxi.

    The company also has convertible car seats rated from 4 to 120 pounds and up to 10 years. Cybex’s convertible car seats are equally safe, incorporating steel frames, side-impact protection, easy-to-change harness positions, and SensorSafe connectivity.

    Best Cybex Car Seats 

    Let’s take a look at each of our top picks, which should give you a good comparison of the various Cybex options.

    Car Seat Model
    Expiration Date (after date of manufacture)
    Eternis S All-in-One Seat
    25.5 in. x 20 in. x 25.3 in.
    10 years
    Aton M Infant Seat
    27 in. x 17 in. x 20 in.
    6 years
    Cloud Q Infant Seat
    27 in. x 23 in. x 18 in. 
    6 years
    Sirona S Sensorsafe Convertible Seat
    29 in. x 20 in. x 18.5 in.
    8 years
    Solution Z-Fix Booster Seat
    24.6 in. x 20.8 in. x 15.9 in.
    8 years

    Pick #1: Cybex Eternis S All-in-One Car Seat – Best All-in-One Seat

    What We Like
    A true all-in-one, the only car seat you’ll need to buy
    Innovative SensorSafe technology included
    Removable cup holders and magnetic belt holders
    Super easy installation
    What We Dislike
    A little pricey
    The initial SensorSafe setup can be difficult for some

    For any safety-conscious parent, the SensorSafe technology on this model is a must-have. If you think you’ll ever worry that your child has unbuckled their seat without you knowing, the application will quickly warn you so you can address that potentially life-threatening situation.

    It also takes regular temperature readings, so if you live in a location that sees extreme temperatures (hot or cold), you can drive at ease knowing your child is sitting in a safe temperature, wherever you have them in the car.

    For example, if you accidentally leave a rear window of your car cracked during cold temperatures, or your rear AC goes out during the summer, SensorSafe would alert you that there’s an issue.

    If that doesn’t sound like something you need, no worries. You can also grab this model at a lower price without SensorSafe which will save you a few bucks.

    This all-in-one seat comes in four different color options and can accommodate your child from 5 pounds until they reach 65 pounds as a convertible.

    Once they outgrow the limitations, the seat can then be used as a belt-positioning booster until your child reaches 120 pounds.

    Cybex Eternis S All-in-One Seat - SensorSafe Technology

    This gives you roughly 10 years of use, which means you can buy this as a one-and-done baby purchase. Like the others on our list, the Eternis S comes with linear side impact protection.

    The seat has three different positions and 12 different headrest adjustments, so it can grow with your child. It has a removable cup holder as well.

    Pick #2: Cybex Aton M SensorSafe Infant Seat – Best Infant Seat

    What We Like
    Sleek modern design, perhaps the best looking seat out there
    Massive canopy to protect your child from the sun
    Super durable
    What We Dislike
    Base with extra support leg can be difficult to install

    5 Best Cybex Car Seats of 2023 [For Infants & Toddlers] 15The Aton M comes with Cybex’s patented linear side-impact protection as well as 11 different headrest positions to ensure the right fit for your new babe. It also includes the SensorSafe feature discussed earlier.

    But let’s talk about some of the great energy absorbing safety features on this seat.

    First, the seat’s shell is energy-absorbing, which is really helpful in case of a car accident.

    Layer in the adjustable load-bearing leg that connects the base to the floor of your vehicle, and you have a great combination of features that can save a child’s life in a collision.

    To add to the protection factor, the Aton M also comes with a huge sun canopy with UPF 50+ protection. 

    This infant seat will accommodate your little one from birth until they hit 35 pounds.

    This is a double-win because its 4-pound minimum makes it perfect for preemie babies, and the 35-pound maximum helps reinforce the idea of extended rear-facing. The seat also lays flatter than any other infant seat, which is another major plus if you have a preemie. The seat insert is removable, and the seat itself is compatible with all Cybex travel systems as well as a few other select brands.

    Pick #3: Cybex Cloud Q Infant Seat – Great for Preemies

    What We Like
    Machine-washable cover and removable insert
    Perfect for preemie babies
    11 different headrest positions
    Extra wide harness straps, great for safety
    What We Dislike
    Heavier than other seats
    Very pricey

    This infant seat made our list because of its impeccable ability to accommodate preemie babies and other small infants.

    Unlike other infant seats on the market, this one in particular has the ability to lie flat when not in the car. The lie flat position is optimal for preemie babies as it keeps their airways open.

    Cybex Cloud Q Infant Seat

    Like our other infant seat pick, the Cybex Cloud Q also comes equipped with linear side-impact protection as well as the XXL sun canopy.

    The infant insert is removable as well and the cover can be removed and run through the washing machine. The Cloud Q seat also comes in several different patterns as well as two different fabrics: “comfort” and “plus.” The harness straps are extra wide to keep baby more secure and comes with harness pads as well for comfort.

    Pick #4: Cybex Sirona S with SensorSafeBest Premium Option

    Innovative 360 degree rotating seat for easy in and out
    Anti-rebound bar and seat design
    Magnetic belt holders
    Great for small cars
    Crotch buckle is difficult to release
    Some may find the seat is a bit too wobbly

    I never thought I’d say “wow” when seeing a car seat for the first time.

    But, when I saw this seat, that’s exactly what I did. If you’re looking for a modern-designed car seat that will last with your little one, this convertible seat is a must-see.

    That’s because it includes innovative 360 degree rotating technology, allowing you to easily get your child in and out of the seat without straining to reach. It’s an ingenious feature that Cybex was the first to bring to the US market.

    When consider how many THOUSANDS of times you take your child in and out of the car, you’ll start to see why this is a feature worth considering for your next seat. Many parents we’ve spoken too can’t imagine using a standard car seat after their Sirona.

    Of course, features like that come with a hefty price tag, which is why we couldn’t in good conscious make this our best overall pick. It’s simply out of reach for many family budgets.

    You also may find that the seat appear to be a bit more wobbly than other models due to the swivel feature. I don’t believe this is a safety issue, but more of a necessary evil in order to have a swivel seat.

    The Sirona S will accommodate your child from 5 pounds up to 65 pounds. And of course, a premium option like this comes equipped with Sensorsafe technology too.

    Like other Cybex models, the seat has high quality linear side impact protection and the anti-rebound load bearing leg for the base. The infant insert that comes with the Sirona can be used up until your baby reaches 11 pounds. After that, it’s safest to remove the insert before letting your child use the seat again. The seat itself can be reclined in twelve different positions.

    Pick #5: Cybex Solution Z-fix Booster Seat – Best Booster Seat  

    Great feeling, air ventilating fabric
    Easy to adjust height settings
    “Nap saving” headrest design (see below)
    Rigid LATCH installation
    No cup holder

    The Solution Z-fix is a good booster seat for children between the ages of 4-12. It comes equipped with a patented reclining headrest as well as linear side-impact protection.

    This booster is loaded with such impressive padding that it feels like a cocoon of comfort for your little one.

    Also, for those kids who tend to nap in the car, the smart headrest design reclines with your child’s head as they sleep. This keeps your slumbering little one’s head from tilting forward, allowing them to remain relaxed (and hopefully, asleep) during those long car trips.

    You know what happens when they wake up from falling forward, right?

    “Are we there yet?!”

    With this seat’s headrests, you might enjoy a few extra minutes of precious peace and quiet on the road.

    It’s also equipped with fixed LATCH clips to make installation much easier and hassle-free.

    The fabric has an air ventilation system, which is nice because you won’t have to worry about your little one sweating and being uncomfortable. The fabric cover is also removable and machine-washable.

    Buyers’ Guide – Is Cybex A Good Brand?

    Cybex is a growing baby brand that operates under Goodbaby International. Since they were founded in 2004, Cybex has designed baby travel systems , strollers, and most popularly, car seats.

    Additional Safety Features

    All Cybex car seats come with a patented multi-position headrest. The side-impact protection inside the headrest safely shifts the balance point of your child’s head to prevent their head from falling forward if they fall asleep. Not only will this allow for more comfort, but it keeps them safer as well. Most Cybex car seats will accommodate your little one while rear-facing up until around four years old.

    The rear-facing position is the safest for any child, which is why so many brands are making more products for extended rear-facing mode. The unique thing about Cybex seats is that they come equipped with an impact shield. This shield is meant to give added protection if you need to switch your little one to forward-facing mode before they max out.

    Along with these two safety features, Cybex seats are also equipped with linear side-impact protection and seat-to-chassis technology as well as Sensorsafe technology for some models.

    Weight and Dimensions

    A seat’s size and shape are huge deciding factors for parents. Most Cybex car seats are much lighter than seats of other brands, which is nice if you’re looking for a light infant seat or you don’t want to try installing a massive convertible seat. When choosing your car seat, make sure you keep in mind the size of your vehicle and the depth of your vehicle’s backseat.

    Cleaning Convenience

    If you’re an “on-the-go” family, ease of cleaning should be a major deciding factor of which seat you choose. When looking around, make sure to take note of special washing instructions and whether or not the seat’s cover can be run through the dryer.

    Ease of Installation

    Each Cybex car seat comes with LATCH compatibility or a EasyLock seat belt based installation system. This makes them much simpler to install, which saves plenty of headaches later on.

    An easy to install car seat is also important if you have to switch the seat between vehicles.


    Last, but not least, your budget shouldn’t be ignored. If you’re looking to stay within a certain amount, Cybex car seats have varying prices, but tend to be more expensive than many other brands on the market. Even if you decide to go with a less expensive option, the safety features aren’t compromised to make up for a low price.

    How To Install Cybex Car Seat

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: How do you use a Cybex car seat?

    A: Infant seats made by Cybex must be installed with the appropriate base or by using the appropriate belt paths. Convertible, all-in-one, and booster seats can be installed using belt path or LATCH technology.

    Q: Where are Cybex car seats made?

    A: Cybex car seats are designed and made in Germany.

    Q: How do you take the base off of a Cybex infant car seat?

    A: To remove a Cybex infant seat from its base, you must push down on the green button and the grey button on the front of the seat. You’ll need to remove the front of the base before you’ll be able to lift the seat out.

    A Seat For Everyone

    All in all, Cybex is a stellar brand when it comes to car seat safety and innovation. You could make the decision to buy a single car seat for each stage or you could buy a convertible car seat (like our top pick) that grows with your child all the way up to 10 years old, or even older. The choice is ultimately yours whether you want to make the investment once or each time they outgrow their car seat. 

    Additionally, the CYBEX Eternis S car seat has unmatched safety features such as a 5-point safety harness and linear side-impact protection that absorbs up to 25% more impact. It also has a 12-position height-adjustable headrest to grow with your child.

    It’s not cheap, but the investment is only once as opposed to once every couple of years.

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    Keren Simanova

    Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren