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    I have heard great things about the Nuna Travel System and was delighted to have the opportunity to test it out. 

    Right off the bat, this travel system is expensive. Almost twice as much as a Graco or Evenflo travel system. It does come with a Nuna Pipa car seat, so that kind of makes it worth the price. However, this is the only car seat that will work with the stroller. 

    I liked how easy it was to install the base. It has a True Lock system with installation confirmation indicators. The base can be placed in multiple positions to make your baby more comfortable. Additionally, the LATCH connectors were easily attached to my vehicle’s anchors. It took me less than 10 seconds to attach. 

    The stroller was very user-friendly. The canopy protected my child well and provided them with 50+ UPS protection. It can be completely removed as well, which was a cool feature. When it came time to fold it, the one-hand fold system performed perfectly. Overally, I enjoyed the smooth flow of the stroller’s movement. 

    As much as I don’t like the price, I do like the stroller and recommend it. It has notable features and very few complaints from me and other people who have used it.


    The Tavo Stroller is only compatible with Nuna Pipa car seats. The Pipa Lite car seat is only compatible with the Pipa base and cannot be installed in a vehicle without the base.

    True Lock System

    The Pipa base boasts its True Lock system with installation confirmation indicators. For extra security, you can use the base with the included steel-reinforced stability leg.

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 1
    The Nuva Tavo folds easily and perfectly, which can’t be said for all travel systems!

    The base allows for multiple positions to accommodate your baby and varying seat angles. The bubble level indicators will let you know when you have achieved the perfect install.

    Super Easy Installation

    Nuna TavoInstalling the base in your car is simple and quick. It only requires two steps and takes less than five seconds. Simply attach the LATCH connectors to your car’s anchors and check that the confirmation indicators are green.

    Finally, check the recline bubble indicator and adjust your stability leg if necessary. The Tavo stroller is the third component of the travel system. This stroller will last your little one through their early childhood due to its spaciousness and durability.

    The child seat has four recline options and lays back nearly flat. The entire stroller is outfitted with weather-resistant materials to keep your little one cool and dry. 

    User-Friendly Stroller 

    Parents will appreciate the leatherette lined handlebar, oversized storage basket, and one-touch braking system. The Tavo stroller’s canopy is truly state of the art. It is quite large to provide the maximum amount of 50+ UPF protection. It has a flip-out sun visor and can be removed all together.

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 2
    The one-hand fold system is what stands out for this stroller

    Other convenience features include a simple one-hand fold system with trolley function, a quick-release convertible harness, and an optional infant insert and armbar.  Combined, the Tavo stroller and Pipa Lite infant seat provide you and your family with the ultimate stylish and safe travel system.     


    Car Seat

    • Seat weight: 5.3lbs (19.3lbs with base)
    • Seat height: 22.5”
    • Seat length: 27.3” 
    • Listed seat width: 17.5”


    • Length: 35.6” 
    • Width: 22”
    • Height: 42.5”
    • Weight: 24.3lbs 

    Nuna Tavo


    Nuna Tavo Travel System vs. Nuna Mixx Travel System

    Nuna Tavo Travel System vs. Nuna Mixx

    The difference in these two travel systems is confined to the strollers. The Nuna Tavo travel system features the Tavo stroller that pairs with Nuna car seats. The Mixx travel system includes the Mixx stroller that can pair with the Pipa car seats or the Mixx bassinet

    The Mixx stroller is considered an upgraded version of the Tavo. It offers more features, including a reversible child seat with more recline options, a double compartment storage basket, and a no-rethread harness.  


    • All season fabrics
    • Large UPF 50+ canopy with sun visor
    • Four-wheel design
    • Armbar
    • Infant insert 
    • Pairs with Pipa car seats


    • Nuna Mixx stroller has a reversible child seat
    • The Nuna Mixx is more expensive
    • The Tavo stroller is more compact
    • The Nuna Mixx has a no-rethread harness
    • The Nuna Mixx has a five-position recline and removable two-part child seat
    • The Mixx pairs with the Mixx bassinet in addition to the Pipa car seat
    • The Nuna Mixx has a double compartment storage basket

    Nuna Tavo Travel System vs. Nuna Pipa Lite LX

    Nuna Tavo Travel System vs. Nuna Pipa Lite LX

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 3Just as the Tavo Travel system and Mixx Travel system vary due to the stroller model, the Tavo system and Pipa Lite LX system vary because of their car seat components.

    Both systems feature the Tavo stroller. The Pipa Lite LX car seat is, unsurprisingly, an upgrade to the Pipa Lite. It includes additional comfort features such as Merino Wool and TENCEL fabrics that wick away moisture and a dream drape in addition to the canopy. 


    • Weight and height limits
    • Flame resistant fabrics, aerospace aluminum, Aeroflex foam
    • Canopy with eyeshade
    • Leatherette lined handle
    • Crumple zone and side-impact protection


    • The Pipa Lite LX includes a dream drape to provide full protection from the elements
    • The Pipa Lite incorporates Merino wool and TENCEL to keep your child cool and dry

    System Components 

    This travel system consists of three components: the Tavo stroller, the Pipa Lite infant car seat, and the Pipa series base. One astonishing feature of this travel system is the lack of adapters. The car seat clicks directly onto the stroller’s child seat for a secure connection.

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 4

    The Pipa Lite car seat is considered to be exceptionally safe. The combination of materials, including Aeroflex foam, aerospace aluminum, and the steel-reinforced base allows this seat to meet and exceed all safety standards. 

    Side Impact Protection 

    The Pipa Lite also includes side impact protection, and incorporated crumple-zone in the leg area to absorb shock, and fire-resistant fabrics. The car seat is a breeze to carry thanks to its lightweight and comfortable leatherette carrying handle.

    Car seat occupants will be kept safe and cozy with the removable memory foam headrest and micro-knit breathable fabrics. Both parents and little ones will appreciate the UPF 50+ extendable canopy that has an extra segment of fabric that flips out to provide additional eyeshade.

    The car seat attaches seamlessly to the TAVO stroller without the use of adapters, just click it onto the child seat and go. When it is time to transition back to your vehicle, click the car seat onto the installed base. 

    Customer Reviews for The Nuna Tavo

    In general, parents approve of all of the fine details and craftsmanship that went into the Nuna Tavo travel system. Both the stroller and car seat were crafted with parents in mind, as is apparent in the one-handed fold and simple base installation.

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 5

    Also, parents liked that the stroller is exceedingly easy to push thanks to its progressive suspension technology. There were not many dislikes, but the price was certainly one of them.

    However, when compared to other high-end luxury brands, the cost is not outrageous. The only other con was the lack of a reversible option for the child seat. This can be remedied by upgrading to the Nuna Mixx.

    Parent Likes

    • Attention to detail, such as extra flip-out sun visor on canopy
    • Very easy to push and maneuver
    • Effortless fold regarding the stroller and installation of base

    Parent Dislikes

    • Price
    • Stroller child seat cannot be reversed to parent-facing position

    To Recap

    • Available in three colors: granite, caviar, or aspen
    • Both the stroller and car seat use Featherlite all-weather materials
    • The car seat seamlessly attaches to the base and stroller without the use of adapters
    • Includes luxury features like the leatherette handle and extendable sun visor on the canopy

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 6

    Recommended Use

    • Car Seat: 4-32lbs and 32” or less 
    • Stroller: birth to 50lbs

    What We Like 

    • Car seat and stroller connect without adapters
    • The base is exceedingly easy to install and features ensure secure installation
    • High-quality fabrics used throughout all the travel system components
    • The car seat, base, and stroller are all very adjustable to grow with your little one

    What We Don’t Like 

    • Costly
    • Pipa Lite car seat must be installed with Pipa base
    • Four-wheel design of stroller may decrease maneuverability
    • The stroller is a bit on the heavy side

    The Pipa Lite car seat has an expiration date of seven years after the date of manufacture.  This date is located on your car seat’s information sticker. In addition, all Nuna car seats have a one-year warranty that begins on the date of purchase.

    Nuna Tavo Travel System Review [Features & Ratings] 7
    2 year warranty for all Nuna gear (from the day of purchase)

    Nuna gear, including the stroller, has a two-year warranty beginning on the date of purchase. If you would like to take advantage of the warranty, you only need to contact Nuna. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Nuna Tavo Reversible?

    Unlike the Nuna Mixx, the Tavo does not have a reversible child seat.

    How do you use the Nuna Tavo Stroller?

    To fold the stroller, close the canopy and press down on the bottom folding button and slide the top button both located on the handlebar.

    With the buttons compressed, push forward and downward on the handlebar. The stroller will click into a secure fold. To unfold, unfastened the storage latch on the side of the stroller. Then, pull upwards and forwards on the handlebar until it clicks into the open position.  

    What Stroller does Nuna PIPA work with?

    The Nuna Pipa works with the Mixx stroller, the Tavo stroller, the Pepp stroller, the Uppababy Vista, the Mixx2, and Bugaboo Cameleon3. Other manufacturers may produce adapters that allow the seat to work with non-Nuna brand strollers.

    Nuna Tavo: A Car to Curb Travel System

    The Nuna Tavo travel system doesn’t leave much to be desired. It can accommodate your child from infant up to 50lbs, and it does so effortlessly. Every component of this travel system is easy to install, use, and store. 

    There are many features that both parents and occupants will appreciate. The high-quality fabrics are sure to last you through many outings. Though not exactly budget-friendly, this travel system will not disappoint if you decide to splurge. You may be interested in Nuna Mixx2 Review.

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    Keren Simanova

    Welcome to my car seat blog! As a mom of 3, I put together with other hard-working moms a highly informative one-stop car seat resource, full with many reviews and buyer guides. I hope you find it invaluable. Thank you for trusting me & my team! - Keren